New Augment iPhone 5, 5S case and dock stops frustration


There is nothing worse that having iPhone 5, 5S accessories that take up time, nine times out of ten smartphone owners have to take off their cases so that they can dock them into a charger etc. This is where the new Augment iPhone case and dock by Rubix stops the frustration.

Augment is a new concept by Rubix that is trying to put a stop to the frustration when docking an Apple iPhone 5 or 5S that has a fitted case, most of the time users have to take their case off so that they can place the phone into a charger dock and this is where Rubix wants to fix this issue.

In a nutshell the Augment iPhone accessories all work together, the cases allow you to use the new Augment docks without the need to remove the cases.

New Augment iPhone case and dock stops frustration pic 2

The Rubix Augment iPhone 5/5S cases come in white, red, black, blue and yellow, this is great because it will suit your own personal style. The dock uses the standard Apple lightning cable, so when the dock comes just use your cable to connect and then you are ready to dock your iPhone 5 or 5S. The case and dock work well together, this means the iPhone never has to go naked to charge.

$7,740USD raised so far with $50,000 needed, there is still 24 days left before the Indiegogo campaign ends. The dock is $25, the case $30 — early bird offering the case and dock for only $45 or normally both will cost $55. You can also go for the twin set or the full set.

Will you be backing the new Augment case and dock campaign? Please do watch the video below explaining all about the iPhone accessories.

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