Avoid RCA 7 and D2 Android 4GB tablet deals


There are so many 7-inch Android tablets on the market at the moment, we can name high quality ones such as the Nexus 7, which we all know oozes class. But, there are so many consumers out there that will fall for the mega deal-a-thon that is happening this weekend where you can purchase tablets at a very low price, now we want to tell you why all adults should avoid these tablet deals.

The two devices we want to talk about include the RCA 7 and the D2; both of these are 7-inch Android tablets and look very nice indeed. Best Buy is offering the 4GB D2 713G_BK Android tablet for only $39.99, and Walmart has the RCA 7 (RCT6077W2) Android tablet on sale for only $59.00.

It may make sense to bag these right now whilst prices are so low, but please trust us when we say, “Unless you are a child do not buy these.” Do not get us wrong they are great little cheap 7-inch tablets but for adults you will be surprisingly unhappy because you WILL NOT be getting top quality like the Nexus 7, one reviewer over on Best Buy said “Low priced. That can lure people into buying a toy when they’re expecting a valuable tool.”

We have not reviewed these tablets, but we have spoken to a few people that have used them and they say they are OK but do not expect anything special. They are great if you have children and do not want to spend a lot of money on an Android tablet, they are great as a first tablet for a child but if you are an adult steer clear.

What are your views on the RCA 7 and the D2 Android tablets?


4 thoughts on “Avoid RCA 7 and D2 Android 4GB tablet deals”

  1. knowdoubt says:

    Well, quite frankly your speaking nonsense. Also as by your own admission you
    don’t know what you’re talking about as you say you haven’t even reviewed the
    tablet’s yourself. I am an adult & purchased the RCA tablet on Black Friday for
    $49.xx & am quite happy it meats my expectations & need that I purchased it for.
    As an electronic technician I intend to use it at my work bench as a space saving
    storage & reader for my schematics & to be able to look up work related info on
    the net without needing to constantly leave my work bench to go to a remote
    computer or have a bulky laptop in the way. The Wifi strength & range is about
    the most notable shortcoming but it’s still good enough for my situation & purpose.
    This functions fine for me as a real work tool & not a toy. Of course it’s not the quality & power of a nexus 7 & do you really think anyone purchasing one would expect it to rival a tablet costing 4 times as much? The tablet has a dual
    core 1.2 GHz processor, 1G RAM, 8G internal mem + an microSD expansion slot &
    USB port.The screen resolution of 800×480 while not up to that of the high end
    tablets is acceptable for most needs on a relatively small screen as that. Heck I
    can remember when that was considered acceptable for desktop monitors.
    All of this running a not so old Android 4.2 out of the box makes for a steal that one would almost have to be a fool to pass up.

  2. Devon Day says:

    In comparison to a lot of other cheap chinese tablets on the markt, the RCA is actually quite nice. It obviously feels and looks cheap. The display is pretty poor. But it functions well and doesn’t bog down too much. Honestly, I would probably use one myself if I didnt already have my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which is of much better quality.

    I bought two of the Black Friday RCAs for my grandparents. Already have one set up. Waiting for the other one to show up at my local Walmart store.

  3. Kdizzy says:

    The RCA tablet was nice while it held a charge, but about maybe a few weeks after my dad gave it to me, and I had taken the best care of it as I could, it got a short in it and now it’s stopped holding a charge. Save yourself the time, money and get a tablet that will last. At least when it comes to having a teen.

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