Samsung Galaxy Note 3 durability after initial buzz


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a highly acclaimed smartphone that has been another big success for the giant tech company since its release a few months ago. It’s always interesting to look back a short while after the initial launch though, to see how a handset has fared as far as robustness is concerned. Today we have a video to share about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 durability after the initial buzz has died down.

We all know that feeling of holding a beautiful spanking new phone in our hands when it’s still immaculate and unblemished from normal everyday use. It’s difficult to know in advance how a phone will endure the bumps and scrapes of everyday life though. We’ve encountered some handsets that look as good as new a year or so later, but others haven’t stood up to usage at all, and have succumbed very easily to damage or marking.

In the YouTube video that we’ve embedded below this article you’ll see how a Galaxy Note 3 has stood up to wear and tear after being well used for over a month. The video from Pocketnow states that two people have used this phone and the reviewer says this is one of his most favored devices and points out he often uses a sleeve for protection rather than a case.

After plenty of use the reviewer is happy with the performance of the Note 3 but does have a few reservations about the aesthetics of the device. The video compares the reverse of the Galaxy Note 3 handset with that of the Galaxy Note 2, saying that the design of the newer phone is generally more durable than its predecessor.

However, it’s noted that after the first couple of weeks there were some slight scratches on the home button and speaker grille. There’s praise for the faux leather backing though as it deters marking from fingerprints and doesn’t get scratched. You can check out the video for yourselves for more observations but ultimately there are a lot more positives than negatives noted about overall use of the Galaxy Note 3.

We’d be really interested to hear your views on this. Do you have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? If so, have you noted any issues with wear and tear of your device, or does it still look as good as new? Are you pleased with your overall Galaxy Note 3 experience so far? Let us know with your comments.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 durability after initial buzz”

  1. daniel says:

    An amazing phone and my best of all time. The features the looks the handling and the sheer speed is awesome. Nothing touches this for what I use it for ams I think with the faux leather back it looks one sexy beast. People who have used this phone I want them to think logically,is there one phone out there that can do anything at all this can? Nope! And never will. World number one item.

    1. AcemanX AcemanX says:

      I wholeheartedly agree, as I’ve stated before numerous times, this is the most advanced cellphone in the world, with bleeding edge hardware with Qualcomm’s 800; several world firsts like 3GB ram, micro USB 3.0, and 4K recording… not to mention the over 8 sensors equipped including a barometer, lol… when the note 2 came out, that was the fastest at the time, then s4 came out and topped it, now the note 3 tops that, and every other android in the world, and when the s5 comes out with its 64bit, it’ll most likely top my note 3, but there’s already talk of the note 4 in September 2014.. which by then will destroy an s5… and just like I was there on day 1 of the note 2’s release on T-Mobile, and there on note 3’s release day on t mobile: you can bet your lucky stars I’ll be there on launch day of the note 4… there’s nothing like holding the flagship phone of a world leading company that has literally the fastest components currently available inside it, among with innovative stylus features… The note series is truly the best the world has to offer…

  2. N Balasubramanian says:

    Hi I m facing few problems with Note 3
    1) The phone gets hot in the top portion frequently
    2) When you remove the phone during charging it taken 40 sec to respond

  3. Jimmy Drew says:

    As I said before the best of the best… I use it daily start at 6AM and charge it at 11PM with still 45% left and I do use it a lot. This is incredible. Durability? I keep mine in a Commuter Otter Box case same with all my phones… no problems.. someone commented about over heating.. nope, not on my machine. I have at least 5 friends that have bought this phone after trying mine out and absolutely love them. This is the best of the best… you will not be unhappy with this phone… Fast, yes, Durable, absolutely, Bang for the buck… you bet… nothing else out there comes close.

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