iPhone 6 Pro with 4.9 Inch display looks realistic


There is a lot of hope among fans of iPhone maker Apple that this year we will see an increase in size of the handsets screen, and the iPhone 6 Pro design we have for you today with its 4.9-inch display looks realistic.

We often bring our readers various concept phone ideas that designers have created and the image that you can see on this page is the work of Mustafa Dagdelen and Ran Avni. The handset features a 4.9-inch Full HD touchscreen display squeezed inside a form factor measuring only 6.8 mm thick.

The power button has been placed on the right hand side and as you can see the Touch ID feature has been retained. Of course the handset is manufactured from aluminium and features a screen size that many iPhone fans would be more than happy with.

Many like the idea of a device around this size as it still makes the handset usable with one hand without having a form factor that is too large. Knowing Apple any increase in screen size would come with a stylish design without too much of an increase in the size of the handsets body.

The current size of the iPhone display has been outgrown by many users that want to play games, watch videos, surf the Internet, and do work based tasks on a screen that is not so cramped.

Check out the video below and tell us what your ideal screen size is.

Source: Behance.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Pro with 4.9 Inch display looks realistic”

  1. styly says:

    a lot of hope from fans of iPhone?
    thats a lie, tell any iPhone owner that 4″ is small, they’ll reply with ‘no, anything bigger than 4″ is too big, iPhones are the perfect size’..

    which means, in theory, most iPhone owners will dump iPhone if they up the size..
    ..either that or they were just making excuses for their poor choice of phone (which was blatantly obvious, and pointed out a million times

    still no full HD though according to the rumours

    iTurds are firmly staying in last position in the smartphone race

  2. gjmoo7 says:

    This phone looks very nice and I would love to have no more than a 5 inch screen for better viewing. I would also prefer to have the audio jack to be put back on top instead of staying on the bottom and also the power button should remain on the top.

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