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Dangling, tangling cables are no longer a requisite to listening to music on the go. The days of unknotting the cord, draining the joy out of listening to music or watching a show is over. If you ask me, wireless headphones are pretty much the best thing since the Walkman, especially now that they have made these accessories so you don’t have to compromise sound quality.

The following three headphones represent the top of the line of audio technology, the goldilocks zone of quality for the price, and the headset for those on a strict budget.

The Sennheiser RS 220 ($599.95)

Yes, this headset accessory is expensive, but it blows all other headsets out of the water. All of them! The Sennheiser delivers immaculate sound through a strong wireless connection sitting comfortably over your ears. Yep, you are seeing them correctly — they have plush fabric on the earpieces


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The glossy black charging stand is the wireless transmitter which has an LED to indicate the power mode and whether the headphones are docked and charging, as well as a button to switch between the three possible input sources (analog, coaxial, and optical). It comes with the cables for analog and coaxial inputs if you choose to connect in these ways to a TV or computer.

Part of what makes these headphones the best is the DSSS improved technology (direct sequence spread spectrum), which transmits an uncompressed audio signal. Not compressing the signal gives an increasingly accurate and vibrant range of sound with almost no delay. The only con to this headset is the price.

The ZIK Parrot by Starck Bluetooth Headset ($399.95)
This headset is still a bit on the expensive end as far as mobile accessories go, but it will give you powerful, crystal clear audio with a lower price point than the Sennheiser option above. It does have some far-out features to make you choose this elegant design. You’ll get active noise cancellation, which will cancel out 98% of unwanted noises as well as the head detection sensor, which will pause the music whenever you remove the headset from your noggin.

Photo via MyTrendyPhone.com (Photo shown below article)

Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology make pairing the headset to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or other music playing device easy iPeasy. The headset personalizes the sound to your Parrot iOS or Android app and has a microphone for phone calls as well as a touch panel to let you control playback at your eartips.

BackBeat Go 2 ($79.99 — $99.99 with case)
If the above are a little too expensive for you and Bluetooth is not what you want, then please do look at these ones. As a more affordable option, Plantronics makes these Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones that have perfect sound – as long as you’re not too interested in bumping the bass. It has a microphone behind the ear, which isn’t ideal for placing calls in a noisy atmosphere, but it does the job in a quiet room.


Photo via Planatronics.com

There is a military grade nano-coating on these ear buds that will protect them from moisture. These are perfect for those who love to jam out while at the gym. I’ve never been more annoyed at the wires on headphones than at the gym, so these were a God send! As an added bonus – feel free to sweat on them all you like! If you splurge on the case for an extra twenty dollars you get much more battery time (14.5 more hours to be exact, as opposed to just four hours of batter time without it).
No matter what your budget is, you can find some great headphones without the tangly, dangly annoyance of a cord. Don’t compromise sound quality and get the headset that best fits your life.

What are the best Bluetooth headphones you have ever seen or used?

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