Sprng Clip EarPod review, fixes Apple design flaw


There will be many of you that have purchased an Apple device whether it is a smartphone or an iPod that just can’t get on with the supplied EarPods due to the fact they won’t stay where they are supposed to. Help is at hand though and rather cheaply as we now have a Sprng Clip EarPod review that fixes the Apple design flaw.


These neat little EarPod accessories have been available for a while overseas but have recently arrived in the UK and sold exclusively by iLoveApple, which sell a number of different products to compliment your Apple device at some great prices.


We have been lucky enough to be sent a sample in the lovely Lime colour finish, but they are also available in Light Grey, Blue, and Pink and are priced at £8.99 including delivery. They basically clip over your EarPods with the top part holding them in place while in your ear.


The EarPods are supposedly designed to sit just outside the ear canal without moving but in reality many of us have found that they easily fall out, but not with this clever little Sprng Clip’s fitted. You are provided with instructions but it is really easy to fit as they just clip over the EarPods and slide up to adjust to each individual ear.


They have an elegant design while remaining pretty discreet and while much better headsets can be purchased, these little accessories cost very little in comparison. In use they make for a significantly improved listening experience in terms you won’t have to constantly keep adjusting the EarPods to stay in place, especially while on the go and are really comfortable as you quickly forget that they are actually there.



This is especially useful if you use your EarPods while out jogging or working out at the gym, so if you don’t want to pay out for a new better fitting pair of ear pods this little Sprng Clip’s offer a great more cost effective solution, and can be purchased here.

Will you be getting a pair of these?

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