iPhone 5C in conflicting sales success reports


Since its launch last year the iPhone 5C has received a mixed response from the press and consumers alike given its price, but now the handset is at the centre of some conflicting sales success reports.

It is being claimed that there has been 12.8 million iPhone 5C’s sold during the fourth quarter of 2014, which compares to the iPhone 5S at 31.9 million units. This compares to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that is believed to have sold 9 million units.

These figures are claiming that the iPhone 5C outsold every flagship Android handset during the fourth quarter of last year, but while this may be accurate for some regions we have a source close to a major UK retailer that has informed us the handset is simply not selling.

This comes as the handset has recently seen a price reduction although this is for an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C.

Would you consider the iPhone 5C?

Source: AppleInsider.


One thought on “iPhone 5C in conflicting sales success reports”

  1. DIsgusted with Apple says:

    I have had apple products all my life, this is literally the worst product they could have made. Horribly designed, horribly priced with an even worse warranty. You probably could just go ahead and sign a contract with the devil, it might have better benefits.

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