Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 rumour hints at summer release


We have already seen the Sony Xperia Z2 unveiled this year but the device is set for a slight delay due to manufacturing issues, but just like last year we can expect more desirable hardware from the company. Now the Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 rumour hints at a summer release and some specs.

A new report is claiming that the PlayStation maker Sony is currently hard at work developing a new version of the Xperia Z Ultra, and the handset is claimed to be available at some point during the summer.

It is claimed that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 will come powered by the quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor that is found on the Xperia Z2, but the new device will allegedly come sporting an LED flash with a 13-megapixel rear camera.

This rumour will obviously need a pinch of salt but you would have thought a new version of the Xperia Z Ultra would become available at some point during 2014.

Will you be purchasing a new Sony handset this year?

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28 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 rumour hints at summer release”

  1. Brainso says:

    This device is my favorite, but the only problem with the Z1-Ultra was the lacking of a LED flash, so I’m still using one of these old nokia phones which I have since 2001 until the new Z2-Ultra arrives (hopefully with a LED this time as rumored).

  2. angry customer says:

    releasing Z Ultra without LED and releasing new model with it is like f**** customers. I’ll never give them my money. I will go for Note3 with Obex seidio IP68 case. Sorry Sony bye bye

  3. Christopher Johnson says:

    And I hope this one comes with loud speaker’s like the E1, Plus I think it should be made of metal for a change like the HTC, and I heard that Samsung is going to have graphene instead of plastic witch they said, that the new material would be Bendy, faster than Silicon and stronger than steel

  4. Ronald Richard says:

    I’d like to see one without the “phone” capabilities. Bring the price down, and this would be my daily driver, as well as a knockout tablet.

    1. Benjamin P says:

      I’m I missing something? Daily Driver with no ”phone” capabilities, as well as a knock out tablet? isn’t that ”just” just a Tablet?

      1. Ronald Richard says:

        If you make a lot of voice calls, then no, your not missing anything. Personally, I don’t make or receive enough voice calls or texts to justify a monthly bill. I’m more of a data person, so for my next mobile device, I’m looking for a pocketable tablet. I’ll use VoIP for the occasional voice call, and with the money I’ll save by dropping my monthly cell phone bill, I’m going to buy myself one those LTE mobile hotspots, for occasions when I’m away from WiFi. This will reduce my recurring expense to around $5-$10 CA/month.
        On the money side of things: The Ultra’s going rate is about $750 CA, and I expect similar pricing for the new model. They are also experimenting with models that have the mobile baseband radio stripped out; one is being released in Japan, another’s been spotted over at the FCC. I’m confident that in the near future I’ll be able to get the Sony XPERIA Z2 Ultra “tablet” + an LTE mobile hotspot for the same price as a Sony XPERIA Z2 Ultra cell phone. Maybe even less. And I won’t have a huge monthly phone bill. In Canada, the going rate, out of pocket, for a smartphone plan is almost $100 CA.

        1. Benjamin P says:

          But then that’s 2 devices to have to worry about battery life for.. Basically you want a small (if you call 6”) Tablet… the complete opposite of where the market is headed.. What about the Nexus 7? I guess its not the most pocketable.. but it is possible for what sounds like your requirements.. and cost half the 750… I would be ver suprised if they were to release a no radio version.. but I guess we’ll see..

    1. London calling says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, I own the Xperia Z Ultra and LOVE IT! And I am available woman, I don’t need to worry about large pockets as I put it in my handbag. I don’t want to upgrade till this goes pots, which might be 7 years @):-

      1. Ed Rivera says:

        I was wondering between the Z Ultra or the Note 3, everybody keeps saying “It’s too large” but reading you makes me feel sure about the ULTRA, Thanks

    2. Yamm says:

      Me too. I am really happy with my xperia z ultra (Except flash led + low sound output). It has CPU+GPU power which will support you a long time i guess (if there wont be any 3200 cuda cores nvidia GTX titan class games soon :D:D:D:D)

      If my device does not breakdown or something, i am not planning to change it soon.

      But i have few wishes not from Sony but from all mobile device manufacturers:

      – Higher capacity batteries
      – Higher capacity internal memories
      – stop increasing DPI of the screen 😀 😀 😀

      with love 😀

  5. Khal says:

    I have the Z Ultra and I’m in love with it, since the first day i bought it I said I will buy its successor, but it’s worthless to upgrade from Snapdragon 800 to 801 with the same screen resolution and same water resistant rate, unless they support it with snapdragon 805, then it’s worth to upgrade.

  6. Tim K says:

    Z Ultra has a great size and screen. However, their Marketing has missed the concept of the phone, and think the phone is the Tablet (Camera with no LED Flash light).

    The Phone is main device and essential device now days. Many users got very upset and could not return the Z ultra due over 30 days.

    Imaging, one is at evening or low light place, For urgency / emergency or for pleasure, normally ppl would take out the phone to take pictures. but the ppl that have Sony Z Ultra in the pocket would say, ‘opps’ I forgot to bring my $20-30 phone (has the Flash) with me just in case need to take picture, or ‘Opps, Dam’ forgot to bring the flash light along.

    I really hope that SONY needs to wake-up and be smart – Don’t be like their PC division – been Shutdown. Add the LED Flash Light to your Phablet. Even better, and More Intuit, make the camera that have optical zoom, even x2 or x5 will far beat Samsung and Apple.

    Good Luck Sony!

  7. Tim K says:

    Far more. Put the Stylus technology from the long lost in CLIE to the Z Ultra 2. I am positively Samsung will start to consider Sony is a real competitor!
    Run, Run Forrest!! and you will be the One!

  8. Afghan says:

    Please don’t compromise on the screen size. Yes less bezel will much appreciated. Also please make sure that the specs meet at least the one of Z2. A removable battery will be great as it was the only common complaint about the Z Ultra 1 version. We want to be sure that if we buy it , then it should last us for at least 2 to 3 years.

  9. atlantarunner says:

    I would buy it in a second if it had the stylus pen. At first I didn’t use it much on my Note 3 but then I realized when on the road I used it to write quotes and estimates or math calculations and it allows me to open the calculator on top of the page making it very productive and minimize it etc etc.

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