Runtastic Running & Fitness Android app gets mixed response


The various mobile platforms have a huge range of fitness apps available to users that will cover most things with regards to getting fitter and leading a healthier lifestyle, but the Runtastic Running & Fitness Android app gets mixed response from users.

This application was recently updated and is promised to be the best running and fitness application on the Android platform, and it uses GPS to map and track your fitness activities such as running or jogging.

The app will keep a track of your cardio workout progress which can help you build a healthier lifestyle, and will also help you reach your goals. There are now Runtastic Training plans included in the app that have been designed by professionals, and you can also enjoy your favourite music from within the app on devices running Android 4.4 or later.

There is the option of mapping workouts in real time, and a personal workout diary will provide you with metrics and graphs, while a voice coach will give you audio feedback based on your personal preferences.

Some users have complained about the app though with problems emerging since the update, but the Runtastic Running & Fitness app can be found free on Google Play.