Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4, progress or price


There are only two more days to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S5 release in regions worldwide, and many readers may be thinking of buying this new Android flagship smartphone. You may be wondering how it compares to the Galaxy S4 and with this in mind we have a Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S4 video comparison to share, that shows exactly what the phones have to offer.

We’ve previously reported on a drop test between the older and newer handset, and also shown a comparison detailing the strongest points of each. The 13-minute YouTube video we have embedded below this story today comes from Phone Arena and will give you a more comprehensive look at the S5 and S4 and could help you choose between them.

The review begins by showing the Galaxy S5 and S4 alongside each other and discussing the designs and builds of the phones. This is a good chance to get some close-up looks at the handsets. It goes on to detail some of the upgrades of the S5 including the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor and how these work. As well as this the comparison also covers the displays, software experience, processor specs, camera, battery life and more.

Although the Galaxy S4 still has plenty to recommend it, the newer Samsung Galaxy S5 is unsurprisingly judged as the superior device. Ultimately though, a decision between the two may come down to how much money you’re willing to pay. When you’ve checked out the video below we’d be interested to hear your thoughts so why not drop us a comment.


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