Google Glass on sale to all US buyers on April 15th only


Many people have been excited to follow the developments of Google Glass, although only those taking part in the Google Glass Explorer Program have been able to get hold of the device. The product is still not ready for a widespread public release but now Google Glass will be on sale to all US buyers on April 15th only, that’s right, for just one day!

The price tag is still enough to make your eyes water at $1500, but such is the interest in this wearable technology that there are likely to be plenty of takers of the Google Glass Explorer edition. The good part is that Google is enabling purchasers to choose their own preference of frame or shade. The extra spots in the Explorer Program will be available from this Google Glass How to Get One page.

Put this opportunity on your calendar, although we should point out that there are a limited number of units available. While you’re waiting you might like to check out the new YouTube video below, which is the latest promo video for Google Glass. Are you tempted to make the most of this chance to obtain Google Glass?

Source: Google (Google+)
Via: GSMArena

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