New Moto 360 Photos hit the Web


Aside from the iPhone 6, the Moto 360 is one of the hottest unreleased devices on the planet right now. It’s surrounded in mystery, but today we got another glimpse of the fancy smartwatch when new Moto 360 photos hit the net.

The new Moto 360 photos come courtesy of evleaks.at, and show the Moto 360 at various angles up close and personal. We’ve seen shots of the smartwatch before, but this time we’re getting a look at it from all angles except one — the backside. Why’s that important? A lot of folks are wondering about wireless charging, and while it’s expected, a shot of the bottom would confirm it an possibly give us some insight to what lies inside the new smartwatch.

The Moto 360 is one of the few devices that’s managed to leak (somewhat) and still mostly remain a mystery. We know it’s coming this fall, and that it’s going to be more expensive than the G Watch, but will it still be affordable? Yesterday, the rumor mill claimed the device would be made of plastic, and you can see that’s clearly not the case. The company confirmed it’s made from metal a few months back, and that’s honestly about all we have to go on at this time.moto 360

Whenever the Moto 360 arrives, it’s going to be the hottest smartwatch on the planet — especially if the rumors of the iWatch getting bumped back to 2015 are true. The new set of Moto 360 photos are just a reminder of how slick the smartwatch will be when it finally hits the streets.

Are you already sold on the Moto 360 or are you still waiting on the specs?


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5 thoughts on “New Moto 360 Photos hit the Web”

  1. antares says:

    Are they really photos taken “up close and personal” or just computer graphics? The three photos below all show 10:10:27(it’s not mechanical watch that may stop ticking, right?), are they taken from three different angles in a second?

    1. andy says:

      Look in a magazine, all watches are photographed at 10:10, it’s a trade standard as the angles involved are pleasing to the eye, it’s been that way for decades. They are deliberately playing on that in their media to suggest even more that this is an everyday watch unlike any other. It’s not some amazing feat of photography, or subtle release date info etc etc, just an industry standard.

  2. Ammsx1 says:

    Is this a new moto 360 different than the one they used to show at shows? Because the screen was never a full screen on the surface. It had a black surface in the bottom that Motorola said it hold the GPU and that was why the screen never cover the entire face. Unlike this picture were the screen does cover the entire face.

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