iOS 8.0.2 issues frustration, wait for 8.0.3 fixes


It’s no overstatement to say that the release of iOS 8 has been fraught so far, with various issues being reported since the off. We’ve been documenting this over the last few weeks and have seen more updates arrive with fixes. However, many of us are still having real problems with our iPhones and iPads, and iOS 8.0.2 issues frustration is growing while the wait for iOS 8.0.3 fixes goes on.

We don’t want to regurgitate the entire sorry saga so far, but in a nutshell many iOS 8 problems came to light shortly after it rolled out. This was exacerbated when iOS 8.0.1 released and was promptly pulled as it provoked even more issues, and then iOS 8.0.2 released. However, we know from the numerous comments and emails we receive from readers, and also growing forum threads about this last update, that for many people an assortment of issues are still continuing.

When we last wrote about this last week, we told how iOS 8.0.3 was needed to resolve problems before the arrival of iOS 8.1, which has already been seeded in beta form to developers. Rather than issues diminishing since iOS 8.02 there appears to be a growing list of complaints. Some of these problems include Bluetooth issues, and others affect WiFi, battery drain, random freezing, Camera Roll, cellular connectivity, iMessage, and the predictive text feature to name just a few.

iOS 8.0.2 issues frustration, wait for iOS 8.0.3 b

These glitches and flaws don’t just affect one device either. We’ve heard variously from iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S owners as well as those with the new iPhone 6. As for the iPad the issues affecting the iPad mini in our office are becoming extremely tiresome now. We are experiencing random app crashes on the device as well as total freezing that is happening frequently throughout the day.

We are also still receiving reports from readers on a daily issue about these issues. For example two days ago one reader wrote, “Myself and my wife both have 8.0.2 on our 5S’s and tbh it’s the worst thing I’ve ever installed. WiFi is ridiculously slow to the point it doesn’t respond when using safari (perfectly fine before the update and fine using 4G), my 5S keeps forgetting WiFi passwords, pictures can’t be uploaded to Facebook anymore without using the very poor Facebook app and some apps hang. I’m quickly losing my faith with Apple products!”

Another commenter calling themselves an ‘ex iPhone user’ said yesterday “What a frustrating week! I do not have time to spend every 10 minutes trying to get WiFi and watching it drop in and out and hang on very screen – then phone constantly attached to a charger. Phone upgraded to 7.2 became WiFi hell and so just upgraded to 8.02 – no better – also 3G keeps dropping off – back to GPRS! Looking for an android replacement now.”

There has been no news from Apple yet about an iOS 8.0.3 update, but we sincerely hope that it’s pushed out soon and concentrates purely on the many problems with iOS at the moment. Are you an iPad or iPhone user who is becoming increasingly frustrated with problems on iOS 8.0.2? Let us know by sending us your comments using the box below.


477 thoughts on “iOS 8.0.2 issues frustration, wait for 8.0.3 fixes”

  1. dandreas says:

    My nightmare began on day one of ios 8, wifi connected but no data internet, so i used 3g, when ios 802 arrived, i immidiately update OTA, uunfortunately my iphone 5s showed the itunes logo, means i must connect to itunes, when i did that, the itunes asked to update to 802 which i just did, i realized that my phone in recovery mode and data lost since last backup, which a week ago. I had no choice but download 802 via itunes. When its done, the wifi problem still appears until today. I compare speedtest between galaxy note 8 and iphone 5s, while note8 seamlessly connected and show the result, my iphone still stuck in searchinh the best server and after sometime pop up the problem connection. Until today my wifi is not working thus i use 3g instead

  2. jtflash49 says:

    I have all the problems mentioned on my iPad 4. I called Apple support and was walked through a couple of resets that I could have done myself. That worked for about half an hour. It seems that Apple died with Steve Jobs. I’m checking out my friends Android devices to see where to go from here. If you have any Apple stock, I think now is the time to sell before it’s value turns to dust.

  3. Ian James Parsley says:

    Just awful.

    I have both iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

    The updates have only made products, particularly Safari and the dreadful Facebook app, less stable and less user-friendly.

    WiFi drops, but almost worse than that is the totally unnecessary change to Safari which adds necessary clicks – for example to move from the Favourites bar (bizarrely now placed to the left on iPad) to open a web page full screen.

  4. AntHill says:

    iPad Air 128gig Wifi only, is nearly useless with WIFI, dropping in and out every several seconds. What a ridicules update, ios 8.0.2 is. I love my iPad, never had a problem since I started buying them in 2010, this is a deal breaker I can tell you. Would be better if the developers would communicate what they are doing about things rather than all the secret behind closed doors stuff. If 8.0.3 dosn’t solve my WIFI problem I’ll go bloody mad, seriously what’s happened to Apple, ow yes Steve Jobs unfortunatly not here anymore, I think they’ve lost the plot.

  5. Remco says:

    I tried everything but my iPhone 5s is without battery in a few hours without doing hardly anything with the phone. Where I used to have the whole day battery, now that is about 4 hours. Awful. Can somebody clone Steve Jobs? How can this happen? Do I have to buy a Windows Phone or what!? I did a fresh install and did not work neither. And yes, I can turn everything off but for that I´ll take an iPod Classic…

  6. zakir says:

    I am an android user since start this is the first time i tried an iphone 6 and i really regret it because wifi drops every 1 or 2 minutes cant browse and chat on whatsapp or nimbuzz because my wifi drops and i have to turn it off and then turn it back on in order to text someone which is very annoying. i found a temporary fix for it i just start downloading any app from app store and then it works perfectly for me but the moment an app is installed i lose my wifi conectivity please fix this i am unable to get notifications and getting really annoyed.

  7. Vijay says:

    Me and my wife both are on iOS 802 and are really upset because our devices gets banged in between. It’s performing very badly on my iPad with retina and iPhone 5. 0 out of 5.

  8. Ben says:

    My mom, sister and me all have iPhone 5cs and iPad minis with retina display and iOS 8.0.2 on them and they perform badly. They freeze and sometimes messages don’t send and the trash can doesn’t show up to delete messages and the copy/more thing for messages sometimes doesn’t show up

  9. Chris says:

    I upgraded from IOS 7 to IOS 8.0.2 my iPad 2. The performance is very bad now and I do not have connectivity “no service”. It’s a iPad bought in Germany. The only good thing is, that I didn’t upgrade my iPhone 5s. I miss any statement from Apple, quick correctios and I have the feeling they ignore the biggest mistake in Apple history.

  10. Ben says:

    I “upgraded” my 5S to iOS 8.02 thinking that the 8.0 bugs would have been fixed, but in less than a week my phone has lost cellular reception three times so far(even when I’m in a location that should receive the cellular reception just fine). I’m also experiencing the app crashes and ridiculously fast battery drain, but since I live in an area probably would literally die without technology(California’s Silicon Valley😅), The bigger issues for me are the slow speeds and losing my connection.

  11. MJJames says:

    It’s absolute crap. My ipad is pretty useless now and I stick to my laptop. Apps hang and freeze, wifi speed? A joke. Safari, useless. The funny part is that Chrome works better than Safari now. Nice jib Apple. You’ve become a joke more and more and this is the worst yet.

  12. Anthony says:

    I do not understand any of these problems!!! Probably Android Lovers pretending to be Apple owners!!! My iPhones -5/5c/5s and 6 and 6+ are running fine!

  13. craig says:

    we have upgraded 4 devices to 8.0.2 via 8 and 3 work fine but one ipad won’t connect to wi-fi whatever we do, have tried every reset and tip, most frustrating, come on apple get your act together

  14. Sam says:

    I’ve upgraded to 8.0.2 and battery life on my 4S is shocking. It was fully charged when i got up and by lunch time i had complete battery drain! Restoring my phone and turning off Background App Refresh etc hasn’t made any difference whatsoever…. If Apple don’t sort themselves out I may look to getting a Samsung or HTC……..

  15. BB says:

    I’ve upgraded to 8.0.2 and having following issues in my 5S.
    1. Wifi & 3G getting off frequently.
    2. Apps store cannot be updated.
    3. Facebook gets off every 5 mins when I browse.

    I have reset it 3 times.. the same issues occurs…

    Apple come on! Do something soon…. Its getting frustrated….

  16. Samer R. Gallab says:

    My dad’s iPad air refuses sometimes to volume up or down while there is no sound 🔊 at all (muted 🔇). Also, sometimes when I try to brighten up 🔆 the screen, it goes to a blank black screen! Those problems are solved after restarting the device.

  17. Samer R. Gallab says:

    After upgrading to iOS 8.0.2, my dad’s iPad air refuses sometimes to volume up or down while there is no sound 🔊 at all (muted 🔇). Also, sometimes when I try to brighten up 🔆 the screen, it goes to a blank black screen! Those problems are solved after restarting the device.

  18. juliet says:

    I have an iPad Air. I am having problems with my keyboard. On Fb when I am typing out a comment, the comment is hidden by the keyboard so I cannot see what I am typing. I am also having problems with Line telephony. I had to delete app since I could not answer the phone when it rang ie no answer button. Never had these problems before only after I installed iOS8.

  19. pelaroche says:

    Yes, many problems with 8.0.2 on iPhone and iPad too. Wifi, Bluetooth, Safari, apps, the list is full! My son who have an iPad Air at his elementary school reboot frequently his unit during the day! It’s a nightmare Apple and welcome to the Microsoft world!

  20. MariaB says:

    Wifi drops all the time, Safari is impossibly slow, but the most frustrating thing is my email keep freezing and than resetting whipping everything I have typed before. Used ipad for doing most of my work but will have to use my husbands Samsung now.

  21. Fermin says:

    iphone 4s wifi drain battery like hell, calls are drop right away after you push call button over a phone number. this is crazy, apple is not taking care on quality anymore

  22. iFloyd says:

    I was working great on iOS 8.0.0 until my lame owner decided to upgrade to 8.0.2. Now I can’t talk to Verizon to get my 3G data that I am crazy for. I need it!!! After tons of different things to get me working again, I was downgraded back to 8.0.0, which did not fix my service requirements. I need my 3G badly! I can not live without it. My owner even tried to erase my setting by doing a full reset, so I would not go totally nuts and get taken away by chipmunks. This only made me lose my poor little apps. I have been taking care of these apps with all the 3G data that they need. I have been doing this sense I was allowed to download these great works code. I am now craving my 3G, and lost all of my friends. Please I hope that 8.0.3 comes out…fixes my urges and brings back my friends!

    (iPad2 model A1397)

  23. Ravi says:

    With iOS 8.0.2 on my iPad Air all my magazine subscriptions in Newsstand are completely wasted. Get the message ‘ unable to download html index: -530’ Apple products are going down the drain and a complete waste of time and money. Battery life, Wi Fi connectivity, cellular data and voices have all taken a major hit. Apple- do something all you techies there.

  24. Asaf says:

    Hi, I am using 8.02 with my 5s. Issue with the touch screen- it jumps from one point to another- very sensitive each press and i can not choose what i want- screen rolls up and down without wanting it- really bad 8.02 version- it was not like this before.

  25. Dylan says:

    iOS 8.0.2 , caused my iPad Air to not connect to wifi , had to disable 5Ghz on my router and run only 2.4Ghz. It’s so slow loading web pages its unbearable. The Calender app has frozen on 5 occasions, the auto orientation has failed on 3 occasions , while device has frozen and needed a reboot 11 times, and even Apple’s web page took 3 minutes to load, and I’m on BT infinity, super high speed broadband. Even on friends wi-fi’s the problems are the same, total nightmare and instead of enjoying my new iPad Air that I saved up for, I’m back now using an old chromebook. After 5 replacements by the Genuis bar of my iPhone 5 and 4 replacements by the Genuis bar of my iPhone 5s, I’m seriously now considering my loyalty to Apple. Apple is in decline since the sad passing away of Steve Jobs and unfortunately I would say to Steve now if he were still here ‘ It just DOESN’T work ‘ . So sad to see a man’s life work, a legend of our time , Mr Steve Jobs company being ruined and destroyed by the administration now in charge. Hey , did I mention the bending iPhone 6 too ?

  26. Steve says:

    Hi, I am using 8.0.2 on iPhone 4s. I have had nothing but trouble since upgrading. Battery life is non existent. If I don’t keep it plugged in it will drain in about 3 hours. I have killed or removed every app that I don’t use often. Another big issue is sounds. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Even going into setting to select different sounds, it will not make the sound. Then it will. Ridiculous! Apple needs to step up and correct these issues ASAP. If not, I will not be an Apple customer any longer.

  27. John says:

    iOS 8.0.2 crashed my 4s, If I make a call it does not hang up, costing me money, when I access voicemail it dials my voicemail then sends me to a black screen which keeps the line open and crashes the phone. I can not get email, and can’t even restore my phone to factory settings. My phone is just a paper weight at this point. I can’t believe the head of IT would allow a rollout such as this. He should be fired.

  28. Bob says:

    iPad Mini, 8.0.2. Issues are Safari freezes and on initial typing in the search bar it chooses to search on the first letter bringing up web pages before I have finished typing and hides the search box. Programs hang when opening. Don’t know what is happening to Apple but what company puts out an operating system out to the general public that is not fit for purpose!

  29. Dan says:

    Yes, problems persist with ipad air wifi speed and losing connection to wifi.
    Also, iphone 5s has same problems with ios 8.0.2. I am unable to play poker with big fish casino app because my connection is always too slow. My internet speeds on home network are great at over 50mb down and 10mb up. But wifi using any version of ios 8 so far is terrible and disconnects regularlly. Please fix this Apple.

  30. Malefic says:

    Hello. After installing iOS 8.0.2 wifi grayed out on IPad Air and Bluetooth not working. On two iPhones that we have after update there is a numerous problems with text boxes and scrolling. Many apps just turned off or started without any reason. Also overall performance is rather slow (iPhone 4). I just surprised with Apple. There is a number of excellent replacement. I have already bought Maizu. I hope they will fix everything and I will again find a reason to buy there products.

  31. Curtis Howell says:

    Installed the 8.02 software immediately and since then my camera has stopped working, don’t know if theres a correlation between the sotware and my camera stopped working but its equally annoying. When will Apple fix these problems, they charge enough money for products so these problems should be erradicated immediately.

    1. catsmother01 says:

      Same problem with my IPad. All of a sudden the front camera stopped responding and you have to re-boot to get the rear-facing one to work.

  32. Jon says:

    Put 8.0.2 on my iPad 2 and now get NO cellular service. Kind of makes the unit a waste for my business use. Sure hope Apple comes up with a fix soon!

  33. Frazzelled says:

    Ipad2 now virtually unusable. Safari and Skyfire both hang repeatedly. Web pages don’t open. Password recognition has gone AWOL. Delay between double tap to get to close applications over 5 seconds.
    Wifi very problematic. This was not a software release it is an escapee. Fix soon please as having to use Windows desk top to get anything done.

  34. Common sense says:

    My iPad 2 loses cellular connection every couple of hours and nothing short of fully powering it off and back on again will coax it back. Haven’t had any issues on my iPhone 5S on the other hand.

  35. wlym says:

    My iPhone 5s no longer (since iOS8.0) WIFI syncs to iTunes on my MacBook, only when plugged in via USB. It will connect via WIFI after I reboot the phone but that only lasts a little while. iPad 1 with iOS 5 hasn’t had any problems.

    Apple’s keyboard is unstable (predictive text hide-and-seek) and 3rd party SwiftKey was even worse, sometimes either not showing up at all or just as a grey box).

  36. Mike Monkman says:

    Since the update to io8 my IPad Air constantly looses connection to the Internet the wireless remains on full signal I have tried all the recommended “fixes” but the problem persists requiring a reboot to reconnec. My old original IPad, laptop and my wife’s IPad Mini are unaffected

  37. Paul Gunter says:

    Ipad Air running 8.0.2 and Mac Book Air on the same Wi Fi set up.. iPad keeps dropping signal and you have to go to system and Wi Fi to get it reset… Mac Book Air running fine with no issues..

    IPhone 5s.. before upgrading worked with my Audi MMI system via bluetooth without a hitch.. No I have to reboot the IPhone after turning the car on even just to receive calls. and when you want to dial out.. The phonebook has only numbers and no Names associated.. Its a pain.. and having used Apple products from the Colour Classic I am beginning to think that somethings are just not tested anymore.

    Can Apple please respond and tell us loyal users when you might pull your finger out and make your products actually work without a hitch.

  38. JB says:

    I’ve several Apple products. My ipad2 is pretty much useless now. It was perfect before the latest update. And by perfect, I mean it never crashed, froze, closed down, or took the same amount of time as as my old Commodore 64 to load a game as it now does to load a web page! Interestingly, I didn’t get around to updating iOS 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 on my iPhone 5s, and guess what? I have no problems with it.

  39. Michael says:

    My iPad 2 3g is pretty much useless to me right now as it can’t connect to any network. Perhaps I should ask Apple to at least cover for my data plan bills for the time being because I’m paying my provider for something that I can’t use by virtue of Apple Inc… I’m never going to update an iOS device to a newer version unless that version has been in use for two or more months.

  40. Joleen says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone….Apple is pretty much on my hate list now….my 4s upgraded by it self, and since then, my wifi is gone, very maddening! I’m glad I’m not in business and relied on it, because I would be hopping!! How could they let these updates go through? I deleted every app I had, restored my phone 4 times, and nothing, they better come up with another bug fix soon, I can’t wait to give up my phone right now, it’s useless to me now, very dissapointed as I loved my phone before all of this lol

  41. Marie G says:

    Omg how do I get this off!!! Constantly freezing and when I touch the screen there are times it doesn’t even pick it up or opens a part I didn’t even touch, this is driving me nuts, am I able to take this iPad to the apple shop to get it back off does anyone know

  42. dennis1968 says:

    Paid £30 for my ipad doc working Great with ios 6 upgraded to ios 7 doc no longer works upgraded to ios 8 wifi keeps dropping out games keep Crashing Safari keeps dropping out slow wifi
    was going to get ipad air but I am sick of apple am going to go to Android can’t be any worse apple can stick their over price products

  43. Sarah says:

    When I updated my iPad to IOS 8.0.2 I was unable to go online. The wifi kept cutting in and out. I reset my iPad to factory settings and when prompted I set it up as a new device rather then use the last backup which was after the update. It seems to have worked and have been able to go online as before. The downside is you loose any unsaved data. I decided to go for it rather than wait for apple to come out with the next (probably questionable) update.

  44. fib says:

    Had the same problems than everyone listed below. I decided to install a completely fresh iOS on my iPad 2, directly from iTunes (restore). Now my iPad is working just fine. I decided to manually reinstall my things, not using an iCloud backup. I now it’s a pity from Apple, but it’s better than throwing my iPad down the window. And better than having to buy a new one, which is maybe exactly what Apple wants.

  45. Nicola says:

    I have 2 iPhone 5S’s (one personal one for work) both on iOS 8.0.2, but different networks. The work one seems fine, my personal one experiences the Bluetooth drop out. If it connects to the car it then cuts out as soon as the call is answered. Otherwise its the same issues as many, appears to be connected tot eh car kit but doesn’t mute the sound of the stereo etc etc etc I moved away from Android as a result of the darn things crashing when they got a year old (even with the most up to date software) and now issues with Apple, which seems to mimic androids software somewhat. If it wasn’t broke……don’t turn into a copy cat Apple, it clearly doesn’t work.

  46. Tracey says:

    My ipad has slowed significantly, safari keeps freezing, it takes up to 20 seconds for facebook to open, up to 10 seconds for twitter to open, and my office webmail no longer works. I love my ipad, but now, well….

  47. Jackie Megeary says:

    My iPad 2 constantly freezes, is really slow and completely crashes out since updating to iOS 8 and 8.02. How can we hold Apple to account on this? – I have had no problems before the updates. Please! Please, please Apple sort this out?

  48. Avtar Kalsi says:

    No improvements on wifi connection, getting very tired of reconnecting connection every few minutes. How many times do Apple need to get this correct, I’ve already changed my phone from Apple to sony Expedia z1, great phone I might add and now will be looking at how or if Apple can resolve this for iPad air , if not I will have no choice but to ditch Apple permantely. I wonder if this is the things to come from Apple now, the great demise as I watch.

  49. Former happy Apple customer says:

    BRING BACK CAMERA ROLL! The new set up is awful! There was nothing wrong with having all of your photos in the one place, to scroll through! Lots of mucking about to try and find a photograph, old system much more user friendly. SORT IT OUT APPLE, QUICKLY!!

  50. TomS says:

    Both my iPad 4 and wife’s iPad Mini 2 are almost useless now with IOS 8.0.2. Safari takes extremely long to load webpages and often just freezes. Both devices are visually slower redering graphics that pop up, like the keyboard and pull downs menus. I have deleted and cleared all history, rebooted, restarted my router and nothing. Web speedtest is 80% slower now. Both of our devices were working perfectly until we “upgraded” to IOS 8. For the first time in years my wife actually asked me were my Windows laptop was so she could start using it again…this is not a good sign for Apple!

  51. Gary says:

    Since downloading IOS 8.02 on my iPad I can no longer download apps from the app store or update any of apps. Several apps now crash when I try to open. I have been a loyal Apple customer with 2 iMac and 3 Macbook pros and 4 ipads that are turning to junk with iOS 8.02 and 4 iPhone 5s in our household. Apple needs to get off dead center and fix there problems..Maybe it’s time to rethink my loyalty

  52. Chris Rose says:

    Having serious wifi issues with iphone 6 for verizon. apple replaced the phone for me two days ago and I’m still having same problem. Wifi randomly connects and disconnects. My ipad mini with retina is having serious problems since downloading ios 8.2. Have to tap links on google searches multiple times, only guaranteed way of getting link to work is scrolling down screen a bit then tapping link. Seriously considering switching to a htc or motorola device.

  53. Chryss aiche says:

    Yes, I have a ipad 3 and 8.02 is significantly draining the battery and slowing everything down. Even as I type this, and I’m not a fast typist by any means, the letters are slow to appear. Wifi and cellular connections are unusually slow, if they work at all. Thinking seriously of moving to an android tablet. I definitely will never buy an iPhone.

  54. Raul says:

    Ipad 2 using ATT, need to reset the Ipad everytime I want to connect. How can I downgrade to the previous IOS that works fine? Of course not an 8 one.

  55. GGGG says:

    1.My safari went crazy after 8.02. When I load a webpage, the loading circle keeps on looping despite the whole page has been displayed. It keeps on draining my battery while doing unknown things. My CPU goes up too. It occurs randomly and all URL can be affected. Already reset network, reset as new, reinstall apps, the looping still comes intermittently. When I am using Chrome, it does not occur. It is really annoying.

    2.Besides the 3rd party keyboards often fail to be set as default and they will even crash on opening up app store.

    Apple, What are you doing?? Really frustrated.

  56. peggy says:

    Hi, I am using 8.0.2 on iPhone 4s. and my son iphone5 we have had nothing but trouble since upgrading. Battery life is non existent. If I don’t keep it plugged in it will drain in about 3 hours. I have killed or removed every app that I don’t use often. Another big issue is sounds. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Even going into setting to select different sounds, keep missing calls phone dosent ring it will not make the sound, Then it will. Ridiculous! Apple needs to step up and correct these issues ASAP.

  57. david pontoh says:

    My wife using Iphone 4S, after updated to IOS 8.0.2 , no wifi connection appears. The Network Connection already been rest but the still no wifi connection. Any advise for this problem? Thanks

  58. Jason says:

    Both my wife and I have iPhone 5’s and, since the update to 8.0.2, we have lost Bluetooth connectivity to both our Dodge and Hyundai hands free systems. Calls get placed and then go silent, necessitating a quick switch to the phone itself. iMessage has gone to pot, our phones keep crashing and/or freezing, and the battery life is the worst yet!

    C’mon Apple…pull it together!

  59. Dean Ryan says:

    Hi there,

    I’m an iPhone 5s user and my phone was perfect until I downloaded this IOS 8 update worse thing I could of done, my phone has many issues now. Wifi stop the phone from operating and for some reason stops it loading anything, apps crash all the time and the worse thing is how slow my phone now is. Browsing takes ages to load pages and the general performance of the phone has suffered from the update. Frustrating when I pay a monthly fee for things like 4g. They need to fix this ASAP as many, me included will begin to look elsewhere.

  60. Lois Miller says:

    bought iphone 6. Cannot get cellular service in most places. Should never have upgraded. I paid a lot of money for what. This is only the 2nd iphone I ever owned. Too many glitches. Wish they would get the fix out already. Don’t they test these things before hand?

  61. Lois Miller says:

    lucky I have a land line at home else I would be without a phone. You can barely hear the phone ring when I do happen to get service which is rarely on the new iphone.

  62. Hasan Ahmed says:

    Upgraded to IOS 8.0.2 and now my iphone 4s & 5s giving me no service at all please fix the freaking problem cause i have business to run

  63. Justin says:

    MY iPad Air is having horrendous issues with WiFi, I have to hard reset the device if I have not used it after 20 minutes otherwise any app or service that requires network just hangs and timesout.
    Very disappointed.

  64. Karen Barrett says:

    I have a 5s and it doesn’t let me play games post pictures and it takes ages to load this and the words across my screen whilst typing and worst still who I have text or rang I’ll be taking it to the Apple Store and demand a new phone which doesn’t have the update

  65. Toby says:

    Received my iPhone 6 yesterday, with iOS 8.0.2 preinstalled. I have an incrediblely slow WiFi connection, that drops in and out. I have to either restart the WiFi, remove the network connection completely or restart the phone. But this will only speed up the WiFi for a few minutes – then its back to being slow. The WiFi on my previous iPhone 4s worked fine on iOS 7, and so does my wives current iPhone 4 (and so does both of my iPads, that has iOS 7). I sort of assumed that when you buy one of the most expensive phones on the market, you would at least get the basics … like Internet.

  66. PK Bagga says:

    the Ipad 2 just looses the 3 G connection after some time and displays “No service “. Rebooting brings it back , but why should this happen ? Is it an ios 8.02 bug ?

  67. Pete says:

    Both my partner and I have iPad Air each, both on iOS 8.0.2 both have problems with wifi, have to restart the pads every ten minutes to get it working for a short time before restarting again, done everything other posts have recommended but nothing works, even rebuilt one of them from scratch and not use the iCloud restore still same problem.

    They are now next to useless as they rely on internet for most apps, it’s really frustrating we also have two Mac machines, think we’ll wait a while before updating them to Yosemite when it comes out! Wait until Apple can sort out any potential problems there first before we update those.

    In all the years I’ve been an Apple user the ios8 has been the most problematic upgrade we’ve ever had…come on Apple get it sorted!

  68. Colin says:

    Between my wife and I we have 6 apple products and am getting so close to getting rid and moving to Samsung. Slow, clunky, 3G dropping out, freezing up I hate to say it but if Apple haven’t fix all the problems by the end of the month it’s bye bye Apple for good.

  69. MeadowMamma says:

    While playing music, the sound vanishes and takes forever to work again, plus it would randomly stop playing. Have been an Apple user for years, but the Samsung starting to appeal to me. SIGH!

  70. Tony Fox Munford says:

    Anyone would have to be nuts to upgrade anything on any iPhone device without checking reviews first. Especially after previous iOS updates.
    I have two iPhone 4s but still keep the 7.1.2 until reviews say its safe to upgrade.It may take as long as iOS 8.0.4 till it’s safe to do so.

  71. Shadab says:

    I have been facing issues on 4s. The battery is a usual problem also call connectivity isn’t good and crashes all the time. IOS 8.0.2 was meant to fix bugs on older phone 4s as well but subsequently various issues are coming up !! Apple please help asap by releasing 8.0.3.

  72. Honestly all of the problems that everyone is having, I’m having on my 4s 7.1.2. I’ve been trying to research to see if I can just upgrade to 8.0.2. to solve the problem but now i’m at a standstill. iOS works great on my iPad 2.

    1. lady says:

      I was having the same problem on my 4s and I upgraded and wifi stilldoesn’t work I’m gonna go to the apple store to see if they can help with this problem.

  73. Ibrahim says:

    After upgrading to IOS 8.0.2 in about a week I’ve been experiencing some issue with turning on my wifi. It gets dims (grayscale) and I can’t turn it on no more! I did all the options posted by Apple but unfortunately I am still unable to turn my wifi on. In addition, my bluetooth is not working anymore, it keeps showing the spinning gear! For god sakes Apple fix this issue ASAP!!! iphone 6 users are going to throw those phones once they are bought. Not to mention, bending the iPhone 6 Plus. Such a crap!

  74. chris says:

    I cannot connect my iPhone 6 with IOS 8.0.2 to my vehicle which is a Renault. Very frustrating as I travel quite a distance to and from work and cannot answer any incoming calls.

  75. Joe says:

    ios 8.0.2 has literally sabotaged my 4S, runs so slowly now and apps take ages to open, its beginning to run similar to my iphone 3gs i had 2 years ago! It wouldnt suprise me if apple are trying to ruin the earlier devices in an attempt to have people buy the newer ones…

  76. Carol says:

    iOS 8.02 update/4s issues!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My battery drains so fast since this “new update” I lose 50% of battery charge in a few hrs! Mainly due to “Home/Lock Screen using anything from 35 – 55%.
    Not helpful, I might as well turn the phone off, costing me more to keep charging it up 2/3 times per day!
    Apple needs to get this issue resolved ASAP, not what I expect from my product, OR is it a trick to get us to buy a newer phone??? Sorry but it’s not everyone that can keep up with the purchase of new models!!!
    I love my phone, but right now it’s a Joke with other issues too.

  77. Landshark says:

    iPhone 4S running 8.0.2 – virtually bricked now as screen is jittery, cannot type in portrait mode, cannot choose apps as screen ‘jumps’ and goes to “search mode”. Worked fine under iOS 7 and all betas including iOS 8 GM and Release – now useless. Very, very angry.

  78. Rich-Hill says:

    Since iOS 8, I cannot connect to any mobile internet connection, I tried 8.0.2 but that’s just the same, it will connect to a landline internet connection but not a mobile internet connection which is useless for me as I use it out a lot.

  79. Anthony says:

    8.0.2 I’ve noticed the iPhone camera app now only shows a black image from the camera on the iPhone 4s =

    The front and back camera works fine on other apps eg. Facebook & snapchat…

  80. oweee says:

    I cannot turn on the wifi on my iPhone 4s running on 8.0.2… wifi is just grayed out. It is useless for me without wifi as this is just my secondary phone and has no data plan.

  81. Captain says:

    I did read an article after the launch of iphone 6 ,6+ that Steve jobs is now shaking in his grave and now I realize that’s it’s true , okay , mistakes happens , but keep doing the same mistake !!!? First Apple came up with the most fascinating, powerful , advance OS which is IOS 8 (Apple says ) and after that Ios8.0.1 then Ios 8.0.2 and the problem still there !!
    I have a 4s and I was thinking to have iPhone 6 at time it’s launch, but now am glad I didn’t
    R.I.P Mr . Jobs , they F… up after you

  82. Ray says:

    What happened to the cross platform feature with Pages and Numbers when they are not part of the iso8 update for existing devices, do you have to purchase a new device to have it included with iso8?
    I thought it was going to be part of iso8 for devices from 4s and iPad 3 up?

    Regards, Ray.

  83. mohamed gharib says:

    Really am fed up and frustrated still having those problems with ios 8.2 iPhone 5! Problems with and connection and cellular and wifi and camera roll a lot a lot of problems apple have to get us 8.3 before I hit my iphone against the wall because really it’s over

    1. SK says:

      i share your pain. just upgraded to the iphone 5s – didn’t want to upgrade to 8 but i missed keeping the 7.x by a day. i was on the phone w/ apple for 5 days in a row due to battery draining beyond quickly, and the fact that while texting phone would just stop responding. i thought it was my phone but now i see its the IOS..im hoping the new version comes out quickly. ho and i HATE the new way of showing the old camera roll

  84. nyc iphone addict says:

    wifi is very slow on the iphone 6 (running 8.0.2). reboot helps in the short term, but then slows to a crawl after a few minutes of use.

  85. Steve says:

    Great to find it’s not just me 👍 I’m using the 4s 6gb from virgin media. It was working well till the last load of updates, then obviously, there wasn’t enough room for them 😔 which work out to be a good thing at the time. But now there is more update. I need to know if my phone is still secure to use 😠

  86. Christin says:

    I haven’t had any issues with the operation of my iPad mini since updating, but straight after the update I started getting error messages every time I tried to sync it with my iTunes on my iMac. It says that the computer is not authorised to sync with my iPad. So I authorise it, and then it says that it was already authorised. So I press ‘sync’ and get the error message again. Not sure if it’s particular apps that are causing issues, or the new software. I have also recently updated my iTunes software. Was hoping the iOS 8.0.2 update would sort it out but it hasn’t. I’ve looked online and tried different suggested ‘solutions’ but with no success. I would really appreciate any suggestions/help.

  87. lady says:

    I have an iphone 4s and my wifi has not worked in about 2 weeks the button was greyed out. I was running the IOS 7 and last night I upgraded to IOS 8 and it is still not working. I even restored my phone back to it manufactory setting it still didnt work. I need help with this problem.

  88. Molly says:

    iPad keeps losing 3G connection. I reboot and it has gone again within a few hours. Wifi is suddenly riculously slow and the whole system keeps crashing. I’m getting really frustrated!

  89. Billoonatic says:

    I restored my ipad4R and iPhone 4s to factory after 8.0.2 stuffed with them, then re-installed 8.0.2 via cable from my iMac and all is much better now.

  90. Carol says:

    Just had a BLACK camera screen, pressed button to power off, cancelled that, clicked on camera again, black screen gone, but how long for???
    iPad 4 seems ok, apart from some screen freezing, come on Apple get all issues fixed ASAP!!!!😤😤
    Just want my phone back like it was on iOS7

  91. Dave says:

    I have an i-phone 5. I have 4g coverage in my area. Whenever
    anyone rings me it goes instantly to answer service – even though I am not on
    the phone. If they then immediately hang up and ring me again the phone rings –
    but it has changed to 3g. Anyone else had this problem?

  92. Karerina says:

    iPhone 4s user with new iOS 8.0.2. – highly disappointed. Low cellular signal and battery drain. I did every recommended thing on the websites – Auto brightness on, App refresh off, Location services off, All not used Apps off…Thinking soon to switch my phone off – FOR GOOD!

  93. Landshark says:

    I have repeatedly had to shut down my iPhone 4S after 8.0.2 was downloaded. I now have a very expensive mobile ‘phone which simply does not work, added to which I did not want to have the updated iOS in the first place. I do not understand why Apple is foisting what is plainly software that is unfit for purpose on a paying public. You do not pay top dollar for state-of-the-art equipment that is rendered state-of-the-Ark as a result. iOS has obviously not been tested properly prior to release which has simply made Apple a laughing stock in the IT world, their products reputation has been tarnished, and their developer community is left with broken apps as a result of Apple’s negligence. This is not a few ‘isolated’ cases. This is a flagship product that was sent out before it was ready. This has broken previously working equipment and has made their new products of questionable quality given that the core of the iPhone 6’s operation is a fundamentally flawed operating system. In any other company this would be tantamount to corporate suicide.

    1. Alibaba says:

      Reset the celar carrier settings, which will also reset your wifi user name, password and settings too. Then to a hard rest of the phone and enter your wifi info again when asked by your network. I had the same issue and it was fixed after doing those steps.

  94. Emilia says:

    I installed iOS 8.0.2 on my iPhone 4S and worked fine BUT… I have No Service at all. It won’t connect to a cellular operator. Tried connecting manually aswell. I re installed my phone with iOS 8.0.2 again this time in iTunes and as a new phone. Still no service. This is extremely frustrating as being able to make calls and receive them is pretty much essential for a phone don’t you think…….

    1. Alibaba says:

      Try and reset the celluar carrier settings on the phone. Its easy and has helped some people with this issue. If you do t know how to reset the carrier settings on the phone, google can help.

  95. JD says:

    My iPad 2 is slower and keeps freezing, hard reset and deleting some apps and photos helped a little. Apple need to get this sorted, I also have a 5s and although it doesn’t freeze the battery drain seems a lot quicker since updating. Solution please Apple this is poor and will cost you customers if not sorted soon.

    1. Alibaba says:

      Make sure you turned off the auto background app update feature. It gets turned back on when you update the iOS. You should also take a look at all your old settings to make sure none of them have revere red back to factory settings. I always have app backup turned off, and Bluetooth off because rose two things can really drain a battery. Sure enough after updating to the latest iOS 8 version, those two things were turned back on. Damn. No wonder my battery was daring faster. After turning them both back off like before, and also turning off so e other thugs that were turned back on, and then doing a hard reset of the phone, my battery life has returned to what is was me in iOS 6 and 7. 🙂

  96. Raashid Sudin says:

    HI, I have an i-phone 4s and i was happy with the ios 8 till i had issues with facebook app and facebook messenger….i have deleted the facebook and messenger many times and downloaded again and for a while its ok bt then again the same issues creeps up again….the facebook and facebook messenger simply doesnt work and its damn frustrating….thinking of never recommending apple to anybody and have decided to shift for something else…

    1. Alibaba says:

      That sounds like a far book issues. Facebook needs to release an update that takes into consideration theatres features and resources that iOS 8 has. I have the same issues as you, and I and everyone else should email Facebook and complain that thy should release a new update for third app. If all your other apps are working fine under the new iOS 8, and the only issues you have are with the Facebook app, that tells me right there that its the app that has the problem (our else all your other apps wod also be having issues).

  97. Laxman says:

    Unable to Use 5S with 8.0.2 Software. Either No Service or Call Droppings. Facing very odd time. Pls solve the problem or guide us or Advise us to Swap the Phone.

  98. Katch says:

    Apple u know that there are major frustration going on with users using ur new ios. At least let the ones who want to rollback to ios 7 be able to do it will u fix the bloody new update???? Seriously so Un professional. Why put us thru jailbreak or even the thought of switching to Android!!!! Get ur act together pls.

  99. Daniel McCulloch says:

    I’ve been very loyal to Apple since 2008, but being FORCED to use the photo app how they deem fit has really pushed my buttons. Same as when they forced us to use iCloud for contacts. Starting to get sick and tired of being manipulated to do what they want. Also when will the release an update that lets us view Gif’s.

  100. Sandeep says:

    My Ipad has the same wifi problems as reported even with 8.0.2 and my iphone5 at times hangs or the apps auto minimize while I am using them. Serious quality issues at apple.

  101. Alejandro Duran says:

    Iphone 4 freezes when pulling the recent calls, minimize the screen randomly, sometime have to wait 30 seconds between the moment i click the call to the moment the call goes out, very slow finding signal back when coming out of metro – deeply regretting having updated the device

  102. JD says:

    Ipad 3 jamming once in a while in Safari or browsing photographs on the PAD. Wife’s Ipad 4 has the same problems. Was Apple purchased by Microsoft?

  103. Kabotabob says:

    iPhone 4s with IOS 8.0.2 – After installing, I had 1-2 days where everything was fine, then all of the sudden nothing had audio. None of my apps have audio, my buttons no longer click, and my ringer volume is stuck in one position (medium), which is no good for my job as I work in a fairly loud environment. Can I go back to IOS 7, LOL?!

  104. Stephanie Owen Bland says:

    iphone 5 just took 6 hours to return it to 100% battery and I am watching it all drain away again. also, my oem chargers somehow no longer consistantly work after ios 8.0.2

  105. Corinna says:

    I have an iPhone 5. Since upgrading to iOS 8.0.2 I have basically had no phone service. On the odd occasion my phone connects to a signal it only holds it for about a minute before dropping and “Searching”. I have even had phone calls drop mid-call due to this issue. I am getting increasingly frustrated, tomorrow I have a job interview and cannot call my contact on arrival as requested. Last week I drove to Cardiff (130 miles) and could not use the sat nav app, nor could my family contact me while away. I am extremely unimpressed, particularly with Apple not advising when a fix will be released. I have many Apple products and had been planning to get an iphone6 but Apple need to do better than this. Having a usable phone is the most basic and essential part of having a mobile PHONE!!

  106. adiebaby says:

    Wish I had never thought of downloading iOS8 let alone actually doing it-it’s screwed up no end of things. Apple need to get it sorted pronto.

  107. adiebaby says:

    My I-Pad had been totally messed up. Picture files mucked about with and worst of all,the 3G now keeps dropping out. Often ‘sticks’ while using wi-fi as well Thoroughly cheesed of with iOS8-wish I had never gone near it. Certainly won’t rush in ever again to download the latest so called wonder operating system-I’ll wait to see if turns out to be yet another damn disaster like this one!

  108. adiebaby says:

    Get it sorted Apple! Look at what people are saying and deal with it while you still have some credibility left. We deserve better as customers.

  109. John Appleseed says:

    I’ve had 5s for six months without any problems. After updating to iOS 8.0.2 not much seems to work smoothly.
    1. Have problems with wi-fi (better now)
    2. phone gets very hot when in use
    3. not always sound on incoming calls and texts
    4. problems with sending/receiving iMessages – friends tell me they have problems sending me texts.
    5. My e-mail inbox list sometimes shrink and gets compressed
    6. Speaker/sound is extremely bad when talking. Can hardly hear the other person or vice versa. Gets better and worse without us doing anything.
    7. Mute button on the side (1) and the mute button in the assistive touch control menu (2) doesn’t correspond to each other. When mute (1) is on mute (2) is off and the other way around. Doesn’t make any sense!
    8. Apps hanging and/or freezing
    9. Battery draining – even though everything “extra” is turned off, even the 4G
    10. Slow site loading using Safari
    11. Probably forgot something or just haven’t discovered it yet. New problems pops up every day….

  110. Ryan says:

    It’s scary that a company would treat its customers like this. I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad 2. I upgraded them both on the same night (big mistake btw). Nearly all of my apps crash on both within a few minutes. I got online with apple tech support to roll it back to iOS 7. They told me “no” citing security reasons. I asked them to help me keep the apps from crashing, they told me that “the problem is that the app developers failed to update the app to be compatible with iOS 8. Companies that do this sort of thing to their customers (and have competitors) end up suffering for it. I’d say that I can’t wait to see it but it would be terrible for the U.S. Economy.

  111. rjmiller2402 says:

    Up until now i have been very happy with the software updates from Apple. I have an iphone 5 and have recently updated to 8.0.2 and like everyone else on this thread am experiencing issues with connecting to wifi networks. Please Apple release an update that can fix this problem, its costing me!

  112. LiNz Azap says:

    Shocked.. that’s all I have to say.. I have a Iphone 4s, yes I know its an old model, But its been great up until I updated it to IOS 8.0, everything is like soooo slow, loading apps take a good 20 seconds before response and randomly cuts out.. Please Fix

  113. Milky13 says:

    I just switched to us cellular and got my 5S as soon as I updated to ios 8.0.2 from 7.1 my data usage went up a lot. I go on facebook for even a second and it uses 2 megabytes. it never used that much that fast on my iphone 4…

  114. Esti says:

    I updated my iPhone 5 2 days ago to 8.02. I had not updated to 8 at all before this update. I went to slide to unlock my phone this morning and the touch screen is totally unresponsive. I can’t unlock the screen or slide to shut down. I tried Siri, but she won’t respond to ‘shut down’ and just keeps trying to call people in my contact list. But it did get me to access my home screen, but the touch screen was still unresponsive. Yes, I’m pretty fed up with Apple products, especially since we pay so much for them here in Israel. I wouldn’t buy another iPhone, but hate Android. I guess I’d go with Windows next time.

    1. kingdom says:

      I have the same problem, another quick way to clear it is if you get someone to call your mobile and when you answer the call it unfreezes the screen. A pain having to reboot phone every time it freezes.

  115. Wastedsunsets says:

    So sick of the “no service” message after updating to IOS8 on my ipad will never buy Apple products again and they just seem to be burying their head in the sand

  116. njsdevil3534 says:

    I0S 8 has ruined my ipad enjoyment. The fixes havent worked. Im really annoyed and frustrated with what was an absolute pleasyre to use is now a real pain. Multi touch is rubbish, wifi is slow…its awful. I demand compensation!!!

  117. Pjneg14 says:

    I am returning my new iPad air and new iPhone 6- I am getting Samsung tablet and phone – I have had it with this crap!!!! It’s all so that they can get the cellular charges – I am constantly getting. Kicked off my home wifi and it’s right next to my couch!!!! I will never buy Apple again!!

  118. joshi says:

    My ipad 2 freezes & also looses wifi connectivity almost every 2-3 minutes,this happened after the update.It really frustrates a lot.I tried to go back to the previous version i.e.ios 7.1.2 ,but the problem remains the same.I have tried almost all the recommended methods & tricks to solve this issue .I think i should not have updated to ios 8.0.2 (latest version).

  119. Emily says:

    I cannot connect my cellular data on my iPhone 5 using straight talk. It worked with other updates but now I have no internet connection at all using iOS 8.0.2 (just wifi).

  120. Stranger says:

    Ipad 2 freezes, safari is slow loading any web page. Any try to downgrade to previous ios was a failure, getting same error 3914 all the time. Are we all beta testers?

  121. Leanne says:

    I am not a huge apple fan but have an iphone 5s. I unfortunately installed the ios 8.0, realised how awful
    It was researched and skipped the 8.0.1 but downloaded the 8.0.2. Still as disappointing with slow wifi battery drain, icloud being pushed, apple’s re-arrangement of my photos etc. i now have a samsung s5 for work and testing to see how it works. If the frustrations continue i may just trade in the iphone 5s for a samsung. Hope apple bucks up.

  122. Homan says:

    I have upgrated from 5S to iphone 6 plus last week. Frankly speaking still i didnot enjoy my new phone. Appart from above problems now i cant update/download app from app store. I have iOS 8.0.2

  123. Hlusta says:

    My 4S gets so hot even in airplane mode, draining the battery REALLY fast (in 4 hours). I can’t use it, it always needs to be plugged. It is also incredibly laggy, I think I have back my 3GS. When can we expect working version of iOS8???

  124. Spiceman says:

    Ipad 2 has gone back In time. Slow internet, glitchy apps ect… But my biggest gripe is that it won’t work with my Apple TV anymore! Might ask for my money back as I’ve only had Apple tv 2 months and the main reason was for my iPad to connect to my tv. And now I can’t do that!

  125. Emms says:

    My iPad mini freezes, when on Safari touching the website you need doesn’t work first time, nothing happens for a while. While playing ‘song pop’ the sound goes off and it freezes. This does seem to have started since upgrading to iOS 8.0.2′ either that or when I downloaded the new U2 album in iTunes

  126. Madelyn says:

    Upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 8.02 and now am having problems with service, the battery drains in just a few hours without even using it, most of the time my texts will not be delivered and my screen keeps freezing! So Frustrating!!

  127. karla says:

    I’m hating ios 8.0.2 i have a 5c and since i installed it my battery doesn’t last more than 9 hours and my wifi conection sucks it falls every 15 minutes.

  128. Martha says:

    I upgraded to 8.0.2 last night. Bad choice.
    1) SPEAK – If you can! I used to be able to click on Speak in a note or email, and have it read back to be in Spanish or Italian or whatever other language I had. Now it’s reading my Spanish in English. Not good. And boy has that woman’s voice sped up. She was fast before. She’s faster now.
    2) SPACE – I need my space! I used to dictate and have a space added after the last word and after periods, before the next sentence: that disappeared.
    3) HOLD IT! – I am finding it quite difficult to hold and highlight entire sections or pages of a note or an email or a webpage to copy and paste or read out loud. There seem to be no problem before with the touch screen another is.
    4) CAP IT! – I used to be able to dictate things and have them typed out in caps if I double clicked the shift button. Now I can only do so by manually typing, because as soon as I start recording, the shift button unshifts and it does not type everything in CAPS (for titles and such.)
    5) TEXT INTRUSION! – Though it may be kind of cool to see right away on your screen, in the middle of things, who sent you a text, the little box provided for your reply is so tiny you can’t even see all that you’ve written. So you have to go to the text icon anyway.

    I DO LIKE…
    1) I CAN SEE YOU! – When I dictate a note or an email or wherever, I can actually see the typed words being typed out the same way you see it on television screens when using closed captioning. I even see it when it reverses itself to correct what it heard me say. Cool proofing.

  129. Doug says:

    My 2 week old iPhone 6 running on iOS 8.0.2 froze then switched itself off last night. I finally managed to get it to reboot and it began working except WI Fi and Bluetooth would not connect. I then restored iOS 8.0.2 with factory settings then reloaded my apps. WI Fi will still not switch on and Bluetooth searches for a connection. I absolutely depend on this device in my job and have always used Apple products because they simply work. If this is not resolved swiftly I will be forced into Android because I cannot wait. I doubt Steve Jobs would have allowed this to happen!

  130. peter says:

    pick up ph and screen was inverted black and white, went into setting and switch back and now its in gray scale. gray scale button does not switch it back. also tex messg dont allways come thru intill i turn off and back on, after customer called to complain about me not getting back to there messages

  131. Carolyn says:

    My iPhone 5s has lost the ability to connect to mobile data. It still works on wifi but it is very frustrating that I can’t use the phone as usual by accessing apps and data on the move. Does anyone know how we can uninstall ios 8.02?

  132. Mike says:

    My iPad retina was great with IOS7 (apart from a Cellular issue which may be the Sim). Foolishly I “upgraded” to IOS8.0.2. 1Password has effectively ceased to work, surfing is rubbish, I’m having problems with the security settings that worked fine previously & I am totally pissed off.

    I believe that Apple should;

    1. rollback to IOS7 immediately.
    2. take a little time to sort IOS8 properly before issuing 8.0.3 or whatever.

    One more botched update and my plans for an iPad mini and an AppleMac to replace my aging PC will likely be revised.

  133. Susanne says:

    since the upgrade to iOS 8.0.2 I am not able to sync my i phone 5 with iTunes anymore, I have tried everything and wasted huge amount of time trying to resolve the issue.

  134. Nicky says:

    I downloaded iOS 8.0.2 and now my New Trent clamshell keyboard no longer has Bluetooth connectivity with my IPad . It worked perfectly prior to the download. Can this be resolved? How?

  135. Tim says:

    Since iOS 8.0.2 my Sleep/Wake Button wont work as usual. It cannot be a hardware issue since nothing happened to my phone. The only thing is that I have to push the button longer in order to wake up the phone. Sometimes it wont even work. Frustrating!

  136. Philip Champion says:

    since the 8.0.2 update, well my 4s has become a useless paperweight. It freezes randomly, drops calls non stop and the Wifi function is utterly pathetic – I can stand right next to the router and the phone just thinks about connecting but never quite gets there. If Apple couldn’t support the “older” phones in the IOS8 upgrade, then they should have just been honest about it and said “upgrade is for models 5 and up.” Time to move to droid – sorry Apple.

  137. Louisiana says:

    8.0.2 does not allow my iPad CDMA to connect to any Cell Service. 8.0.1 first caused this problem and my Verizon business rep was unaware of a solution since 9.0.2 did not fix it. This is how I conduct business, on my iPad 7 days a week. The only reason I sm not up in arms yet is due to the fact that my 6+ came in the other day.

  138. Rowjesme says:

    My three month old iPad Air was fantastic, it downloaded so quickly but since installing iso8 it is a dog! Slow, slow, slow and very frustrating. I have updated with the fixes but still rubbish. Is it possible to u install it without losing anything on my iPad?

  139. Carlo says:

    I have an ipad 2 and upgraded to ios 8.02 two weeks ago and since then NO SERVICE requiring to shut down and restart to get the service back. In addition very slow in restarting (it takes 10 seconds to process the PIN, while before it was instant). Very frustrating and a big waste of time.

  140. Edward swiney says:

    I hate I want to say personally I have a iPad Air iPhone 5s that I just bought the day before.iOS eight came out. If I wanted android I would’ve bought it android I bought Apple because their post to be the best I hate what they done to Safari it’s totally messed up.i’ve had my iPad pad air for about five months now I loved it Until came out with.OS 8.I think Apple needs to come out with.two different devices one for the gamers the tech boys and what not .and the under one for us who just wants a good Apple product.

    1. Helsbels says:

      So true, like you just hoping wifi connection holds long enough to send. Have done all the tricks like reset, forget, restart, none work. I recall a shoebox sized modem on a landline being more useful. Why are Apple unable to fix the mess they have created. iPad is now a dead flat useless thing.

  141. Pd17 says:

    IPAD 2. Since IOS 8.02, some apps have stopped working all together. Uninstallation, reinstallation, updating does not solve anything. Google dialogue box suddenly disappears. Cannot place the cursor where needed. Very FRUSTRATING. I NEED A FIX!!! FAST!!!

  142. Kait says:

    periodically that full hand gesture that gets you out of app and takes you to home screen stops working only rectified by hard reset or whatever it’s called. Also safari web links or text boxes won’t take touch screen input until you slightly scroll screen as if to let it know you are there. Problem also goes away for a while with hard reset. I’m using iOS 8.0.2 on brand new iPad mini retina

  143. spin says:

    ipad 2 safari locks also when typing in the search bar the keyboaord disappears as if return had been pressed and then back to title bar with just a letter there. very laggy and wifi loss switching wifi off and back on seems to resolve the problem , the pinch to minimise screen works sporadically.have to switch the feature off and then on again, grrrrrrr

  144. Toni says:

    My iPad was working perfectly fine before I updated to the iOS8. Now the games crash, the Internet is slow, whilst streaming everything lags, also the battery just drains within a short amount of use from a full charge. I went online to check my email and it said I had 12% I opened my emails and it was at 1%. I am so frustrated with this update!!!!

  145. Kashif says:

    After updating iOS to 8.02 I got mad. My iPad doesn’t connect to wifi n I have to restart device whole wifi router . After doing these all I still get problem. This is really terrible. I have to wait long to access my skype n Facebook. Safari also doesn’t respond. I request Apple to fix this issue at their earliest.

  146. Nanou says:

    Absolutely incrdibly frustrating…basically sabotaged my ipad2. I’ve taken my laptop out now to do stuff. Completely useless. There’s gotta be justice in this somehow….a company can’t just encourage you to upgrade your device….completely screw it up by the update AND NOT give a way to fix it…ie go back to ios7 which was just fine. Gotta be a law of some sort broken here. Meanwhile goose who have money are going out go buy the latest ipad WHICH is just what those &$@&$@& want. Well. To all of us can afford it. Damn I’m mad. Fix it soon or it’s going right back to the Apple Store…and I don’t mean through the open door……grrrrrrrrrrr

  147. peter says:

    Several of My iphone 5s apps now freeze and are unusable! apps I need to use for work….no longer work! I use to brag about apple products but now they’ve become just like microsoft….get it out there and fix it later!

  148. Chinnery says:

    I bought my iPad air back in April and have loved it until upgrading to iOS 8.0..after several visits to Apple store a replacement iPad was given and duly ios8.02 was installed and I still have all the same problems…disconnects from the Internet with such frequency…slow to load and 9 times out of 10 says can’t connect to safari etc…have been told to erase everything and not sign in to iCloud or Apple and run it for a while which I have done and still have the same problems…hate it now to be honest… I am not anywhere near an expert by any means, but my iPad air worked perfectly well up until these upgrades, I have had BT check my broadband connection and it’s all fine…just don’t know what to do to get it right, any easy help would be appreciated, thanks Pat

  149. kingdom says:

    I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 8.0.2. i get random lock screen freezes, rebooting the phone clears it. Also, my predictive text randomly disappears and to get it back I have to toggle the on/off button. Also now find Safari painfully slow at times.

  150. FreedomForAll says:

    iPad 2, IOS 8.0.2. Everything was fine with IOS 7, but now Safari is unbearably slow and freezes when typing. Did Apple hire Windows programmers to write IOS 8? I can no longer recommend friends get iPad instead of other tablets.

  151. Mikey says:

    I have a third generation iPad and this iOS 8.0.2 update has caused havoc for me. Safari is slow, especially when trying to type anything in with it sometimes crashing halfway through. The apps keep crashing and a lot of games won’t even load. Connecting to wifi is hit and miss, sometimes not working for upto an hour. The biggest problem for me is the sound, constantly coming and going, freezing YouTube videos because the sound keeps going and generally just being a pain, annoying my daughter because her apps have no sound. Really not happy with this update.

  152. KB says:

    Sometimes audio is not working when watching video, and when i pause the video and play it again my audio is working but the picture is freezed so i have to close and open again the video. My wifi getting disconnected and my 3G connectivity is very poor.

  153. me says:

    good thing i did not download ios8 to my iphone after hearing reports of problems. however, as i thought only iphones are affected, i downleaded ios8.0.2 in my ipad2 and since then has significantly slowed down everthing! from apps opening, to wifi connectivity to even scrolling up down, rotation. even freezes a whole lot. to the point that it is somewhat unusable! they have to do something about it. considering how most of our activities are connected with our gadget use, it has literally affected lives. they have to do something about it fast!

  154. Susan says:

    Over the past week I have spent 5 hours on apple chat, 2 1/2 hours at the store on Tuesday and 3 hours there yesterday. My iPad was constantly losing wifi connectivity using 8.0.2. Yesterday I was given a new iPad as mine was still less than one year old. I had to take it home to upload everything using iCloud. Now it keeps cutting out again and I am beyond fed up. I simply don’t have time to deal with this which I think is an 8.0.2 issue. What is frustrating is that every member of Apple staff claims they have no idea what the problem is.

  155. Ray Duffy says:

    Since downloading IOS 8.0.2, my battery lasts no time at all, even on standby! I can have it full charge before I retire for the evening and leave it by the side of my bed. By the middle of the night, the battery is totally flat and it has switched itself off. IOS 7 was perfect, this is hopeless.

  156. Peggy pisani says:

    Ios 8.2 on my Ipad air has been a nightmare. If it isn’t throwing me off wi fi, or depleting my battery quickly, it totally loses all sound. No clcking keyboards, no gamecsounds, no audio on sounds. I have to turn off and on in order for sound to work at all. This is like 5 or 10 times a day!!!!! Sooo frustrating. I hate Apple. Tuis is my first Apple product and definitely my last!!!!! I honestly did not think this nonsense happenedcwith an Apple. Alsocwhen I use Safsri, it will connect but then it freezes!!!!

  157. Len Barson says:

    “Updated” to iOS 8.0.2 and it literally made my iPhone 5c worthless. Wifi on drains battery in a few hours if it even works and using the browser is a very painful experience of it even works. Freezes and looses emails, search doesn’t work, and the list goes on. I am done with Apple, I have almost spiked this phone on the ground at least 100 times after having to rewrite emails. Unbelievable that this is an considered an update. Did anyone there at Apple even try this out before release?!?! I hate you Apple, I’m buying a new battery for my old Motorola with the money from selling this pile on Craigslist. Disappointing.

  158. Abhi says:

    I have a iphone 4s which is still running on IOS 7 and another one on IOS 6.
    After reading all the news for Iphone 4s having issues on IOS 8 I am happy that I didn’t updated my phones.

  159. Jazzpaw says:

    I am stuck with this iOS 8 hairball on my iPad 2. Safari is mostly unusable. In fact, I needed to kill Safari just to send you this discussion message because it completely froze during my first attempt to post.

  160. GearHead101 says:

    I upgraded to iOS 8.0 on my 5s and i had severe overheating issues and crashes. My phone started heating up after one minute of usage and it got hot to the point where it could burn your skin if you held it long enough. I was really frustrated. Luckily, Apple hadn,t stopped signing 7.1.2 so i reverted just in time. 7.1.2 is stable and giving decent battery life now. Now i’m gonna wait for some serious iOS 8 update and think a 100 times before i update again.

  161. Frustrated with ios8.02 says:

    I cannot begin to put into how frustrated I am after upgrading! I’ve only done my iPad holding off doing my iPhone until sure the iPad was ok…but ipad useless now following upgrade. Seriously wish Apple would enable the option to go back to last workin ios!

  162. iseeyoupenguin says:

    New iphone6 on updated software and iPad2 on ios8.0.2 also
    Initially iPad safari was really slow was basically unusable.
    Reset all settings and set up iPad as a new device (i.e. disd not restore from back-up)
    – works perfectly fine now except for bluetooth.
    Cannot keep up a connection between my iphone and ipad, will pair successfully and connect for aprox 5 seconds then connection drops.Have tried all the troubleshooting steps on the apple website etc, no progress.
    v. frustrating
    no other issues with iphone tho nice bit of kit as far as i can see having upgraded from iphone4


    After updating iPad mini retina to iOS 8 started having blue screen crashes on a regular basis almost everyday for the past two months. Tried resetting without erasing data but it did not solve the problem.I had an online chat with an apple support staff and he advised me to back up my data thru iTunes to my computer and restore again. I today tried it by backing up data to icloud and did a full reset and restored back from icloud. Have to wait and see whether the blue screen crashes stop

  164. Danny Steyne says:

    Total frustration with IOS 8.0.2… what a nightmare. Can’t get important apps to work.. that I use everyday… can’t connect to WIFI… Phone crashes repeatedly (4s) … it hangs… it takes 5-10 minutes to boot…. battery drains very quickly. I might end up as one of those former iPhone users too! Apple is losing my confidence… when my wife’s CHEAP Android does better and quicker than this… I’m wondering how many times Apple has shot itself in the foot… cause right now they don’t have a leg to stand on! And I want to trust them with a iPhone 6? I am not so sure that is wisdom… I’m about ready to go back to my STARTAC … or at least a flip phone… cause this “Smart Phone” just had a lobotomy!

  165. Camille says:

    My husband “upgraded” to 8.0.2, we both have iphone5, the apps he’s been using doesn’t work anymore and it’s really frustrating for him..

  166. ptokach says:

    I have updated to 8.0.2 on my iPad 2 and now have a problem with it losing the 3G connection 3 – 5 times a day. Have to reset or restart to get it back. WiFi works just fine.

    1. Mlake says:

      I have the same problem. Since upgrading to 8.02. Ipad 2 is incredibly slow. Typing and all functions all much slower. Mobile signal goes to No Service several times a day and a restart fixes it but is tedious. Wifi seems fine.

  167. brizer says:

    Major problems with both e-mail and wi-fi on iPad 3, the frustration of constantly having to reset the wi-fi and then having painfully slow browsing speeds on Safari has led me to ditch my iPad and go back to my old laptop. Come on Apple you can do better than this, get your act together before you loose any more trust with loyal customers, I cannot believe I have gone from loving to loathing my iPad by ‘upgrading’ to I.O.S 8.0.2!!!

  168. kristalis says:

    Iphone 4s, updated to iOs 8.0.2 and immediately problems appeared. Apps crush all the time, wifi is weak and in many cases not available, “forgets” wifi passwords, call crushing, unsual battery loss, rebooting by itself. It seems it would be easier to write what indeed works well with this disaster of an upgrade. Not sorry to say that i had my objections with those meaningless annual releases of iphones and now this on top, just a few inches of patience left for Apple. Yeah, unhappy customer here!

  169. Abb says:

    Constantly freezes on safari grr. I have to go back into general and access safari and clear the history etc . This happening all the time. I’m hating my iPad at present. It working fine on my Mac though.

  170. FrustratedAppleUser says:

    Installed 8.0.2 on my iPad 2 and it has turned my machine from my favorite tool to the most frustrating piece of garbage I have ever owned. Swiping the screen hesitates or freezes. Uploads and downloads take forever! If I wanted this kind service I would have stayed with Windows.

    If you have not upgraded from IOS 7 don’t change! You will be very sorry if you do.

  171. I updated to iOS 8.0 with no problems. so when 8.02 came out, i installed it on my 4S. Now my camera won’t work – it’s just a big blur facing out. Facetime works perfectly, so the camera itself isn’t broken – it’ a SOFTWARE issue.

    I hope 8.03 is soon

  172. Melvin says:

    8.0.2 on my iPhone 6 was a great start of week 1 where all working perfect and fast surprise me with it battery life also. Week 2 issue begin with cellular showing 4G but no page being loaded, what apps not working, sometimes work with turn on/off airplane mode but just for a while. Email stuck at outbox forever. Faster fix it.

  173. Apple sort out IOS 8.0.2 says:

    Brand new iPhone 6. Was working fine until IOS 8.0.2 update… Now I cannot connect to WIFI keeps telling me the password is incorrect (I know it the right password) tried resetting network and turning off wifi networking to no avail… Reset phone 4 times now also to no avail… All I have is an expensive phone at present…Arhhhh

  174. Kimmi says:

    My iphone 4s was the best gadget i had before this sucking update from ios 8.0.2 and now it is hell because even while typing this my phone is hanging every 2 seconds. It has made me vow to myself to buy an android phone with my next salary. I am sick n tired restarting every 10 minutes this stupid phone hangs and freezes now on. Apple you suck… Shows without steve jobs you are dead.

  175. Jim s says:

    Installed ios8 on my iPad 2 now I never use it. It’s so unresponsive now and crashes all the time. In our home we have four iPads and three iPhones,thank god I didn’t upgrade the rest of them. Went to Apple store and they said there not aware of any of these isues.

  176. Vasco Rijmenans says:

    have 4s everything crashhes i hate ios 8 , iphone users sould get 7.1.2 back
    until they fixt the fuckt up problem i think the engineers of apple are losing their power to make efficient
    phones sorry for the english

  177. Pat says:

    The internet has become virtually unusable on my iPad air. Surely Apple must know of the problems people are experiencing? It’s disgraceful that they can release untested upgrades resulting in expensive pieces of kit becoming useless. Get your act together, Apple.

  178. LRobinson says:

    While typing txt msg the screen starts randomly changing into another contact or picture or anywhere. Same problem when trying to delete emails it was as if someone had taken possession of my device. I have iPhone 6 and sure hope it was not a mistake getting rid of my 5.

  179. smithwindows says:

    I’ve an iphone 5. Upgraded to ios 8 then to 8.o2. I’ve been in contact with EE & Apple several times due to inconsistent problems with hearing a caller. The caller can hear me, but I can’t hear them. The problem only occurs within my property. EE have replaced my phone & sim card as it’s under a business contract due to the problem, because the replacement was a refurb, Apple replaced my phone for a brand new iPhone 5, and guess what, I still have the same problem. If the phone is turned off, then back on, it’ll be ok with the first call, the following calls, may hear the caller for 30 seconds, then nothing, but they can hear me. Never had a problem until upgrading to iOS 8. I don’t believe it’s a coverage problem

  180. Snubby says:

    IPad mini drops every fourth or fifth attempt to surf the net, icloud never connects, and AppStore functions not available, useless I’m afraid!

  181. Peabody says:

    Just updated today, after avoiding for weeks. Major regret. Running a 5, and immediately after update my ringtone is INAUDIBLE. Even when the volume is MAXED. This is the worst possible glitch ever. What is a phone that can not alert you of an incoming call or message.

  182. Lynn says:

    I am so upset … I always thought Apple product was so superior to Microsoft with no problem whatsoever! I guess I’ve been dooped ! The Ios 8.0.2 has totally ruin my iPad Air … Wifi hell , keyboard hell, Safari hell, apps closing and freezing hell , password hell … This has ruined it all … Hopefully Apple will see this comment and make this right ! I shouldn’t of NEVER NEVER OF UPDATED

    So upset!

    1. Hans says:

      I have wasted so many hours resetting the whole phone etc. I sometimes can not shut the dam phone off from blinking on and off so I have to let it sit until the hard shut off kicks in. Overheating is ruining the life of the phone. I say replace our equimtment new with the working IOS. We are all going through hell while Apple celebrates its big profits. So screw it. It’s time you pay and give us our original stuff new back ! You will still make money from outsourcing and raising the price’s. Oh , and you can still afford all your homes and fancy cars unless we all drop you and go buy something that works. You have all become rich over loyal customers. So “You Break It ,You Replace It ” !!!!!!!

  183. Kevin says:

    My wife & I each have iPad minis (non retina) w AT&T & iPhone 5c’s. The iPad minis are BRICKS now with 8.0.2! The 5c’s not much better. iPad mini’s – slower than dial up and freezing on WiFi or LTE, 4G. Random crashing & freezing on many apps including camera.. Loses WiFi password for home network. Air drop no longer works. Constant popup message warning low memory when no apps launched. Text typing delay by 2-3 seconds after each character entry, sometimes freezes and has to be shutdown. This is ridiculou!! We use our iPads everyday to help run our business while on road. They are useless. The iPhone’s have some of the same symptoms with very slow wifi/cellular Internet speed being main problem. They still make phone calls but that’s about all they do without some issue. All of thes devices worked flawlessly on last version of iOS 7 before update. Wiped out with one update. Never again.

  184. Cloudstardust says:

    Just upgraded to iOS 8.0.2 on my spouse iPad Mini 2 and two applications refused to finish download. Tried to reboot the iPad Mini to let it finish the download but it still failed. Now they are just showing a grey icon with circle and lines and iPad refused to let me delete or finish download them. What can I do? Help please!!

  185. Francois DI CATO says:

    got a new iphone 6 with ios 8.0.2 update
    couldn’t restore my backup
    from my old iphone to the new one on the phone itself had to do it in
    itunes the most of my apps refused to finish download so i tried to
    download them in appstore one more time what helped for some apps
    iphone 6 looses network and data connection or it looses often wifi
    password of my wifi connection @home. Apple should bring out rapidly ios
    8.0.3 and fix all this problems because they suck.

  186. MikeJ says:

    My 5 suffers from blank screens, multiple screens superimposed over each other, apps freeze – mail in particular and call drop outs. I could go on -_-
    Not good enough apple! just let everyone roll back the OS until this debacle is fixed, because now you just have expensive and almost unusable tech out there!!!!!

  187. jeffguru says:

    This is ridiculous. My Iphone 4s is now completely unusable after installing 8.0.2. Keeps dropping calls, constantly losing 3G access. Why oh why doesn’t Apple allow us to restore a previous version, as it has before? Surely heads must be rolling somewhere. Almost impossible to believe this level of dis-service from what was once a great company or was it just Steve Jobs?

  188. Getting frustrated with apple says:

    Hope they fix this wifi issue soon. I’m sick of losing wifi and then having to turn the phone off and restart it just to pick up the wifi in my house. It’s annoying!!! I thought getting the 6 would be faster with wifi and downloading, and the battery life was supposed to be better… blah blah blah. Having trouble from the start with the wifi. And the battery drain since the iOS 8…. Had 5s before I got the 6 and the battery used to last all day no matter what I was doing with my phone all day long. Now I’m lucky if I get to 7:00pm before its down to 20%….

  189. Brian says:

    Yes completely fed up. Wifi slow or hanging, 3G the same. Text messages not going when full signal showing. Camera app wont take photos. Having to reset the phone 2-3 times a day. Come on Apple get this sorted.

  190. Andrew JC says:

    Its so frustrating and if I did this to my customers I’d have no business left. I’m in calls with clients and in 5 mins it dropped the same call 6 times…is this the end of the Apple love affair for me? It’s close…

  191. scott says:

    On the 8.02 update, the everything froze, had to restore iphone 5. Now there are none of my “added apps” on the phone and when I go to itunes they’re all there with “Will Install” on the button. The only problem is that they are all greyed out!!!!! Can’t delete them or get them to install on my iphone.

    This is getting crazy, feel like I may try an android phone because this is just another glitch in the user experience… iPhoto / photo stream / icloud is the worst! No easy way to manage or figure out how it works (or get it to do the things I want it to do!!!!!!!!) ARGH!

  192. Nigel says:

    This is by far the worst IOS update ever, totally regretted updating to 8.0.2. I couldnt connecto the internet properly 90% of all times. If apple doesnt fix this, i will have to look for an android replacement ==

  193. Kejascja says:

    Fortunately, I use my GREAT Samsung S5/android os for my cell — my son tried to get me to switch to an iPhone but it couldn’t compare to the S5. That said, I made the mistake of upgrading to 8.0.2 on my iPad…….BIG MISTAKE!!!! My iPad worked just great with IOS 7…now lots of problems and no way to revert to IOS 7. Everything is much slower and somehow it is constantly locking me out so that I have go to the hassle of unlocking by entering all of my security info. NOT HaPPY!!😝

  194. Lil Andy says:

    I love apple to bits, but it’s rendered my iPad and my iPhone 5 almost useless, (apps crashing, long hesitations, not being able to select links in Safari, wifi rubbish, etc etc etc) I’ve always been against android, but if it isn’t fixed soon I’ll be ditching Apple for android on my upgrade next month

  195. notwithabang says:

    Some of our users upgrading to iOS 8.0.2 experience cellular connectivity problems on iPads (iPad 2 so far the only reported offender) but not their iPhones. As Apple has disabled the ability to downgrade to 7.1.2, and being in a corporate environment, users now wish to upgrade their devices (hoping for an instant fix) instead of waiting for Apple to fix and distribute the code. This could be a money-spinner for Apple.

  196. jtflash49 says:

    What is going on at Apple? Maybe my Android/PC friends are right: Apple died when Steve Jobs passed away. Wifi on my iPad 4 is slow and the battery drain on my iPhone 6 is ridiculous. I’ve had Apple products since their first computers and now I’m starting to look elsewhere. Even their usual excellent customer support has gotten inaccurate and impersonal. I can’t connect my bluetooth in the car that worked fine with my iPhone 4. Good job, Apple. It almost seems like someone sabotaged their new software.

  197. Hans says:

    I have wasted so many hours resetting the whole phone etc. I sometimes can not shut the dam phone off from blinking on and off so I have to let it sit until the hard shut off kicks in. Overheating is ruining the life of the phone. I say replace our equimtment new with the working IOS. We are all going through hell while Apple celebrates its big profits. So screw it. It’s time you pay and give us our original stuff new back ! You will still make money from outsourcing and raising the price’s. Oh , and you can still afford all your homes and fancy cars unless we all drop you and go buy something that works. You have all become rich over loyal customers. So “You Break It ,You Replace It ” !!!!!!!

  198. terry says:

    I have an iPad Mini and its driving me crazy, if I re boot its ok for about 1 minute then the screen starts clicking and apps start opening randomly, if I have the keyboard open it starts typing by itself almost like there is a ghost….lol…. pages, shrink and expand, its almost like someone has “hacked it” and is trying to control it from the net…. This really sucks on 8.0.2 for the record , I am an avid android user and my phone is LG Optimus G Pro. I love it but , i won this as a prize and I do use it for work or (try to) but it has become very annoying probably just going to let it collect dust until a new update. LOL, SMH, I knew there was a reason I stopped using my iPhone 3gs and never looked back…..

  199. Sonners says:

    I can’t get anything from the App Store (nothing actually appears) and I also can’t get on Facebook. Safari keeps telling me it doesn’t trust any websites and is not uploading any photos. Also the keyboard can’t keep up with my typing. This is all since I loaded IOS 8.0.2. Basically, everything I use on a daily basis I can’t use at the moment. Feel like throwing my IPad in the bin.

  200. Mark G says:

    Really annoyed with Apple for a rushed roll out of ios “wait” with random app freezes, and unresponsive touch in Safari, even with 8.0.2! Steve Jobs GRHS would not have tolerated this at all. I think it’s about time for some fresh blood at the top. And a decent QA dept to prevent this happening again before even the most loyal of us Apple-ites start to look elsewhere.

  201. Martha says:

    Yes to the frustration since”upgrading” to 8.0.2. I also have experienced the random freezes. When traveling, we discovered that any navigating help from the ipad was impossible. Something needs to be done.

  202. If Apple doesn’t fix these issues with an ios 8.0.3 by the end of the month, add me to the list of ex-iPhone users also. I’ve had them for years and until this month, loved them. But if Apple produces crappy updates and refuses to fix them, I’ll take my expensive cell phone purchase to an Android or Galaxy phone (who DOESN’T charge an extra $200 for 16g more of space.) They say you get what you pay for. Apple is not a cheap phone to own between special chargers, cases, warranty costs, apple care and the expensive phone itself, but apparently that isn’t the case for this company anymore..

  203. kiks says:

    i buy second hand iphone 5, but i forgot to ask to remove this icloud account now i’m facing activation code, after upgrading on ios 8.0.2 of a previous owner of this iphone, i cannot contact now.please help me to resolve this issue. otherwise throw this mobile,apple is the worst selfish security.why they cannot put limit on the first owner,like 3 months or two months no one complain and automatic deactivate that account,so the second owner have chance to use there device.any one can transfer or change the Operating system into android, or jailbreak it.

  204. GT says:

    Just typing this comment, the ipad mini already froze twice!!! The iOS 8 update is as good as throwing my iPad mini into the rubbish bin! The screen locks itself while using waze. Apps crash so often. The ipad mini won’t restart after it is shut down until after several minutes. Find my iPad doesn’t work! I’m absolutely disappointed in this! Used to love the iPad mini and now I’m beyond frustrated!!

  205. kiks says:

    they over intelligent,for security for there device,but they forgot the second hand user,they forgot to used the command “if then else” programming.if the user second hand iphone, else give 2 months quarantine the mobile, if no one complain automatic iclouds de activate.

  206. PFC says:

    My Apple Air wifi worked perfectly for a week since downloading 8.02 and now, all of a sudden, starts dropping it’s wifi connection every few minutes. Why oh why do Apple release updates that do not consistently work! At this rate, there will not be enough new customers to replace those that are fed up to the back teeth with substandard products.

  207. DJG says:

    My IPad 2 is completely useless sense installing 8.0.2, screen freezing, Safari has slowed to a crawl, I have to restart several times a day now where before I went weeks without ever shutting it down. If this is any indication of what service from Apple is comming to I will soon be an ex user as well. The only good thing was I still have my iPhone 4 which couldnt support 8.0.2, first time I’ve ever been glad to be outdated lol.

  208. Eltel says:

    it used to be a pleasure to use my ipad4,but now I know I will have a frustrating fight on my hands to get this £500 white elephant to work.PULL YOUR FINGER OUT APPLE,!!!!!!

  209. tiggrzz says:

    Update 8.0.2 is horrible. Dropped art on all tv shows, MASSIVE bluetooth issues, specifically in compatibility with my hands free set in the car. Just a load of nonsense!!!

  210. ipad retina says:

    ios 8.0.2 is garbage wifi is no good , PLEASE APPLE FIX THE PROBLEM, I purchased an ipad and I have absoloutely no use with wifi moving extremly slow im better of at a internet cafe working a hp, common Apple dont dissapoint me please release 8.0.3 or 8.1

  211. Peter Rao says:

    I have enjoyed Apple iPhone 4 , 4s over the years but alas iPhone 5 has been a bit of a let down. Very bad battery life. reliability has been steadily declining with every new relase of ios. I’m currently on ios 8.0.2 and the problems are 1) Airplay is totally gone. 2) Wifi is a tad slow but I can only compare sites I regularly go to such as my local bank and online stock ordering there seems to a few cases of WIFI dropouts which I had never experienced before 3) Battery life – wow very bad. 4) I have had my phone freeze twice but I think the 8.0.2 may have fixed it but who knows as I just don’t use the phone that much anymore. 5) iMessage does not work 6) blue tooth connectivity with my Sony car stereo is a joke calls drop off half way and just in case someone thinks it’s my Sony at fault I have the same problem with an extremely expensive Pioneer stereo in my wife’s car where sometimes the blue tooth disconnects in the middle and the phone reverts to using the normal ear piece. I’m picking up an htc 1 m8 next week just as a try out. There are some aspects of the iPhone that I do like and I hope Apple resolve the software issues soon. Maybe I will take a break from iPhones but whatever I decide on it will not be a Samsung!

  212. Nunz says:

    My Ipad 2 is COMPLETELY useless with the upgrade1 I have to constantly restart it to get cellular connection to the net and even when I’m using Wifi the speed is a crawl!! And yet I can’t rollback to ios 7!? Load of garbage. Also the fact they don’t address it is garbage!

  213. Chilli says:

    Upgraded iPhone5S to iOS8.0.2 and now can’t make calls, they just keep dropping, or fail as soon as I press call. My iPhone is now just an i as iOS8.0.2 has made the phone part not work 🙁

  214. No_end_of_keyboard_problems says:

    I keep having an issue with the on-screen keyboard just randomly disappearling and refusing to come back. It just took me 2 resets (home button + sleep/wake) and 2 shut-off, restart cycles to get the keyboard working again. It’s been happening a lot. Thought it was because I had a 3rd party keyboard installed, so I uninstalled it. The standard, built-in iOS keyboard does the same thing!!

  215. David says:

    Using Ios8 my IPad 3 hangs loads of times throughout the day. Email freezes every time it checks for new mail now, it didn’t before. It’s getting very frustrating and hard to use now. I’m rebooting all day long just to try and use it.

  216. Jay Henriksen says:

    My iPad 2 is “working” less efficiently and with more issues than my son’s $29 lg Straight talk phone. It is extremely slow to load webpages in safari and constantly crashes and closes/reopens tabs as a result of crashing,

    Mail has been stubborn to update, even when pulling down and watching that wonderful little wheel spin, letting you know it’s “doing something”, it doesn’t update. Release, wheel spins, screen returns and th “last updated” remains the time it had been before pulling down to update…(ex. “Last updated: 9:30 am”…it’s 10:00 am…I pull down to refresh, wheel spins, nail returns to normal and still, “last updated: 9:30am” is displayed and emails I know I’ve receievd (my android phone shows them) are not there.

    The keyboard response is worse than anything I’ve ever seen in my life in some apps/webpages. A site I have to do reports on for work is comepletely unusable with Safari. Fortunately, Adblock for iOS is usable….but, in safari, a word which takes me 1.3 seconds to type takes 4-6 seconds to actually appear…and I can watch the keys I’d tapped light up gray every 2-3 seconds. Of I type a paragraph while it’s doing this, it crashes completely. Trying to type after a word it thinks is wrong, and hilighted in blue now, is nearly impossible….it keeps reselecting it over and over no matter what you do…except for a long hold and drag at times. And, it autocorrupts all the time…..with the the must nonsensical “corrections” I’ve ever seen…sometimes for words that are not spelled incorrectly at ally the first place.

    The battery life is horrendous. At 11:30 am I had 50% battery….it’s 12:09 and I’m down to 28% and be hardly used it aside from the last 10 minutes. It drains even when sleepy at a rate faster than it used to with heavy use, before iOS 8.

    This isn’t even all the problems….but, it’s more than anyone should be dealing with. It’s garbage…and it needs fixing asap.

    Jay H.

  217. Nathan Stehle says:

    Well, here is what I am seeing:

    1. After powering on the iPad, after the Apple logo comes up the screen goes completely dark for a few seconds where in the past it would go to the unlock screen. Maybe this dark screen is the new normal, but it seems amiss.

    2. The iPad simply does not go to sleep after a few minutes as it did with iOS 7.x.x.
    3. When double tapping the home button to close apps, sometimes e-mail goes to the background and the mail program effectively disappears. Hitting home, then double tapping home resolves it.
    4. Had some hangups during a backup to an iMac (overnight) prior to install. Killed it and everything seemed fine. It was backing up things that were long deleted that had been on the iPad. They are now in the cloud for download, should I so choose. Same thing happened on an iPhone 5C. Neither one had been backed up previously. That probably did not help.
    5. A new feature is requiring the lock code to be entered after startup. Wish that could be turned off.

    These are all for the last iPad generation (64 MB) prior to the iPad Air.

  218. 007 says:

    Our household uses and iPad 4 and an iPad mini 2. Since updating to IOS 802 iPad 4 problems include crashing apps, delayed typing, freezing on streaming apps, crashing apps, oh I’m sorry, did I say crashing apps twice? Well there it is a thrid time. Slow wifi connectivity. The iPad mini has the same problems along with not being able to connect to safari at all.

  219. Tom Jones says:

    I can’t answer the phone 5 unless the password has just been entered. Person calling contact info blinks on and off but unless you can swipe the password screen up and enter it before four rings pass you can not answer.
    Also sometimes the phone just crashes and reboots automatically or sometimes just dies even though the battery is fully charged. Plugging in a charger reboots it. This all started with version 8

  220. Susy says:

    So many problems with the 8.02 upgrade. Wish I could undo it. With the upgrade, the phone no longer rings when a call is coming in; it will vibrate; sometimes the call rolls over to voicemail immediately. On the settings page, vibrate is the only option; ring is not an option. Tried turning off passcode without success. More problems happened after the upgrade.

  221. Daniel says:

    iPhone 4s with iOS 8.0.2. Everything’s ok EXCEPT the unacceptable level of battery drain. Easily 3x faster drain than before. It really diminishes ones confidence that Apple know what they’re doing. The silence from Apple regarding customer concerns is equally astonishing and makes me wonder if they really care at all. I used to enjoy my 4s. It is now a sour Apple.

  222. Hector says:

    I have an iPhone 5s, since the 8.0.2. upgrade I am unable to connect to Wi-Fi and I have a regular “No service” sign. So my iPhone became a disconnected iPod touch. This is VERY bad. What happened to you Apple?

  223. Lou says:

    Just loaded 8.02 onto my iPad 2 what a mistake that was , pages are freezing my wifi is stuffed everything is lagging , if they don’t fix it never buying anything from Apple again I had a perfect working iPad now it’s useless

  224. Al says:

    iPhone 5 & an iPhone 5c upgraded to 8.0.2.
    Phone connectivity issues, constantly ‘Searching’, no signal.
    SMS saying not sent but sent.
    WiFi not being used when it’s available (3G bill eek!).
    Pretty poor really.

  225. Incredible says:

    I am facing problems after updating my I phone 5S with iOS 8.0.2. Phone hangs many a times when I miss any call. Very often when I go to settings, without opening the settings it comes back to home screen. I’m waiting for new updates which will fix these problems

  226. Bill says:

    My iPhone 4s is useless since updating to iOS 8.0.2 It constantly goes off and when I try to turn it on the battery dead icon appears. This happens even with a full charge. I have to plug it into a charger to get it back on but within minutes of disconnecting it from the charger it shuts down again. I say, goodbye Apple, Hello Samsung, not a word by Apple about a fix so I am certainly not going to buy a new iPhone.
    BTW I had no problem before upgrading to IOS 8.0.2

  227. nrj45 says:

    Same here. iphone 5s, 8.0.2 since it was out. I simply lost the cellular this afternoon and no way fixing it (rebooted, resetted network params,…). With or without the SIM card, it will say “Searching…” and won’t ask me for the sim password

  228. Bert says:

    Since updating to 8.0.2 I have been experiencing problems trying to get safari to work. It freezes up and I have to switch off and reboot for it to work, this only lasts until the next time I pick it up then same old trouble. It was ok before I upgraded. I am pleased that I left my wife,s ipad on 8.0.1.
    Disgusted with Apple.

  229. marc says:

    For two years I used my iphone 5 without a single problem. I updated to 8.0 and immediately the phone went into cellular “searching” mode. I updated to the 8.0.1 fix. Did not fix. Updated to 8.0.2 and since I have had to reinstall the phone’s firmware on average every two days. My phone is both my personal phone and my work phone and this is so frustrating. If Apple doesn’t come out with a fix soon I am going to find another phone.

  230. Dan says:

    Since updating to the lates ios 8.0.2, my iPad 4, iphone 5 and wife’s iphone have become next to useless, ipad freezes at least a dozen times a day, needing a reboot. Home button often does not work. Frequently, we are unable to swipe or activate website buttons. Siri says random words that I’m typing, wifi drops in and out, apps freeze and/or crash. Often, when typing in the Safari search field, I get a blank page back yet when I open a new tab, I’m able to run the search.
    Never had a problem before this with any of our devices.
    Like many of you, we are both considering ditching Apple and will do unless Apple sort this out; so frustrating!!

  231. Jaime says:

    Ipad2. Since iOS 8, including 8.0.2, it has been rendered a stuttering, freezing, crashing, many apps not working, extremely slow, frustrating wreck.
    That this is the company that tries the marketing line, “it just works” is beyond a joke. The entire U2 iTunes debacle, followed by iOS 8 update-tanic, then not realizing a thinner object meant to go in ones pocket would need reinforcement. Apple have REALLY stuffed up and have compounded that by seeming bligthly unaware or just don’t care. A reputation they already had to a minor degree, that they’ve now blown into their brand association.
    And ridiculously, they’re already suffering the equivalent affliction to corporate ADD, focusing on new products and their releases before fixing the smoldering wreckage of ios 8 and the iphone6.
    Apple obviously think they’re too big to be gutted through loss of reputation. They’re in for a rude shock.

  232. Dave says:

    iPad 2 upgraded from iOS7 to iOS 8.0.2 two days ago. Keeps dropping off 3g on AT&T (in California). My two iPhones (4 on iOS 7 and 5c on iOS 8.0.2), both on AT&T, work just fine.

  233. Mac1 says:

    IOS 2 update has made my Ipad 2 a very average tablet from one that we market leading. My wife’s samsung and son’s Hudl2 Are now far quicker and more reliable. Can’t believe Apple would release an update which massively reduces the quality of there product. Internet is now slow, pages freeze, battery life lowerr etc etc

  234. Pat says:

    Have a fix for the 3G issue with iPad 2 after the 8.* update (and probably any other device since it is a fix based on logic and not Voodoo)…. SOLUTION!

    1. Have to have a back-up on iTunes.

    2. Disconnect iPad from computer. On iPad erase all content and settings: Settings>General>Reset>erase all content and settings

    3. Reconnect to computer when iPad restarts

    4. Restore from good back-up

    5. Voila – Problem fixed!!

    I had literally tried everything else to no avail. At one point I think I danced naked around a fire. Many thanks to Erik – one of the Chief Troubleshooters at Apple. He was stumped too and since I had tried everything else he had me try this. He said sometimes old settings can get sort of “hung up”. Whatever the case it is fixed and I am going to move on with my life. I hope this helps all of you! And he was sharing the info with those that need to make a patch.

  235. jsloanprice1@gmail.com says:

    The i08 ruined my iPad two. Can’t even use email anymore. Can’t use internet. MSlow to the point of retiring the damn thing completely. I hate you apple. The least you could do is let us downgrade back to the former ios that did work.

  236. sundc says:

    My iPhone 4s (after upgrading to iOS8.0.2 a few days ago) started losing wifi connections and now totally failing to connect to internet via Safari (either 3G, home wifi, or public wifi). Any fix yet?

  237. Gary says:

    My iPhone 5s & iPad now operates like a unstable piece of junk on 8.0.2. I can not believe Apple is now on the same level as MIcrosoft when it comes to updates. They need to get their act together soon!

  238. SP Fischer says:

    iPhone 6, iPad mini, both with iOS 8.0.2. Connectivity lightning fast? Not even close. Keyboard issues? Absolutely. The keyboard, no matter what orientation I’m in, overlays the bottom portion of the screen when I’m trying to input information. I can’t see what I’m typing. I have to press on the screen and pull up and “hold” to even try to see it. Forget it if I want to delete a mistake in it. The app will crash. This happens in a number of different apps I rely on every day, most notable for me WordPress (and of course email!). I was so excited about the iPhone 6, but right now, all the hype is meaningless with this abysmal OS update!

  239. RK says:

    For the last few days the Safari screen on my iPhone5 (with IOS 8.0.2) is half black and won’t show the entire site. Any one else having this problem?

  240. Mb says:

    So frustrating! My iPad was working perfectly fine before this update, granted my iPad isn’t of the new generation, if this is apples ploy to get me to buy the newest iPad its not going to work, I’ll go with another company, this is bullshit… Safari works half the time, most of the time it blacks out, freezes… Any of the apps forget about it, unless you have all day to wait as they load…not impressed Apple!!

  241. Ken says:

    I’ve just updated to iOS 8.0.2 on my daughter’s iPad and now the stickers and attaching photos is not working on the Facebook Messenger app. Deleted the app and re-installed but still doesn’t work! Does anyone know how to get it working?

  242. Hanhnibal says:

    I have an iPad2 and upgraded to ios 8.02 last week. Today I couldn’t get cellular coverage so I restarted my iPad, now I have cellular but no sound at all. None in games, texting, anything. I’ve tried restarting it but still no sound. Any suggestions? If I go to setttings/sound and click on the various sounds, I can hear them. Also have sound in YouTube

  243. Craig says:

    As an apple user for over a decade I’m sad to say Apple is losing its customer base on its flawed ISO.
    I remember the days of invitation, but now I see only copies of other ideas in their phone designs. Customer
    ease of use and satisfaction I feel died with their great founder Steve Jobs. I hope Apple can learn or remember
    that in this vast market, problemed software should be solved before release.

    No longer buying Apple phones

  244. Stefany says:

    I havd iphone 5s and since i upgrade it to ios8.0.2 my camera not working its just a black screen and also the light and hey siri is also not working

  245. Cyrus Trance says:

    We are done.

    We are selling both of our iPads.

    Today I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

    Apple has lost my business because they cannot produce anything but poor performing products.

    When the contract on our iPhones is up in January they will be replaced with a better performing product.

    Apple now reminds me of Microsoft and I hate Microsoft.

  246. Ravi Nair says:

    When I installed iOS 7 on my 5S, I started losing entries from my contact list randomly. I’ve counted at least ten contacts that were lost. iOS 8.0.2 has had an even more incredulous effect. All songs that I had on my phone that were copied from CDs (and not purchased from the iTunes Store) just started dropping off from the phone! And when I connected my phone to my computer, these albums/songs disappeared from iTunes on my computer too! A couple of days ago I was checking my mail. I clicked a particular mail, the one below it would open! When I rebooted the phone, that sorted itself out. I also noticed that images take a real long time to upload or download on Whatsapp. Sometimes I have to try two or three times to send an image.

    On my wife’s 5C, I found an even stranger problem. The mail inbox had totally unrelated mails under each name. For example, if you open a mail from say X, the body of the letter would be from someone totally unconnected. It’s scary to think what if the wrong mail is going to the wrong person!!!

    I too am seriously thinking of switching to an Android. At least have an Android phone alongside (I will, of course, have to get a new phone connection too) so that I can compare and decide which I finally want to be with. On other phones, one doesn’t need things like iTunes to put in your music! Why can’t life with Apple be simple as well?

  247. craig says:

    has anyone completely lost all photos and have blank albums ? and when i try to take a photo with the inbuilt camera it doesnt save into any folder ?? wtf is going on and how do i get my photos back ?

  248. Rotten Apple says:

    Biggest mistake ever to do this “upgrade.” My connectivity gets dropped every day. If Apple doesn’t fix this soon, my next “upgrade” will be to drop Apple….

  249. Janet Lombardo says:

    I hate, hate, hate IOS8.2…….I can’t believe all those years Apple made fun of Windows crashing and it was never, ever anything like the daily crashes I get with IOS8.2. It crashes all the time, constantly reloads and is slower than slow! Did I mention I absolutely now hate my IPAD!

  250. Monkeyjeffrey says:

    Since 8 my iPad it constantly saying problem with page reloading and trying to load it untill I have to turn it off
    And wifi real slow
    Oh and it’s almost impossible to copy stuff

  251. Cathy Wilde says:

    I’ve done four hard reboots on my iPad already today. Similar problems with WiFi connectivity, especially when using Facebook. I wish I’d found this forum before I upgraded to 8.02. Meanwhile, my trusty Android phablet continues to work flawlessly. I’ve only had the iPad 2 weeks, but am totally underwhelmed so far. Sigh.

  252. Vic says:

    I have iPhone 4S and ever since the upgrade to 8.0.2 I’ve had problems getting onto my blue tooth. So I reset my phone as instructed on a forum.. well that crashed my whole phone and I had to get it reset at the store. Ever since then, I can sort of get onto bluetooth.. it takes forever for it to connect, then when it does, my iPhone switches to “phone” and I have to force it back onto to Bluetooth – defeats the whole purpose as I’m not really “hands free…!” Other problem is, I am not getting imessages from some friends. I never got my friend’s text yesterday. I can’t some from my fiance and not others.. this is really frustrating! On top of that – the wifi connection for my iPad is terrible. It seems to be stuck, whereas the iPad mini is working great…

  253. sciaboy says:

    I see one of two things happening. Either apple comes out with a fix for the issues with the older phones like the 4S, or I will go to another brand.
    Will it make a difference to them if I leave? I doubt it, but if thousands of me leave? maybe

    I had zero issues with my phone before the upgrades, and now I have service comparable to the old dial up modems, my company email app always crashes and I have to log in again, slower than slow apps, where do I begin?

  254. sbs36 says:

    I too am very disappointed with dropped WiFi connection, random freezing, difficulty copying and pasting text from web to note, slow loading of email, reloading of webpages, etc…..thank you for writing this article.

  255. apastor says:

    I have an Iphone 4s and safari doesn’t work, wifi is super slow when it does kick in, facebook has completely stopped working and just freezes on a blank screen when I open it, when I go to take a picture my phone dies and says the batter is dead even though it is at 54% and when I plug it in, it turns right back on and says it is at 54%. imessages take forever to send and receive, facetime doesn’t work. The only thing I can do is call out. I am not spending $80 a month on a plan that I can’t use. I have 2 years left in my contract and I have a phone that is useless. I have done the 8.02 update, but it says that I only have the 8.01. I have been online with support staff from apple who help me to fix my phone, but it lasts only a few hours and goes back to the way it was. I have reset my network, reset my phone to the original settings and lost everything, and my phone is still beyond messed up. I have deleted every unnecessary app in hopes that it would help, but nothing has worked. I am tired of all the bandages that keep coming out that don’t work. Please help!!!

  256. Marquia says:

    Since updating my iPad 3 with IOS 8.2, I’ve been having issues with my volume function. It’ll either have no volume at all or its in and out…Has anyone else has/had this problem since updating their Apple products? If so, how can I resolve this issue?

  257. Sheila says:

    I am sooo frustrated with Apple right now – iOS 8.0.2 not made any difference to the problems following IOS 8.0 update. I am using my data allowance in its entirety now because I just cannot get wifi – even (and especially) in my own home. My 4S is two years old and I have never had a problem before – always been a huge Apple fan – not any more. I do not want to upgrade – why change a phone that was working perfectly? If this does not get fixed soon I too will become an ex-Apple fan. Such a shame that Apple does not seem to want to be the best anymore.

  258. Patti says:

    I am having major problems with my sound. Sound is non- existent or if I try to fix it- it goes in and out. I hear pinging when I should not. So frustrated. As I type this- I heard the typing and now I don’t. But wait- it came back and is gone. Just glad it is not just my iPad. They will have to fix it.

  259. Gary says:

    Have just run an update again this morning to 8.1 and still have problems with hanging, Virgin e-mail doesn’t work and whilst using an app it just drops out …gone! I have a Win8 phone that is rubbish also but the iPhone is starting to wish I hadn’t upgraded. I have left my ipad and other phone on the old version 7.1.2 and they are fine.

  260. Don says:

    Extreme battery drain since latest update on iPhone 5. 100% at 8AM down to 18% by 9PM. Made one short call and a few texts! No problems before update.

  261. Woofer says:

    Many issues with my iPad3 since updating to 8.0.2 and unfortunately these problems persist with 8.0.3.
    Freezing, intermittently slow wifi…seems completely random, but frequent. Unreliable password functionality. Unexplained and intermittent battery drain. Copy and paste failures.

  262. HW says:

    I upgraded my iPad today and safari is quite badly affected.

    Usernames and passwords keep being forgotten every time I flick between screens, the toolbar at the top disappears when I scroll down so I have to scroll all the way up to see my tabs, I try and select text in gmail and something else gets selected instead.

    Battery has gone down by 4% in just 15 minutes.

    It’s like they’ve released a test version instead of a final.

    I wish I could go back to my previous, is that even possible?

  263. Disgruntled says:

    Loaded the update but not immediately as was abroad on not on my own wifi,, ipad keeps freezing, Facebook won’t allow comments, it keeps flicking back and is very slow to load: touch commands don’t work properly and I’m very frustrated. Didn’t download the upgrade on iPad mini and that is working fine. So is the IMac pro, and not downloaded the Yosemite on that just in case it has the same problems. Sort it out Apple, not used to this experience, all other upgrades have worked fine, even if I didn’t quite like the new formats, but this is ticking me off!

  264. stargazer says:

    When I updated to iOS 8.1, something changed with iMessages. If I am exchanging texts with someone and we are both sending at about the same time, whatever i have typed but not yet sent disappears. And I have to start over. How can I keep this from happening? So frustrating.

  265. kim says:

    I have lost total faith in apple. Increasingly it seems as if, that apple designs these new updates wth their new products launch dates, in the effort to increase their sales. I have had 4 phones replaced since sept 28, 2014 and instead of apple acknowledging that the software is not compatible with the 5s; they have wasted my time, energies and with each update the problems are not resolved. On top of that; their solution to my phone touchscreen not working or hanging up with orientation displaced, making text/photo/calls inoperable at times is to tell me to wait…. meanwhile i am forced to used a 4s(spare that i have had jailbroken/flashed to a prepaid on 7.1.2 due to needing reliable device to communicate with my kids while away from them(one of them is moderately to severely disabled-9 year old autistic boy)
    Verizon, at least has offered me to switch to an android phone gratis/ because otherwise there is no telling when i am going to have a working apple product

  266. Beerwolf says:

    I can no longer access my 4S.
    Touch screen doesn’t work! How I’m I going to ‘fix’ this if I don’t have access to my phone?
    Still no fix from Apple ! Very disappointed in Crapple!

  267. Dave278 says:

    I have an iPad mini with retina display. I upgraded to ios8 from a perfectly fine ios7 and the wifi has become almost unusable. Wish I had never bothered. Apple, sort this out fast. I will not now be changing my android phone.

  268. auugamom says:

    I had NO problems with my phone before the iOS 8.0.2 update. In fact, I often told my friends to ditch their Android phones for an iPhone. I guess the joke’s on me. Since the update my, wi-fi is randomly slow and by slow I mean dial-up slow. Tonight I was talking to my daughter when our call was dropped. I’ve tried a dozen times to call her back over the last hour and it won’t even connect. Glad we didn’t ditch our home phone. Spotlight is unreliable – sometimes I can search, sometimes i can’t. Actually, most times I can’t. My battery which used to last from the time I got up in the morning until I went to bed close to midnight, is drained by 5 or 6 pm. This is so aggravating! If Apple doesn’t do something soon, I will join the ranks of Android users. Are you listening Apple??

  269. Jd says:

    I had no problems before upgrade, sorriest thing I every did. Ipad keeps dropping out very slow to laid. Iphone5, now doesn’t ring with incoming calls. Txting no sound on arriv either. I’m so not impressed with this.

  270. MB says:

    I have an iPad but unfortunately I downloaded all the upgrades. Now I can not use email. My account is froze on the inbox screen. Every upgrade brought some issues but never as bad as this.

  271. JOJO says:

    I have an iPad 4 and have been having major issues with it since installing 8.0, 8.01 and 8.02 iOS updates! It is getting to the point where I can barely use my iPad! It keeps freezing up and my WIFI connection keeps dropping! I had absolutely no issues prior to the IOS 8.0 update! I am getting totally disgusted with Apple! Thankfully, my phone is an Android! If this continues my next Pad will be an Android too! Is this going to be fixed soon?

  272. JOJO says:

    I am having major problems with my iPad 4 since I dowloaded the iOS 8.0.,8.0.1 and 8.0.3 upgrades! My iPad keeps freezing up and my WIFI connection keeps getting dropped making it almost impossible to use my pad! Let’s not even talk about how much slower it is! Prior to the upgrades I had absolutely NO problems with my iPad! This is very frustrating to say the least! Thankfully my phone is an Android and if this is not rectified soon my pad will be an Android too! I am totally disgusted with Apple and want to know how soon are these problems are going to be fixed?

  273. ADD says:

    A longtime Apple user (iPads, iPhones, Apple Box TV) seriously considering going to android. Very frustrated and tired of ongoing problems lately with Apple ios8 crap. Seems like once Apple lost Steve Jobs, they lost their way!

  274. Jilly says:

    Since upgrading to ios8 my iPhone constantly needs charging, my ipad and mini iPads freeze and had to re sync all contacts. Also lost camera roll and some photos.Really not happy and if it continues will have to rethink and maybe go to alternatives and leave the Apple products. Come on Apple get to grips with these problems and get them sorted.

  275. AH666 says:

    Since upgrade I dont seem to be getting any email ‘pushed’ to my 4S I have to go in and manually update email inbox (I also keep getting connect to Itunes to use push notifications with some of the apps on my phone are these related. I’ve connected to Itunes but doesnt seem to make any difference

  276. JMH says:

    Since I’ve upgraded, my iphone 4S no longer functions properly as a basic phone! At the end of a call, and sometimes during a call, it just switches itself off. It’s particularly annoying when I listen to a voicemail. Just when I’m about to delete or save the message, my iphone switches itself and leaves the message as ‘new’. I have to keep calling voicemail, then quickly pressing the key to delete or save before the phone switches itself off again. Argghh!! It’s disgraceful that Apple should release such appalling, untested software!

  277. Lottie says:

    My ipad 2 is a nightmarensince i upgrades to ios 8 it just keeps freezing before this it worked great very disapointed wish i new how to undo it all

  278. mike says:

    the update has been a complete failure, my ipad2 which functioned perfectly before the updates now has a list of problems a mile long. to mention a few, 3G connectivity keeps telling me that the device cannot activate cellular data network, i keep getting errors when syncing my emails, apps crash all the time, the device reboots itself at stupid intervals, the wifi connectivity is crap and even though your wifi speed is high the ipad chooses to use very little of the speed and has blind spots where other devices have full connection.the battery drain is collosal and i just had to remove my sim card and only turn wifi on when i really have to connect. my ipad is a glorified media player now, all i do with it is play videos and listen to music, the picture app has issues too so i don’t bother taking pictures anymore

  279. Nicole says:

    Updated and now my phone says no service and won’t send text message to anyone that doesn’t have an iPhone. I thought this was to fix said problem which I didn’t have before I did the update about 2 weeks ago now.

  280. Peter says:

    iPhone 5 user – UK – 3 network – intermittent connectivity problems since ‘upgrading’ to IOS 8.0.2 two days ago! Not what we expect from Apple!

  281. Cathy Anderson says:

    Ipad3, keyboard freezes, safari stops working for no reason, connection issues both on wifi and cellular. Siri freezes, and have to restart. I hate ipad right now, and apple. I also hate what they have done to safari. This string of bad os has left my ipad PRACTICALLY USELESS.

  282. Jacky says:


    I just got my iPhone 6 plus and updated to the latest date, my new phone is not recognized by iTunes. Apple need to fix this issue ASAP, don’t just take people hard working money. The phones are expensive and we should get what Apple promised to delivered. If not Apple should have an option for the consumer to return their phone for a full refund. All my family members each have a mini iPad, iPhone 5 and 5s. Just my family alone have over 10 Apple products and since the ios8 update Apple product is way below the android product.

  283. Mad Gnome says:

    After installing the 8.0.2 per my companies requirements, I have frozen screens, slow wifi connections and I cannot believe the battery drain,, While writing this las sentence, I have dropped from 23% to 21% with 100% charge four hours ago. I have done all the tricks to preserve battery life with no improvement. The nearest Apple Store is three hours away and my company insists on me getting Apples blessing to request a new one. Any word on the time frame for the fix to fix the fix for this 8.0 demon?

  284. Julio says:

    What a nightmare. Wish I hadn’t installed 8.0.2. I get screen freeze on safari if I open more than 4 sites and have to delete the history to get it going again. Also pad keeps forgetting auto ebay sign in. It also keeps trying to get me to buy cloud space saying it can’t update back up as too little cloud space. Never had that before.
    Apple schnapple.
    Steve Jobs will be turning in his grave.

  285. Caroline says:

    I am on the edge of installing 8.0.1 since my phone is constantly crashing within apps and freezes whenever I try to do anything really. I am so frustrated with my phone to the point to where I actually despise it. Aren’t SMARTPHONES supposed to make your life easier? To me, it only adds on extra stress and irritation while the day progresses. Should I download the new update? Thanks

  286. Lee says:

    Why won’t Apple just let us know what they are doing about this issue, I paid £ 550 for this iPad and it just doesn’t work anymore,totally lost faith in this and it is so frustrating. Sort it out Apple !

  287. tech_geek says:

    what the hell is happening. completely useless ios8. its completely made my phone useless. really regret updating. never ever will i update unless i am sure its not buggy.

  288. DJ says:

    5s and iOS 8.1, when a call ends by the person you are talking too a black screen is left as one of the apps running, if you make another call or reboot the phone this black/blank app will go away but otherwise you cannot swipe up to make it go away.

  289. NJH says:

    ios8 caused nothing but problems when I upgraded my ipad2. I went and bought the iPad Air 2 and now have more issues than I did before. I had to turn everything off to save the battery. My blue tooth keeps looking to connect with other things even when I am already connected to something. It would probably save my battery if I could shut it off and still remain connected to my blue tooth speaker. I think it is terrible that everything has to be done manually just to save enough battery when I am without my charger.

  290. Bb says:

    I have saved up to buy my first iPhone, thinking I would treat myself to a 5s, I can’t do a damn thing with it!!! I have a phone so my children can contact me at all times…. Or so I used to. I have no service 99% of the time so it is not serving its purpose for which I purchased it 🙁 🙁 extremely dissatisfied customer.

  291. MedicMom says:

    I hate my iPhone 6 and the recent updates have ruined my iPad. I will never get another new release phone. Now tonight all of a sudden I cannot answer or hang up calls on my iPhone. Only my iPad, then to disconnect I have to shut my phone down. What the bleep is going on with Apple. Very unhappy customer.

  292. Annoyed4SUser says:

    My 4S is completely crashing all the time since I downloaded IOS 8.2 even IOS 8 was fine -.- … Now I can’t even call without it crashing. Thanks for ruining the product apple.

  293. Joe Garza says:

    Apple replacing my IPAD 2WIFI for the 3rd time, very frustrating screen went black during online banking cannot reboot connects to Itunes does not restore, before IOS 8 everything worked well!

  294. Janette says:

    The latest updates have completely destroyed my faith in Apple! My iPad is now virtually useless as it keeps running slow or stopping altogether and crashing………….Aaaahhhhhhhh

  295. Meller says:

    My iPhone 6 restarted on it’s own and since then….each time I type in my password, it restarts on it’s own. And this happens over and over again

  296. NotHaPpy says:

    I have the 4s, I’ve updated the software and now my phone keeps turning off and having the black screen with the apple symbol. I’m not able to use the touch screen as nothing is happening. This has been happening or the past half hour and has not stopped.

  297. Kathy Bishop says:

    My iPad has so many issues since I did the update. I was using FaceTime everyday to communicate with my grandchildren. Now I can’t! I hate hate that they have managed to mess things up royally! I even had issues with my iMac crashing! It cost my over 300€ to get it fixed! I want to downgrade back to iOS 7!

  298. Allergic Apple says:

    well if it was bad for the operating system, how about a 65GB iPhone 6 bought 4 weeks ago that developed a glitch whereby the screen jittered and text was unreadable. Back to the Apple shop for a screen fix!

  299. David jang says:

    I mean i had problesm where on my 5s internet wouldt work at all lte 4g and wifi before update once in a while but now it happens very often like every few hours. The only way to fix this is let it sit for an hour or so and it will randomly start receiving data again or restart my ipone. I wouldnt mind if it was like before where it did this once in a while, but now im restarting my phone ever hour or so.

  300. Aim2Izz says:

    I have recently done the IOS 8.1.1 on my iphone 5C and Ipad mini, and it is the worse thing i could have done. I now get hardly any network coverage. I cannot use the internet, send messages or emails. So frustrating

  301. frances says:

    My iPad is fast becoming unusable. I am lucky that I am even able to write in this box. Usually I have to chase the open pop up box around the screen as my cursor flickers up and down the page. Then when I finally trap the darn thing down and can start typing, the ipad freezes and I lose the lot. I hate the predictive text. I used to love using the iPad but it is wasting so much of my time and is making me so frustrated that I feel I want to just give up on it altogether. It is like they have lost heart in their own company and are just bodging things together and putting it without actually trialling it out.

  302. iPad Slamma Jamma says:

    Safari is bloody useless since the update to iOS8 – half the time links are not responsive to touch. You have to reload the page, and often THAT doesn’t work. What good is an iPad if it doesn’t respond to touch? Was never a problem with iOS7.

  303. KaronaSK says:

    Hey guys, i lost all my app in my ipad mini after i play my ipad mini till it no more battery and when i open the usage it still the same GB when i have all the app but i dont see any app. what to do?

  304. Drifty says:

    New IPhone 6 today for my wife. Its crashed 5 times in the first 4 hrs and forgets wifi password. My 5S has somehow been dragged into it and without updating anything except ITunes, now cant use wifi at all. What a day. Spend coin on a new phone and leaves both devises without wifi. Apple can go F..K themselves. Gready dills putting out a product without reasonable testing. Had Iphones for years. Will be the last time. Die Apple DIE!!!!

  305. Mars says:

    Very frustrated! Ipad freezes constantly when I’m on blueyonder email..I’m lucky if I can get one email sent before the bloody thing freezes! Apple get ur act together BEFORE U SEND OUT UPDATES,!

  306. Apple Vista says:

    I have an ipone 4s Mac and iPad. Before all the updates and farcical fixes it was working just fine. Now it’s running Vista sorry iOS 8.1.1 it’s lost approx 50% battery life won’t hold wifi Safari is slow constantly and Bluetooth won’t connect to any thing at all. I am fed up and sick of apples inability to fix these multiple issues and will not be changing to an ipone of any kind come the end of this contact. To say this is all an incovience is an understatement.. Apple sort it out or loose another loyal and stupidly loyal customer!!!

  307. Dominique Palmer says:

    SO frustrated! I feel like throwing it out the window! The brightness turns up by itself, it freezes CONSTANTLY, sometimes it freezes but you can still talk to Siri (you still cant see siri though) but you cannot tell siri to turn all of apps off, or lock phone, or switch off because it cant. It keeps crashing ALL THE TIME. Keyboard freezes all the time, i basicsally cant use it for 10 minutes without it freezing.

  308. Joe Driver says:

    I thought it was me, I’m so glad it isn’t.
    Since downloading the latest “upgrade” for my I-pad it now takes AGES to get my e- mail (I’m on superfast fibre with 30 MB downlad speed) and my you tube screen is partially obscured by the side panel which has now changed sides and WONT go away, the whole thing is a mess and I paid SIX HUNDRED POUNDS for this blasted thing which is now drivibng me mad. They must be in league with windows 8. GET IT SORTED APPLE Aor you’ll go bust

  309. Fed up with updates says:

    My ipad 3 keeps freezing and doesn’t respond to loading websites when I touch the screen- I have to go back a page then forward again and try to reload. Camera roll is ruined… It takes ages to respond to selecting a photo, so long you think you didn’t touch properly and the fact that all the photos now have a date rather than a number have caused me untold problems. I have over a thousand photos that I need access to regularly and had the all referenced by number… See photo 121 etc. all that has gone as photo 121 is now labeled with a date. No use at all as I may have 20 photos on the same day. I use FB through the browser and now I can’t see what I am typing as the keyboard covers the box. Also the text will suddenly jump from where I am typing to first line and also keeps inserting numbers spaces capitals full stops and commas into the middle of words and Sometimes when I highlight a word I might want to correct it freezes and won’t let. Me do an65hing arrgh just typing this I have had the keyboard switch to numerals about 20 odd times in the middle of a word.. As for predictive text- don’t get me Started.

  310. J.D. says:

    My wife and I share an Apple ID. We’ve never had any issues with this when I had my iPhone 4 and she had her 4S. Now she has an iPhone 6 and I still have my 4. She is now receiving text messages are intended to be sent to me. She also cannot call or text my iPhone 4, but can receive text and phone calls from my iPhone. It’s very strange and frustrating!

  311. Angry says:

    I ordered Galaxy tab 4 (8inches) today because I can’t stand the slowness any more. I’m not going to sell but keep iPad mini that I have just in case it’s fixed in the future but in the mean time I decided to use this very low priced alternative. Let’s mind that it’s exactly half price!!

  312. Stewart says:

    Hi, I came across your sight looking for a solution to my iPhone 5 rear camera not working at all after installing iso8 and continuous app’s crashing including my personal bank app!
    I have always loved the iPhone i owned and when ever anyone has said they are rubbish and full of errors I’ve alway stood up for them!! But now I feel my view is changing, and I am starting to look into an alternative to my apple head ache!!

  313. hugh says:

    I came across this site while trying to find a solution for my iphone 4s camera that keeps crashing or going black when i try to take a picture! Very frustrating for those of us who are using the phone as the only camera to document our lives.
    And now I am seeing that the slow and sometimes ‘to no avail’ internet searching that I have been experiencing is not just on my phone either.
    No to mention the loss of Sound my phone has when using you tube or my music app. My speakers work, because I can play a song from my music list if it is set to my alarm. My alarm will play the music – but not my Music app or you tube!!!
    I’m cursing this planned obsolescence Apple business. I’m strongly considering Android as well.
    Apple no longer provides us with ‘user friendly’ devices. We spend way too much time scouring the internet for Apple error solutions on non-apple sites. Absurd.

  314. dave23 says:

    Web browsing via chrome on my ipad mini 16gb is so frustrating my partner is worried about my blood pressure. Before it was my perfect device and i was telling everyone how great it’s been. Now theres slower loading, keyboard lag on entry of text, regular freezing for 2 seconds ish, full freezing and total crashes. I would never have bought a device if I tried its functionality in a shop and it was behaving like this. My love affair with apple is over. I feel betrayed and angry. I’m ready to dump it and go for an android device pos samsung.

  315. rlochow says:

    I’ve got an iPad 3 which was running iOS 7 (I think — it might have been 6). I loaded iOS 8.0.1 on it about two months ago, and I might as well have dropped it on the floor for all the use it’s been to me since.

    Battery drain is a serious issue. So is slowness. So are random crashes. So are sudden webpage reloads (for unexplained “problems”) which both erase the screen while they load and take forever to load. This can happen three or four times in the time it takes to read a single sentence.

    Worse than this is that a lot of basic navigation control is lost now. For example, quite frequently now I can’t use pinch-to-close — it just doesn’t work. Since that’s the way one usually closes an app, loss of it means you simply can’t close it (it happens most with Safari). When this happens there’s nothing to do but reboot, and I do this several times most days. But often scrolling on a webpage simply has no effect, or is severely delayed.

    But the worst is that I am stuck in a loop insisting that I log in to my “iCloud account.” The pop-up demanding this (which interrupts whatever I’m doing, natch) has a space for a (pretyped) login and password, accompanied by the usual “Enter” and “Cancel.” Since I have no iCloud account that I know of, and have less than no interest in creating one, I always select “Cancel.” But the prompt always comes back, sometimes within a second, and sometimes dozens of times in a row. It can come up a hundred times in an hour.

    Complicating matters hugely is that the pretyped login for me on my iPad does not belong to me — it’s my wife’s. How this happened I have no idea, except that the guy who set the iPad up for us two years ago gave her access to it as well as me. Anyway, realizing that “Cancel” wasn’t working, several times I’ve given up and tried to answer the prompt by logging in. But it will not accept any password that she’s ever used, or any I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried ’em all. Thus it will take neither “no” nor “yes” for an answer.

    When I’ve gone to Settings and tried to delete or turn off iCloud altogether, I am again met by a login screen which won’t accept anything I put in it.

    About a week ago I loaded iOS 8.0.2 in the vain hope that it would end these problems. But it made no difference.

    Finally, Apple has inexplicably stopped supporting iOS 7, so I can’t go back.

    I can forgive them everything but this last thing. We all make mistakes. But I can’t imagine the point of withdrawing support from an older OS. To me, that reeks of bad faith, and plays directly into the hands of those who claim Apple’s committing planned obsolescence on purpose.

    But never mind questions of good faith. As things sit at this moment, regardless of Apple’s intentions, my machine is ruined, it’s entirely Apple’s fault, and they refuse to remedy it.

  316. Applesgms says:

    Have ipad3 using ios8.1.1. Internet download speeds are below 5.0, have been as low as 0.5. Have MacBook Air and speeds on this are upto 70.0 usually around 45 on same server.

  317. Don says:

    I have iso 8.1.1 on my iPhone 5. I have been fortunate enough not to have the Internet issues and other things that I read from others. However what I have found is when people sent me a link via text before I was able to open it. Now I can not and have to copy/paste it into a web browser to open it. VERY annoying!

  318. Vicki says:

    I have an iPad mini and it updated today, update froze so I had to restore the device. Now it’s incredibly slow, I don’t like the new features at all. Can I go back to my old ISO please!?

  319. Steph says:

    I have an iPad mini which has been working great until two days ago. I am now unable to access the settings app. It opens and shuts straight away. Has anyone else had this problem?

  320. Mark says:

    Ipad air 1 here, screen touch sensitivity has been nerfed since last update, screen does not respond until tapping 2-3 extra times or until you zoom in to touch. Wi-fi reception dropped enough to be bothersome. Will soon be an ex-Apple user as I saw similar nerfs going from Iphone 4s to 5s and 5s to 6. A friend of mine has a 1st gen ipad and the audio was nerfed to sound like a speaker was blown. Simple test proved it was just an audio layer distorting the sound, speakers were fine. Very sad to see that a company can be so greedy to create user discomfort to attempt to sell newer models. then again, auto manufacturers have been doing it for years.

  321. ran says:

    It is so frustrating after upgrading to ios8.2 on my iphone5. Though the sms are received but U can’t reply anymore. Each time it asks you to enable MMS and the option to enable MMS from the settings has disappeared. Can someone help me how to get over it?
    Apple must release the fix to this bug immediately.

  322. Kay says:

    I have a 4s. When I bought it my daughter said “…I can’t believe you sold your soul to apple…” I am ready to go back to a flip phone! After this upgrade to 8.2 I now cannot get my email at all. I click on the icon, it shows me a sneak peek and then right back to the home screen. Can’t forward txt messages either. I hate the huge buttons. I live in Seattle and should’ve stuck with Bill Gates!

  323. Frustrated says:

    I’ve had problems with my iPad mini since the iOS 8 came out and it has been getting worse with each update with apps always crashing/freezing, web pages not loading, random reboots….I’m really disappointed with Apple trying to pass this crap off to the consumer as quality product…really considering switching to android! Shame on you apple! Get it together already!

  324. dissappointed iphone 6 user says:

    I have a camera freeze problem with the iphone 6 8.1.2. the camera just show a blank screen. occssionally the video mode starts but when i change to photo or square or pano view the screen just freezes to a hazy background. probably some bug in the software

  325. tallent says:

    I and my husband have an iPad I have both for sale I am going to buy a Microsoft product and I hate it because I have a lot of money involved with iTunes but Apple can’t fix all the problems it has created. Every since Steve Jobs has passed, someone thought they were going to be smart and make a name for themselves, well NOT!!! I hate Apple now. I also have an iPhone I am going today to trade for a droid. Way to be stupid Apple. My only question is CAN YOU MAKE AN APP THAT will allow me to use Apple apps on my Microsoft computer?

  326. Kandy says:

    Freezes more times than I can count. My Ipad Air wrked great until last update. I have Apple Care. Can I get a New Ipad with it? It Freezes on FB, Games, Safari, Mail. You name it. Every single day..

  327. Aixa says:

    Freezes all the time and lags when I receive a phone call or make one or end one. It’s just terrible. My 5s has never been in a worse condition. Wifi keeps disconnecting. My screen rotation stopped working. And sometimes it freezes so bad that I lose my GUI! All I’m left with is the wallpaper. I have to lock and then unlock to get it back . And double clicking to close apps or switch is just as hell. I HATE IT.

  328. Erica says:

    I have been having issues with my three week old iPad air 2. The darn screen keeps freezing and finally going to a total black screen. It will not turn on until a few minutes later. I have updated to the 8.1.2. iOS system but nothing. It is very frustrating that I will be returning this one for another and hopefully this will not continue to occur.

  329. Malcolm says:

    Hi I have tried to restore notes via iTunes they apear then as I go into them they disappear again, also I am having trouble with my Bluetooth in my car it cannot find iPhone, it was ok with iphone4, I upgraded to iphone 6 plus and I am very disappointed

  330. Lizzie says:

    My iPad air2 was a surprise Christmas gift and an update from my old ipad2. However, I am heartily sick of the keyboard issues now that am running on iOS 8.1.2 which include the keyboard obscuring the body of message when trying to type; cursor jumps to start of message for no apparent reason; when trying to tag someone using web based Facebook the suggested member details are at the top of the page; double tapping space bar for a full stop (period in USA) does not result in capitalisation of next letter – I could go on ………..

  331. Tamzin Kirkman says:

    my ipad 2 is brand new and within a hour it has gone up 6 percent I have turned the brightness all the way down same with volume I also made sure nothing was running but its just not going up any faster what should I do

  332. repaso says:

    I never had problems with the ipad 3 until ios 8 was downloaded. First, the ipad would not make any additional updates to ios directly from the tablet. Itunes had to be used through a desktop or laptop to make the ios updates. For the past two months the ipad has been crashing and then rebooting. Everytime it crashes, the complete ios has to be restored because the tablet is rendered useless. Hundreads of songs have been lost. The ipad has crashed more than 8 times in the past few months. I do not do install any apps or download any songs, because everything is lost each time it crashes. The only thing I use the ipad for is the internet. I have only had the tablet for two years at a purchase price of over $400.00 and it is rendered practically useless. I thought these things were bomb proof.

  333. Roger says:

    I have had my ipad mini 3 for 5 days now and I wish I hadn’t bothered. I could have bought so many other tablets at half the price that I expect would have worked better. Out of the last 5 days, I have had 1 evening when it connected to the wifi and stayed connected and for that brief period I loved it. I spent @ 8 hours yesterday trying every tip I could find on the internet. I have been through all the Apple guide lines, I have checked my router several times, trying different configurations all to no avail. I have a smart TV, desk top computer, laptop computer and a Samsung Galaxy III phone all working fine on wifi. Looking at all the blogs on the internet, there seems to be thousands of people all with the same problem. This is the last Apple product I will be buying.

  334. Tzpy says:

    During the last month or so my ipad 2 keeps freezing on Safari. Also, FB often switches off. I thought the pad was about to die on me altogether but it seems the problem is due to the new upgrade. Some upgrade.

  335. Clurr1 says:

    Purchased Apple tv no audio with slide show this works on iso7 but not on ISO 8 asked at the apple shop they say never hear of this fault . Also my I pad (3) freezes,or goes back to home page at random when viewing web pages since update to ISO 8 main reason for Apple tv was to view slide shows with music tracks on my TV

  336. Clurr1 says:

    To add to previous post on Apple tv no audio on slide show works on I pad with iso7 but not iso8 also my brother purchased 128 gig I phone 6 this does not work ether so update to the latest spec £700 and get a less useful device

  337. Candace Zingg says:

    I’m so sick of typing ( like now ) and my cursor jumping to the beginning. I’m also sick of being in the middle of reading an article and the APP STORE OPENS, moving me from my article. Im about ready to go back to android, and it’s been years.

  338. Brie says:

    My iPad mini has got slower and slower and frequently hangs up when loading web pages or reloads pages due to ‘an error occurring’. I thought it was my wifi signal, but it doesn’t happen with my 5s and does happen even when using fibre optic broadband. Very frustrating

  339. Keith Alston says:

    Regarding the Freezing issues on th the iPad.
    Not only have I experienced the same but have lost all my overseas photos thatvwas supposed to be saved on the cloud.
    Furthermore I am on my 3rd I pad.
    There is no point in contacting Apple they couldn’t careless.
    I have sent numerous e mails to Apple Cork in Northern Ireland explaining my issues.
    They have done 8 diagnostic reports and have confirmed that there are issues.
    Unfortunately, the person responsible for decisions, continuously requests further diagnostic analysis.

    I have e mailed their head office 3.times and have not received any feedback.
    At the time of typing this comment, I am experiencing issues with the cursor disappearing and freezing.
    I have been typing this comment for 24 minutes whereby, it would have taken me 7 minutes.

    I cannot even delete the last item I was referring to and as such must leave this.

    Unfortunately, they have total control and even providing your statutory rights,bears no significance.
    They are a company that has no backbone and as such will continue to argue by stating that these issues being of non importance.

    At the time of typing this was plagued with freezing of my typing

  340. Keith says:

    There is no customer service evident to support these type of issues.
    Apple continue to argue and irrespective of the issues, will not give in.
    I have been told to take my I pad to a Apple dealer for further diagnostics.
    Cannot understand they have the relevant information.
    The fact that the I pad is faulty, Apple will not engage into customer service ethics.
    I used to have a good relationship with past Apple staff and rated them 10/10
    The current staff are now rated at 04/10.
    Bad service and arrogant attitude.

  341. BethB says:

    Why won’t Apple accept responsibility for the problems caused by upgrade? Since downloading this, using my iPad has become a nightmare rather then a pleasure – safari so slow, constantly freezing and rebooting, storage issued, continually bounces me out of Facebook – the list goes on! Am gonna research other tablets, am sure Apple will lose many customers due to this.

  342. Deenadayal says:

    All the problems started updating my iPad retina with iOS 8.1.2. My iPad was perfectly alright before 8.x.
    This is very frustrating and very annoyed by Apple device. The issues curretnly I have with my iPad retina are:
    1) Camera gets frozen after 2-3 clicks of pics.
    2) Video camera gets frozen, the moment I click record button
    3) Front camera is completely frozen, no selfies at all 🙁

  343. wildflowers47 says:

    Just bought an iPad air and am so frustrated with continually trying to re connect to the internet. I do not have the time to waste and am SO disappointed with Apple. Passed my iPad2 on to my husband who also has the same problems. Our iPhone connections have the same troubles
    Other issues with iMessage behaving strangely and also crashes and freezes in various apps.
    Having saved for a very long time to get Apple devices we feel we have been sold pups! WHAT is going on?

  344. nugz15 says:

    i just updated to ios 8.1.2 and im sooooooo freckn unhappy about this STUPID UPDATE!!!! ever since ive done this my battery reads 90% then 1min later it goes down to 25% freezes then shuts off!! i turn it back on and it reads 85% and invalid sim!!!! apps keep freezing camera wont work properly!!!! it pmo badly!!! HURRY UP APPLE FIX THIS!! we pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ur products and we expect to get our moneys worth!!! i have been using apple for about five years and this by far is the worst update ever!!! im thinking of dumping apple and going to andriod!!

  345. Jelmo says:

    Since updating to ios8.2 Safari was very slow now I can’t connect up at all on my iPad air. My iPad mini is connecting but very slow on safari. Wish I hadn’t updated!!

  346. sunshinesheep says:

    Updated to 8.1.3 on Iphone 4S, what a mistake! FB either freezes or just drops out completely. Also, videos run all the time when I don’t want them too and haven’t even touched them which is very frustrating and is using too much of my cellular data. Have tried switching onto Wifi ONLY but it’s still happening. Apple please fix these problems immediately.

  347. Linkinlady Elliott says:

    NO! it crushed my camera! i have iphone 5! now i cant use my camera because of this update! it was working perfectly fine before the update SUCKS!!!!

  348. David says:

    My iPhone 6 plus will work on my virgins wifi 2.4G but will work on 5G wifi is this a problem with iPhone, my wife’s iPhone 5c and kids iPhone 4s and hurl all work on the 2.4G wifi
    I’m on iOS 8.1.3

  349. Annie says:

    Have an iPad mimi, all fine before the update, battery drain horrendous so had to close everything I could, and trying to comment on things on Facebook is a nightmare, the keyboard pops up over what you’re typing, and clicking on messages gives the message before last instead of the newest one, and it takes several goes to get the one you want. What idiots thought this was a good thing ??

  350. mamawa says:

    Currently, my 5c is running 8.1.3 and I can’t even update to the 8.2 because it says I need 530MB free space, yet my specs show I have 1000+MB free. What the what does that mean?

  351. ms1775 says:

    Updated my ipod touch 5th generation to iOS 8.2. After the ipod restarted itself, I find it has deleted all my music and apps! Tried restoring from a back up but no use. Bloody useless and angry, didn’t drop £150 for this to happen >:(

  352. mrscolumbo says:

    My FB messenger shuts down as soon as I open it, it goes back to the desktop .. wifi problems, it won’t connect to my car .. I have a USB stick with my music on it in my car and if I plug my phone in to charge it will play what’s on my phone .. it never did this before this update .. which I DID NOT WANT and it UPDATED IT ON ITS OWN … sucks.

  353. Martin A says:

    Since downloading iOS 8.2 my fb has dropped out and I can’t seem to restore it. Videos run whether I want them or not. Battery usage has increased. Why have an update that causes more problems than it cures?? Does Apple want us to go to Android ??

  354. Penny H. says:

    Since I updated I have experienced the battery draining faster and some games crash on me. I really hope something is fixed soon cause I’m very frustrated with this whole upgrade. Seriously wish I could downgrade right now.

  355. Gem says:

    All of the above, wifi slow on 5 meg when other portable devices on 80 meg. iPad 2 air,worse than iPhone as have not updated last update for phone. Internet is so slow, screen orientation stuck, screen freezes, screen turns off and keeps telling me have put in the wrong password. iPad only one month old, want to return and get my money back, was so pleased when I initially bought it, these problems have only arose since I updated last two iOS updates. Apple need to sort it out

    1. Nadeem Khaksar says:

      HI, after uploading io8.2, camera of my 4s is not working. I could not take photo, make videos. would someone like to fix it. I will appreciate it

  356. samr4 says:

    Several problems with my ipad 2 since updating to 8.02. Mail just sometimes does not open and other times when I click the icon it shakes like icons do when you want to delete an app and wont open. I’ve also had a hard time writing this message as the keyboard just stops working.

  357. Sallie says:

    Hate the new update. Facebook is a nightmare, keyboard comes up then disappears, you cant tag people on FB anymore in comment box. Copying and pasting takes numerous attempts. Games freeze or jitter. Wish I had never updated.

  358. Imelda says:

    terrible update, wifi slow, battery drains a lot master than usual (I would have apreciatted the other way around) and the worst, i cannot use my photo library from whatsapp it just freezes!

  359. Al says:

    Hi just stalled ISO 8.3 now my iPad mini retina will not charge when connected to my pc,
    I check my pc by plugging my iPhone six to my pc and it charges ok, needles today I have not installed iso8.3 in my iPhone yet. Like many big company’s Apple roll out new software products on the unsuspecting customers to find out what the glitches are. They really don’t care about the customer at all.
    The charging isue on my iPad not that bad but it’s like going back to the first basic iPad mini, that did not charge up linked to a PCs. I talked to Apple last night and they have not heard of the problem, no suggestions as to how to solve problem though. I have done a factory reset and set up pad as new but it still will not charge when connected to iTunes on pc. It looks like I will have to wait for iso8.4 or take a trip to Apple Store to see what they can do. Not a lot I suspect.
    Yours tee’d off Alan.

  360. Ceegee says:

    The download of 8.0.3 is the worst mistake I have ever made. I can no longer stay connected to wifi. My desktop and my laptop are fine. I have never been more frustrated. This fix might have fixed some, but it has ruined mine!

  361. Ron Cartwright says:

    The worse thing I’ve ever done was download ISO 8 , it has made iPad almost unusable ,can some one please tell me how to remove it

  362. Anon says:

    Siri doesn’t recognize Pi in 8.0.3, I could do it in 8.0.2? Can someone verify this, please? Example: How much is 8xPi x 16? I need this to calculate volume of things…

  363. Sue Winstone says:

    My ipad 2 is increasingly becoming unusable. It drops the internet connection numerous times a day, it freezes numerous times a day. The battery drains so fast i have to keep it on charge, passwords are not recognised one minute then they are the next and now i have the icloud log in coming up maybe every 20 seconds or so. Where can i send it to ( other than the bin!) to get it sorted?

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