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Around this time of year it’s often the case that we see reflections about new devices that arrived. We’ve seen some amazing smartphones released this year, and so if you’re wondering about which were at the top of the tree you might like a video we’re sharing here showing the best Smartphone 2014 awards according to Marques Brownlee.

Of course everyone will have their own ideas of which should be the overall winner and different devices will be on various shortlists. However, Marques Brownlee is one of the best tech commenters out there and videos on his YouTube channel often attain over half a million hits, and sometimes over the million. Therefore his 15-minute look at awards for 2014 smartphones is worth checking out.

We’ve embedded the YouTube video below this story for your viewing pleasure, and it’s a great way of recapping some of the most popular handsets of the year. At the beginning you’ll see an array of smartphones laid out reminding us of some of the real variety on offer, and this video should also help out those who are still wondering which one to buy.

It covers different categories of smartphones with the top three options in each, best, runner-up and some honorable mentions. The first category covers larger phones, commonly called phablets and Brownlee gives some pointers about each of his winners. Ultimately first spot is given to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with the iPhone 6 Plus achieving second place. The Nexus 6 gets an honorable mention and the LG G3 and smaller Samsung Galaxy S5 also both get a nod.

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Other categories included in these awards are best compact phones, best smartphone cameras, and best budget smartphones. We don’t want to give all the results here, as it will spoil your enjoyment of the video, but among the many names you’ll hear are the iPhone 6, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, HTC One M8, and OnePlus One.

There are also some special awards for phones that might otherwise not have got a mention, such as the most improved, best Windows Phone handset, and craziest phone design. As well as this there’s an award that no manufacturer wants to win and this is for the worst smartphone, and the award goes to the Amazon Fire Phone. Finally an award goes to the best phone of the year for 2014 and the crown goes to….roll of drums…find out in the video below!

We really enjoyed this recap of smartphones from this year and some of the pointers given, and we wonder if you agree with the award spots given by Marques Brownlee? Also we’d like to hear your choice of best and worst smartphone for 2014? Let us know with your comments.

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