HTC One M9 component reportedly pictured


2013 brought us the HTC One M7, as the company’s flagship for the year, which was followed up this year by the HTC One M8. If the past is any indication of the Taiwanese phone manufacturer’s plans, then it is safe to assume that 2015 will likely bring us another phone from the family: the HTC One M9. Rumors have already started popping up, trying to anticipate the specifications of the 2015 HTC flagship. We’ve seen reports of a device called the “Hima”, with some of its specifications predicted (or leaked), but it is yet unknown whether the Hima will turn out to become the HTC One M9, or another phone completely. Time will probably clarify that, as well as upcoming rumors in the next couple of months, as we’re ahead of not one, but two major shows: CES and MWC, in early January, and early March respectively.

A leaked picture (attached) has popped up on the internet, claiming to be a possible front plate for the upcoming HTC One M9 (we didn’t say Hima because of what we said above). What we really see pictured is a glass (probably Gorilla Glass of some sort) with an HTC branding along the bottom, pretty common for any/most recent HTC devices.

The report claims that said glass is cut in a manner that would allow it to protect a 5.2-inch screen underneath it. Recent HTC Hima leaks were all talking about a 5.5-inch display, so nothing is certain at the moment. If what we see in this photograph is indeed a component from the upcoming HTC One M9, then HTC is planning on further increasing the flagship’s display size. The One M8 packs a five-inch display, so a 5.2-inch screen on a follow-up would make sense.

However, there’s no guarantee that what we see is real, and, even if it is, there’s no way in telling whether this will be part of the 2015 One device. For what it’s worth, this could very well be just a front glass for the new HTC Desire Eye, which features an exactly 5.2-inch screen, with the HTC logo placed along the bottom. We’ll definitely let you know more once we hear additional info.

Source: Nowhereelse (translated with Google Translate)
Via: Pocketnow

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