Candy Crush Saga Facebook connection problems reported


If you’re a fan of Candy Crush Saga you may be encountering issues with the app today. Many people are reporting Candy Crush Saga Facebook connection problems, and we are having the same difficulties with our iOS version of the app. We are receiving comments and emails from readers about this and Candy Crush forums are full of users who are facing the same issues.

We first noticed this when we started to receive fresh comments to one of our articles from some months ago about problems then following an update. Sure enough we then took a look at Candy Crush for ourselves and are having exactly the same connection problems as many other users, and there’s plenty of frustration that Candy Crush is down. We are using the iOS version of the app so it would be interesting to hear if the Android Candy Crush Saga app is also affected.

Many trying to connect via Facebook are seeing error messages after the usual “Connect to Facebook” prompt. For example on one occasion we saw “It took too long to connect,” and on another occasion it came up with “Sorry, you don’t have access to the Kingdom right now. Please try connecting again later.”

The issues seem to be confined to connection through Facebook and there are many forum threads where people are asking why Candy Crush Saga is down and if others are having the same problem. In answer to this there are also hundreds of responses from people saying they are also unable to connect.

Candy Crush Saga connection problems

Some think it’s something to do with the Facebook app being recently updated but we’ve also seen comments now from players saying that Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga and other games are all down on King’s website. There are some suggestions that King may be having server troubles or updating certain games but at this stage we cannot be sure exactly where the problems stem from.

We have seen one King screenshot posted from a commenter that says, “We’re currently adding more flavors to the candy bag. Check back in a few moments for fresh treats,” but we cannot be sure if this is connected. We’ve checked out the official Candy Crush Saga Twitter account and also the Candy Crush Saga mobile support page, and found no messages specifically about this current issue. However, with the amount of people facing problems it may be that King will post a statement about this at some point.

One of our readers commented within the last hour, “Updated Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda no issues with iOS 8.1.2…just updated iPad to 8.1.3 and neither Candy Crush game will connect with FaceBook. Guess I’ll just quit playing until King releases new updates to deal with the connectivity issues.” However, we updated our iOS devices to iOS 8.1.3 a few days ago and have been successfully playing Candy Crush Saga since.

Even earlier today we were able to play the game on our iPad and iPhone, and it’s only in the last few hours we have faced this connection issue. Another reader commented in the last hour, “Updates to Facebook Version and now none of my games can connect to Facebook, just keep getting the login connect looping then saying it has failed to connect, and the apps do not show in settings, Facebook etc.”

From the sheer amount of discussion we’ve seen on this in a short space of time this appears to be a widespread issue, although it’s difficult to tell as some Candy Crush Saga players may not have noticed any connection issues. This is where it would be useful to receive your comments.

Are you also having connection problems with Candy Crush Saga today? Maybe you also play the game through Facebook and are still able to do so? Do please send us your comments about this.


94 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga Facebook connection problems reported”

  1. april says:

    Yes I am having problems too mine says you dont currently have access to the kingdom please try again later,no wonder I only just read this hope the issue is sorted soon

  2. Sweetheart says:

    After updating apps, Facebook connection failed for Soda. IF you check Soda app settings in FB, you will notice that setting defaults to “only seen by me”. I’ve tried to override setting to allow ” friends” or “friend of friends” to see Soda activity. Someone screwed up default setting for Soda connection thru FB.. Troubleshooting seems to be a fading art.

  3. Carina says:

    I am having trouble with candy crush soda since installing iOS 8.1.3. It was fine this morning before installing but now I cannot connect at all on my iPhone or iPad, however I can connect on the laptop so that makes me think it is the new update that is causing problems rather than king itself.

  4. Linda says:

    Haven’t been able to connect with CC on my iPhone 6 since yesterday – it starts loading then boots me back to my home screen – fruuuuuuustrating as anything!! Lol :-/ x

  5. Perri Kawash says:

    Candy Crush Soda update appears to be the problem, not the iOS8.1.3. I updated my iPad on Friday and played the game successfully till this morning. I notice in my App Store that King updated the game today. So I think the issue arose from this. But I, like everyone else, cannot connect to Facebook and therefore cannot play. I removed the game and reinstalled it…didn’t help.

  6. Liz says:

    Can’t play on my laptop nor on my Android tablet. Someone told me that it’s because they’re giving away unlimited free lives today and the servers are full.

  7. Lisa Diane Neathery says:

    Mine is not connecting also..I have an Android…at &t samsung galaxy note 2. .pop up trying to connect to fb is constantly popping up but won’t connect.

  8. Colleen Michele Reilly says:

    I am a Candy Crush Addict but not a fan of watching Football all day. I had planned to Crush Candy but it will not connect … All I get is the blank “snap” screen. It says the connection is reset. My fiance’ doesn’t crush candy but he has it on his computer and I sometimes play through his levels while waiting for tickets or lives. His is currently not working either !! I hope this doesn’t take long. It appears I can play on my phone but the phone version doesn’t have levels higher than I have already played !!

  9. Rose Dawson says:

    Cannot play Candy Crush on my iphone5s or my ipad. This only happened today. Will not let me connect to Facebook. I deleted my app & reinstalled it but I am back to the beginning. Please help

  10. Puma says:

    I’m having the same issue. At first I was disconnected from Facebook but was able to play just fine. Now candy crush is continuing to try and connect and gets stuck in a continuous connection failed loop which interrupts the gameplay. I deleted the app in hopes it would solve it but now that I redownloaded it and it can’t connect to Facebook, I’m now back at lvl 1 and still cannot connect. This problem started 2/1/15. Hoping it gets resolved soon.

  11. Corse says:

    Can play Candy Crush Saga and Soda on iPad, but cannot connect to Facebook as of earlier today. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but to no avail. Does anyone have an explanation?

  12. Darenda says:

    Cannot connect to FB, and it’s been all day. I have deleted, reinstalled both FB and Candy Crush games, cleared cache on iPhone and iPad and still cannot connect. The game apps keep cycling to connect to FB, but cannot. Have received once that the “Kingdom was not available at this time”. Very frustrating on a snowy cold winter day.

  13. helen says:

    Both candy crush games will not connect to facebook….frustrating. I have been stuck on one level for weeks and finally beat it. I’m hoping when it connects to facebook, my progress will be saved.

  14. moi says:

    same problem. Playing it on my ipad, the message of ‘can’t connect to facebook’ keeps cycling and interrupting the game even when not clicking on the facebook connection button.
    very frustrating! I uninstalled and reinstalled didn’t make any difference. Hope there is a fix. This is a fun game.

  15. khadeza says:

    I was playing on my S3 via the Android app, but now I cannot unlock the levels beyond 50 as the app will not connect to the Internet to either let me purchase more gold bars or connect to Facebook. It keeps saying that there is no Internet connection, but I have tried using both my wifi and mobile data. Please fix this, very frustrating.

  16. moi says:

    gave up playing it on ipad, switched to PC laptop . No problem! connected to facebook , and passed 2 levels. Sure would like to have it on ipad though….

  17. JLD_PA says:

    I play on my PC not through FB, Chrome browser and have been have trouble all day w/Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda and Pepper Panic. Lots of “oops are you signed in”

  18. Lori says:

    Playing on Facebook just fine this am and for hours now cannot connect saying ‘we are adding new flavors’ and check back later, then got through just to have a spinning candy wheel and won’t load.

  19. AnnH says:

    Had problems on both ipad and iphone with connection to Facebook. May be a coincidence but when I removed the candycrush back up from icloud and reloaded the app everything started to work again.

  20. Rick S says:

    Have not been able to connect with Facebook on Candy Crush Soda on IPad last 2 days & this morning. Able to connect though thru IPhone5s. Get it fixed Facebook & King!

  21. Debbie says:

    I play my games on my Samsung tabler. I’m unable to connect my candy crush saga soda to facebook. My facebook shows notifications but I can’t access them from the game. Likewise I don’t see my friends levels and unable to receive extra lives and moves or pass any on to them. I am at a lower level in the game as it hasn’t updated that.

  22. Donna Frankel says:

    I play via king and yesterday I could not play. I can now but I had to enter my password to get in which I have not had to do since I started good thing I remembered it.

  23. Sherry Devonne says:

    Problem is fixed on iPad. Go into Facebook settings, look for Candy Crush Soda app, then check visibility setting. It should be set to “friends” not “me”. Restart iPad for good measure. FYI, I reinstalled FB before checking settings. But that may not be necessary.

  24. Bernice C. says:

    I have been unable to connect via Win 7 — Facebook since early this morning. First I was getting a bunch of loading error messages and now (4:48pm NYC time) its just a blank page. It’s not only candy crush, but bubble witch as well.

  25. Surferosajo says:

    I don’t even use Facebook but my iPhone candy crush soda keeps repeatedly attempting to spontaneously connect to Facebook, either on opening or mid game!

  26. Bryan James says:

    I use an old ipod and the soda crush keep trying to log into facebook about ever 15 seconds. I turned off my wi fi but it doesn’t matter. I have to go to the main screan and touch the Saga icon restart then the facebook comes up an allows me to close and play again. The cycle of going through this takes about 10 seconds every time. My Ipod touch is a gen 4 and only goes do ios 5 something.

  27. Shirley says:

    I have a 4th generation i- touch. I have numerous King apps loaded and they all seem to be glitchy. Somedays they work and somedays they don’t. I was able to play Candy crush saga and soda pop about 4 days ago. Today It’s not working. Everytime I press play my touch goes back to the main menu. I closed my touch and it doesn’t work. I deleted the app and re installed it and it still doesn’t work. What is going on? I don’t have a Facebook account either.

  28. Terri Wright says:

    On Candy Crush soda, I can’t get past to 62. The roadblock will not except anyone trying to send me help. Just goes to more games. I am stuck for over a week. I have sent tons of requests, there are responses, it just won’t apply to roadblock! I think you have a problem and I want to play my game!!

  29. Organic Store says:

    I haven’t been able to access Candy Crush Saga or Candy Crush Soda for two weeks on either my personal or my business FB accounts on my computer. What can I do to fix it?

  30. Shadoww says:

    I can not play candy crush soda on FB or King, it just stays on the page saying loading. All of my other games work, and I have updated my flash player.

  31. Steven Laster says:

    When i try to connect to Facebook with Soda saga, it says Connecting and then the game restarts and doesn’t connect. This happens every time I try to connect to Facebook

  32. Susan Bennett Daly says:

    Cannot play Candy Crush Soda Saga or Candy Crush on either Facebook or King. IE says it is because of security certificate errors. Chrome doesn’t give an explanation.

  33. Leanne Beirens Perkins says:

    My candy crush has been down for almost 2 weeks now. Cannot play Candy Crush Soda Saga or Candy Crush on either Facebook or King. IE says it is because of security certificate errors.

  34. HCW says:

    I had been syncing my devices via the king icon(I’m not on face book) no longer receiving lives or able to spin on candy crush, candy crush saga, farm heroes or pyramid saga. When I try to update my details I get the message ‘no internet connection ‘ but I know I am connected. Very frustrating!

    1. Nagi Narayanan says:

      Someone had posted a solution to this elsewhere. I tried it and it worked. Go to the arrow on the left side ( game settings ). Press it and go to Settings. Log out and Log in again. I was not getting my boosters for a few days. I tried this and it started working again. Hope it works for you. All the best.

  35. Cecil Crenshaw says:

    I have Android and recently Candy Crush Soda Saga keeps getting the connection loop but doesn’t sign into Facebook. Is there any new information on why this is happening and is there a fix for this issue yet?

  36. faystinson says:

    I had a problem with candy crush soda about 2 weeks ago where I was not connected to Facebook and when I ran out of lives it asked did I want to connect. Of course I did. I wanted to ask for lives. I was on level 129. It look me back to level 1 and I deleted the game hoping to reinstall and get my level back and have been unable to reinstall the game now for days. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Do not want to start all over.

  37. Nagi Narayanan says:

    Hi, I play the Candy crush games on my ipad and mobile. The soda game is giving me trouble while connecting to facebook. It gets connected but the connectivity circle keeps rotating endlessly. It hides the candies while playing. It is at the bottom right hand corner of the game. This is very distracting and confusing. Makes us want to check if we are connected or not. This problem is there on both iOS and Android. Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem, please ??

  38. Arlene Molinaro says:

    I haven’t been able to connect with Facebook for quite a while now. I can still play the game on my phone but cannot connect to receive any gifts or request any gifts. I just keep playing the older levels trying to get more stars just to pass the time. On the Facebook game on my computer, I am already two levels ahead of my phone. I like to play both ways. It is easier for me to complete levels on the phone but sometimes the computer. Are there any updates for the mobile? I do not want to uninstall on my phone because I have LOTS of boosters if I ever need them. If I uninstall I know I will lose all that. Please send updates to Google Play.

  39. Anastassia Tineke says:

    I’ve been playing since 2 months ago through my Android, but from about last 2 weeks I can’t enter the application at all. When I tap the icon, it’s always loading for around 1 minute, then it’s closed down automatically, back to my Android desktop . I have no problem playing Candy Crush Soda Saga (still connected with my same facebook account) at the same tools. Not sure why it happens on my Candy Crush Saga. Pls help! I hope there’s no need to uninstall and install the application again…..

  40. Sammy Brenner says:

    Hi I can access Candy crush on my iPad but not on any of my browsers on computer it gets to about 6% and goes no further I have a mac if that makes any difference 🙂 has been this way for about 3 day thanks

  41. Josephine Meres says:

    Candy Crush Saga – I’ve gone to level 391 on both iPhone and iPad but the level is greyed out. I can see a friend is about 3 levels ahead of me but I believe she may be further than that. It says is connected to Facebook but I still can’t play. Please fix it as I am worried if I delete the app and download it again then I will have to start all over again. In which case, given the money I’ve already spent, I won’t be doing.

  42. tito al says:

    We also have been unable to load candy crush saga through facebook,, I was able to fix it by uninstalling “free download manager” on our desktop, I think there are connectivity and downloading issues playing on line games if any “download managers” is activated on computers

  43. SirH says:

    I updated both candycrush and facebook on my iphone. If my phone has a wifi connection, CandyCrush will try to load and then crash. If my phone does NOT have a wifi connection, then CandyCrush will load normally and allow me to play. If CandyCrush has opened normally (with WiFi off) and I turn on my iphone’s wifi connection and try to make CandyCrush connect to facebook, then it crashes. Clearly there is an issue with CC connecting to FB. Please help!

  44. Sammy Brenner says:

    Hi I was up with King Care last night as I had tried all three browsers with different amounts being loaded but never been able to play the game. I have cleared cache’s, deleted candy crush, restarted computer and even tried on someone else computer but nothing worked so he gave up as he did not know what else to suggest so if anyone has this problem and has fixed it I would be most appreciative of the help

  45. CindiH24 says:

    I’ve been having connection problems for a few weeks on both my iPad and android device. I just now found your column and wanted to add my report to the others. Very frustrating, I don’t want to start all over. I’m on level 483,

  46. htconem8 says:

    I have a windows phone. It wont let me connect to my facebook, but I can still play. 😢 I want to compare my scores and such to my friends!

  47. Laura Smith says:

    Have full internet access yet when I play soda crush I am unable to buy more moves, as says no internet connection. They need to sort it soon as they must be losing loads of money with this issue.

  48. Lizz Grima says:

    I have a windows phone. I can’t connect to facebook through candy crush. I’ve gotten the message that it took too long to connect, and they are adding more flavors. Or something like that. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one.

  49. Jessica Wilcox says:

    I have android phone and was having the same trouble about adding new flavors blah blah bla blah…so I deleted facebook and candy crush reinstalled both downloaded virus software nothing worked then I turned off wifi and boom it connected me to facebook. Hope this helps others!

  50. Melanie says:

    I can’t connect on my laptop. Keeps telling me my Adobe Flash Player has crashed. I can’t report this problem it won’t let me. Silly thing is I can play other games that require Adobe Flash Player.

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