Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 announced with 4GB of RAM


Wickedleak isn’t a brand we cover often, but their Wammy Note lineup has been one to keep an eye on. The Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 is the newest device to roll out from the company, and it has just been announced with some very surprising specifications.

Phones from the Far East have a lot going for them, but two factors always come into play with the specifications and price. If a company can hit both of those marks while still having a decent user experience, they usually have a winner on their hands. The Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 checks several boxes in the flagship department, and while it isn’t cheap, it’s going to have plenty of horsepower.

Wickedleak has gone phablet-sized with the Wickedleak Wammy Note 5, so you’ll get a 5.5-inch panel with 2.5D glass and a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. The power is provided from a MediaTek Helio P10 clocked at 2.0Ghz and backed by a whopping 4GB of RAM. We couldn’t find any info on the storage capacity, but we’re going to assume you’ll get 16GB or 32GB out of the box.

The rear camera on the Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 is listed as a 13MP Sony Exmor RS snapper while the front-facing camera is a solid 8MP sensor. Connectivity options will include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G (FDD-TDD), Dual-SIM and a fingerprint scanner. A USB Type-C port will provide speedy charging times and data transfers, and the handset will run an unknown version of Android out of the box.

As mentioned, there is something to be said for user experience, and while we can’t attest to what the Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 brings to the table in that department, it has plenty of pop. The Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 price is set at Rs. 16,999, which shakes out to around €235/$256, and you’ll be able to order one beginning on January 15.

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9 thoughts on “Wickedleak Wammy Note 5 announced with 4GB of RAM”

  1. Kalesh Bhawan says:

    shut u up from commenting in favour of this cheater based wickeleak company.
    If u dnt stop then I will spread their negative message in youtube and fonearena.
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    He is also cheated. Shinoj, suraj, all are being cheated by WICKEDLEAK FRAUD company. Not having a single service centre how comes to be an Indian Brand. Shame on the writers who favour and sleep with wickedleak for money.
    I will later tell u all fake features of WAMMY NOTE 5 And its Alpha Writch Watch to you wherever you post good and fake comments in wickedleaks favour.
    So u write for money and I write for TRUTH. But I will reply u dnt worry. Becoz when truth is against falsehood then falsehood should perish for falsehood is by its Nature to Perish.

    1. Nabeel says:

      Never waste your money. Total waste ful mobile. All features are fake to seduce customers to sell at high price. Never get into the trap of wickedleak wammy phones.

      If you buy then all your money is gone.
      All fake featured. Claiming indian brand and bharat mobile and not having a single service centre gives them the chance to rob in daylight.



      Always hangs even you use whatsapp or operamini.

      Gets heated while using camera or playing videos.

      Cant put into ear while call comes bcoz of exces heat.

      No after sale service. Zero service centres. But Indian brand

      Very very very poor battery back up. Fake battery.

      How gorilla glass it got scratches. Its price should Rs 6000. But 16990 is over priced. Only fools will buy this.

      Online wickedleak customer care are NO 1 FRAUD & CHEATERS. They never pick calls once you have purchased and if you find any spare parts or if they repair your phone then take 5 lakhs from me.

      Never believe their fake promise which they claim at their site while purchasing their brands. All fake claim i.e. door step service, water proof, lifetime pick up. If you send your device they will not repair your phone nor even they will pay you courier charges also.

      Never they will Refund you. They will not response you if you complain of return or replacement even after 1 second of purchase. Once purchased means sold then stuck with it or throw it away.

      Their motto is to earn money only. Their Policy is –

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  2. Nabeel says:

    I purchased their previous model gogi sir but When i got a faulty product then soon after they stopped answering me. Stil now it has been more than 8 months they did not refunded me nor replaced. And no service centre in india.

    Here are many paid members of WICKEDLEAK.
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  3. Nabeel says:

    Wickedleak phone is not the best as compared to competition. Now a days coolpad note 3 rocks.
    Canvas expres 4G and express 2 and other phone like gionee f103 rocks with 3gb ram under 9k. Titan 5 hangs and camera is 2mp quality. Becomes hot.
    Micromax and coolpad does not require any brand promoters. They themselves have 500 above service centre even they claim china brand. Not like your wickedleak brand claiming indian brand and having zero service centre in entire india. How comes to be an Indian Brand? How can I be or any one be coolpad promoters.

  4. Nabeel says:

    Wickedleak Phones are not a good buy.
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    Dont you know its disadvantages?
    1.Now a days even samsung are coming under 10k with 2gb Ram and 4G network with atleast guinuine warranty and after saleservice. Only fools will buy WAMMY TITAN 5.

    2. Under 10k Gionee f103 with 3GB Ram, Asus 3GB Ram 4G phone also available under 10k. Coolpad Note 3 with 3gb Ram @9k, Lava x10 3GB Ram at 10k,
    Many Are There like YU Yureka plus 4G,
    Haewai 4G, Micromax Xpress 2 with 13mp camera under 7k only.

    But why wickedleak is still over priced with all fake specifications like water proof which wont works at all. Big battery claiming for marketing gremics and Claiming Indian, Bharat Mobile, Brand and all without a single service centre. How comes it to be an Indian Brand.Good chance for looting after sales at daylight.

    3. Always claiming life time warranty but not responsing to the querry calls even after 1 second of purchased. Nor replying to emails of customers. Phone send to Onsite customer care in Mumbai but not repaired even. Forget about Refund or Replacement.

    4. Very very poor battery back up. Not lasts for 4 hours of uses. Whats the use of claiming high battery phone imagine?

    5. Both camera are not even better than 5MP of a good phone.

    6. Why The paid members of wickedleak are recommending it as low cost phones? Are we fools now a days. Cant we see other compititors with more features with guinuine service under low price. The above mentioned phones are grand father to wickedleak.

    7. Why not they are selling at flipkart snapdeal amazon? Because they cant fulfil their selfish motives if they sell at these portals.

    8. Why not they are making any Service Centre? Why not parts are available at markets? Why not they adress heating issue. Their every phone heats up like hell.

    9. If you solve these issues then I can Recommend it. If you make your phone with guinuine parts and removed all fake specifications like big battery, camera quality, ui, processor, implement at least 50 Service centre and improve after sale service with at least 5 days guinuine money back guarantee then surely and certainly you will in near future.

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  5. Avinash Dange says:

    The phone is not even launched and you are again here spreading false things…
    You don’t even seem to have owned any device…Why should anyone believe you if you are commenting false statements about something which has not yet been launched even?
    If you have a personal vengeance, take it out personally, why make such fall statements? YOU ARE COMPLETELY FAKE AND UNTRUTHFUL ITS PROVED with THESE FAKE COMMENTS AS THIS PRODUCT IS NOT YET LAUNCHED

    1. SHINOJ KG says:

      Be very careful

      before buying Wickedleak products.I purchased wammy titan 4
      mobile in may-18 2015 after
      searching lots of phone i have selected this mobile as my choice. I was so much
      exited to get this phone for the featured it had at such a great price. But as
      I received the phone and when used it I experienced hell a lot of problems..I am having

      following issues.

      1. severe heating

      especially at earpiece area while using due to
      it i cant place it on my ears

      for calling.

      2. very low battery

      back up not even one day

      3.now the device

      has became very slow

      4. centre button

      is not working properly

      5. I contacted customer care and they told me to

      sent the phone and I sent to them they simply
      returned the phone without doing

      anything even not changing the battery.When I
      received it back I checked the battery same battery life also heating issue.Then
      I mailed them regarding battery

      issues and no use. Now the

      charging port is not working properly Still the
      phone gets heated very badly

      and I cant place on my ear after using 3g for
      some time. I lost my 15000 rs

      very bad experience. . Friends make a wise
      choice before u buy anything from this company. Dont commit the same mistake i

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