Elephone Auctions opens up to offer Smartphones and Wearables


We’ve seen some bizarre promotions take place in the mobile world over the years, and plenty of them have come from the Far East. The Elephone Auctions are one of the latest PR stunts, and it’s an interesting way to try and snag a device from the company on the cheap.

Unless you just crawled out from under a rock, you are probably aware of the auction concept. eBay and others have made online auctions big business and Elephone must have noticed considering they’ve just announced the Elephone Auctions. While it is definitely a unique way to market your products, it could prove to be a good channel to purchase a few devices for less than you’d normally pay.

The Elephone Auctions are limited to a handful of gadgets which currently include the Elephone P9000, the P9000 lite, the Elephone M3, Elephone S2 Plus, and the Elephone M1. A smartwatch is also included with the Elephone W2, but the P9000 is the obvious star of the show. That will be the first handset auctioned off with a $50 starting price and minimum incremental bids of $1. The auction is set to last 30 minutes, so you can expect that starting price tag to grow rather quickly.

As anyone who’s participated in an auction knows, just because something starts out with a fair price doesn’t mean you’ll get it cheap. Shill bidders aside, if enough people start bidding on a handset and get goofy, the price could actually go beyond its regular $270 price tag. That shouldn’t happen, but it’s something to keep in mind in case someone gets a little trigger happy with the bid button.

The Elephone Auctions kick off on February 23, and you’ll need to pony up $5 to participate if you’re looking to get in on the auction action. Hit up the link below for more details on the Elephone Auctions.

Elephone Auctions


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