HP unleashes a Backpack that can charge your Smartphones and Slates


Whether you are a world traveler or spend half your day strolling about the campus, there’s a good chance you have an electronic device in need of charging. If it is a smartphone, laptop or slate, HP has a solution for you with the HP Powerup Backpack.

If you own a mobile device in need of a charge, there is most definitely a gadget for you. There are chargers that can fit in your wallet or on a key chain while others provide power sans the socket. The HP Powerup Backpack falls into that category with a built-in battery pack that is absolutely massive at 22,400mAh.

The HP Powerup Backpack is one of the more high-tech backpacks you are likely to see. The big bag is made from sturdy canvas to ensure durability and is coated to help against the elements. It can charge three types of devices, and thanks to that large battery, a laptop can get one full charge, a tablet up to three charges, and a smartphone around 10. Obviously, the mileage will vary depending on the device, but that is plenty of juice nonetheless.


In addition to having a large battery pack in a rugged container, the HP Powerup Backpack has a couple of other cool features. The pack has a heat sensor to make sure things don’t go awry, and something called power priority that allows you pick the order your devices will charge in. It’s security certified for airport carry-ons as well, something you always want to consider if you intend to travel with devices of this nature.

The HP Powerup Backpack appears to be a solid alternative if you need a lot of juice on the go. That said, there are a few shortcomings like the lack of USB Type-C support or fast-charging tech. You can get around one of those hurdles with an adapter although there’s no way to get around the price. While cool, the HP Powerup Backpack is not cheap at $199 and there are similar portable solutions that are cheaper although not quite as stylish or powerful.

The HP Powerup Backpack will be available on October 1st and is already listed at Amazon if you want to put one on pre-order.


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