Snapchat Spectacles set to debut this Fall for $129


Snapchat has become its own little entity, with users in the millions and more coming on board each day. While it’s common for companies to expand, the Snapchat Spectacles are the last thing we saw coming…

Remember Google Glass? It didn’t quite pan out as folks hoped, and the same can be said for most camera-based gadgets set on a pair of frames. Wearable tech is definitely trending, but privacy concerns and other issues have done Google Glass and similar devices in. We’re pretty sure the folks at Snapchat are well aware of that, but they are going to produce the Snapchat Spectacles nonetheless.

As the name implies, the Snapchat Spectacles are a pair of sunglasses with a camera mounted on the frame. They will take first-person videos or photos of whatever is in your line of sight and post it to Snapchat through the official app. The company claims the battery life is outstanding as well and users will be able to snap a day’s worth of photos on one charge. Unfortunately, there is a fix for all those awkward stares you are going to get…


Many of the tech specs of the Snapchat Spectacles are still unknown at this time. That said, the site does give us a few details on what to expect. The glasses charge through their case and there is a button on the frame that you’ll press to take a 10-second clip. For those with privacy concerns, there is an LED light ring that shows folks when you are snapping photos. That should should ease folks minds a bit on the privacy front. Between that and the design, there will be no mistaking the Snapchat Spectacles.

Snap Inc. has yet to spill the beans on the Snapchat Spectacles release date but we do know how much they will cost. The company has slapped a price tag of $129.99 on the glasses which will debut this fall in Teal, Coral, and Black.

Snapchat Spectacles


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