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Each week we get his with requests for game or app reviews. Occasionally one stands out above the rest, and with My Daddy My Christmas it was obviously the name. This one is a casual tapper of sorts, but a fun little game that’s all about just trying to get home for Christmas.

Regardless of your religion or locale, you are probably aware of Christmas or a form of the old jolly fat man in the red suit. Santa may come in many disguises, but the holiday seasons is a time to kick back with family for most. In My Daddy My Christmas you take the role of a father who simply wants to get home to his daughter for Christmas. That is easier said than done unless you have nimble fingers.

My Daddy My Christmas is a tap and swipe-based game, which means the controls are minimal as you can tap or swipe to avoid many hazards in the game. It’s a simple formula we’ve seen countless times, and a perfect fit when combined with the minimalistic graphics and background tracks. The game is broken down into Days, and it will take seven of them to get you back home. While we didn’t make it quite that far, you’ll start off on Day 1 which is “Let’s Go Home”.

The first day of your adventure requires you to tap in order to jump over holes in the ground and rocks in your path. If you misstep, you lose a life and start over. Your progress is shown by a percentage, and as you would expect, it gets tougher the farther you get. When you get past that initial stage, it’s off to the races with Day 2 and the bicycle.


Biking is done in a similar fashion to running as you just need to swipe up or down to change lanes. There are snowy paths and rocks to avoid along with bikers towards the end of the route. We won’t spoil anything, but once you master this day you will encounter flight, boats and a few other means of transportation. We got through Day 3, but the rest of the journey is a mystery to us at this time.

As for extras, there aren’t any in My Daddy, My Christmas which is actually kind of nice. What you see is what you get, with the exception of the heart/stamina system. When you run out of your initial batch of lives (it will happen), you are prompted to wait around 120 seconds for five new ones. You can also watch a video to get free lives if you don’t want to wait or go “Premium” and kill the ads.


My Daddy, My Christmas isn’t the type of game you’ll play for months on end, but it is the type of quick play game we dig. It’s fun to pick up and play on a whim, and easy to get into while still being frustrating enough to keep us coming back again. The holiday theme and story is a major draw as well considering the season and it’s family-friendly to boot.

If you’re looking to give Pine Entertainment’s My Daddy, My Christmas a go, you can pick it up for free on Google Play or the App Store. The Premium version sans the ads is priced at $0.99 and can be unlocked through an IAP in the game.

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