Samsung Galaxy X could be the fabled foldable smartphone


If a new rumor from China is true, it may not be time to put those foldable smartphone dreams away just yet. The Samsung Galaxy X is tipped to be the first foldable smartphone from Sammy and its release date is rumored to arrive sooner than expected.

Whenever there is a major tech show involving mobiles, foldable smartphones and flexible handsets get brought up. For the past few years, we have heard that companies were showing things off behind closed doors, and Samsung was generally at the forefront of those flexible rumors. Not much has changed in that regard as a new rumor suggests the Samsung Galaxy X may be the first handset to debut with that funky feature.

The leak for the Samsung Galaxy X is simple and suggests the company will launch the smartphone this year. The rumor claims Q3 or Q4, which is Note 8 territory. It will obviously fold to some degree and is said to sport a 4K display as well. For what it’s worth, we think the 4K display is far more likely to happen although both are a stretch. That said, the Galaxy X moniker will eventually come into play as that’s too good to pass up from a marketing standpoint.

Eventually, we are going to see a consumer-ready smartphone that folds in have or rolls up. Given the issues with the Note 7, it’s still hard to believe that’s going to happen this year, even if it was in the latter half as the Samsung Galaxy X rumors claim. While we do think Samsung will do something special with their flagship lineup this year, they could play it safe from a design standpoint if that was part of the issue with the Note 7. We should find out about that soon enough.

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