WhoIs Behind Domain Search


Whois Behind Domain” is a the most common term used by users to find out who is behind a website. Actually the command to do so is “WhoIs.” This can provide you with the information about who registered a given domain.

The “Whois” command dates back to the early days of the Unix operating system. In the Unix world, the “whois” command is used to search and determine the identity of people on a remote server.

WhoIs Behind Domain Specifies The Following Information

Depending on the registrar and how the domain is set up, it can specify the following information:

  • name of the owner
  • phone number
  • email address
  • physical address
  • Email
    Registrant Org
  • Date Created
  • Expiration Date
  • Last Updated
  • IP Address
  • IP Location
  • ASN
  • Domain Status
  • Whois History
  • IP History
  • Hosting History
  • Whois Server

Domain registrants were allowed to register their domain as private. In this case, we won’t be able to get the information using a simple whois search.

How to Perform WhoIs Behind Domain Lookup

To perform a Whois Lookup, all you need is the URL of their top-level domain. Please note that, this only works for domains and not on websites hosted on another domain which you pop into any free WHOIS Lookup search engines.

There are probably thousands of WHOIS Lookup sites that offer this kind of service, including most domain registration services. I like this one at DomainTools. To perform a WHOIS command or WHOIS lookup on a domain name that is publicly registered, just type the domain name into the search box then hit enter. Easy eh? Please note, that this is for public registered domains only will NOT work for blogger.com domains. If you want to find out who’s the owner of a specific blogspot blog, then watch out for my upcoming post about it.


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