Tips to create video marketing content and strategy


The days are filled with video content everywhere but do you think the content is there by chance? A lot of thought process goes into it. People carefully develop content which is being marketed through videos. This is one of the most effective mediums to get conversions and leads.

On social media you see videos flooding your feed. With the help of this people are positioning their brands accordingly. A mere 30 seconds video will give you enough insight about the product that you will ample information to go with.

These videos are often crafted in terms of appeal and visuals to make it hold your interest. A funny video usually speaks to you on a deeper level. You are able to connect with it quickly. Animated explainer videos are, in my opinion, the best method to maximize your business’s reach.

So what things you need to factor in when crafting videos for marketing? Here goes,

1.      Setting up a publishing schedule

Be very careful when posting your videos and especially of its timing. Timing is very important in marketing. If you hit the nail right on its head, you are surely to succeed. It is similar to timing your tweets or Facebook posts. Wrong time of the day and no one will be exposed to or read it.

For example, if you are starting out with a new product instead of just publishing a single video write down a thesis on it to aling the things about the upcoming project, why not consider it campaign and do a series of videos on it over the course of a week. You can designate a particular time when the video will be posted unveiling further attributes about the product.

In order to achieve this you will have to develop a story which is both compelling and holds your audience’s interest during this time. Once you are down with the content you are going to be showing in your videos and the story you will be narrating, it is time to spread that series of videos out leading to a one big extravaganza.

This way the brand will stay atop your customers’ mind.

2.      Developing short-form videos

Social media has made communication unlike we have ever seen before. We nowadays communicate in short bursts of statements which prevents us from engaging in lengthy content. Micro-video or short-form videos lets us restrict videos to less than 10 seconds.

This enables them to be shared across twitter and platforms like Instagram. And while the customer is scrolling through their feed (coupled with the auto play feature) they view the message in a quick manner. Brands have thus found a way through short-form videos to reach masses at a lightning speed.

The most popular micro-video app and we have all heard of it is, Vine. Tell me someone who doesn’t know about Vine. Also, Instagram’s video sharing feature has paved the way for content/information to be disseminatedon a real-time basis.

3.      Making videos on tutorials and tips

Another way to connect with customers through the help of video content is by posting tutorials and tips. Now you may be thinking that posting tutorials will let you give away your secrets. Although, it is partially true but no business ever grew by not sharing with its customers.

When you let people in on your secrets, you establish yourself as a subject matter expert. So don’t worry, it’s not like you are sharing nuclear launch codes with the public. Businesses such as salons and marketing firms can post videos about say, styling and digital marketing tips, respectively.

This way you always have the chance to develop a subscriber base. When you upload series of videos that interests your audience, people keep coming back for that next video, provided your how-to videos/tips are actionable and have proved to be useful in the past.

4.      Inserting call to action (CTA)

So you created a great video but the mistake many content developers make is that they forget to attach a befitting call to action to that video. Call to action actually hooks your viewer or potential customer and prepares him for what he can expect in the video he’s about to watch.

Call to action can be of different types such as a coupon that can be used for discounts on the brand’s website and so on.




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