Windows Fall Creators Update – top features!


Windows proved in the previous years that it can listen to their community and improve where it falls behind. Windows 10 is the answer to those previous mistakes, and it is one of the best operating systems available now. It brought new life to many computers, it runs smoothly and it was rich on features. Today, Microsoft are further improving the experience with the Fall Creators Update. It is packed with many new features, with an impact on virtual and augmented reality, but also new looks and under the hood improvements. Here are the top five features of the Fall Creators Update!


I’m going to start with the biggest feature in the whole update – the virtual and augmented reality additions. Microsoft is betting big on the virtual future, and it wants to help you build it up. Mixed reality is the term Microsoft is using for this – it combines many different tools and implementations that can help developers build VR and AR applications. Developers can buy one of the available virtual reality headsets from partners like Lenovo and HP. They are lighter, more mobile and cheaper than the ones from HTC and Oculus.

Mixed Reality Viewer will bring 3D objects through the camera. One example I will find this useful is when you’re buying new furniture. Namely, with the 3D model you can have a general idea of how it will look like in the room. It is still early days for VR and AR, as there is still limited hardware available for everyone to use it. Microsoft is simply doing that – getting Windows ready for when the VR/AR boom will strike.

Fluent Design System

The new design scheme is simply gorgeous. The Fluent Design System is the third update back from the Metro Design Scheme in Windows Phone 7. New animations and textures have been combined to be compelling to modern design trends. I find the translucent choice a clever one, because it can distinguish different sections in the application. The only downside is that very little apps have it, since this is still a work in progress. Groove Music and Calculator are some examples that contain the Fluent Design System, and more are getting ready to come in the following months.

Emoji bar

Finally, you can use emojis in your conversations on Windows 10. You can access them using the Win + . or Win + ; key combinations when you are typing in a text box.

OneDrive files on-demand

This might be one of the most important updates for OneDrive users. You can now have a preview of every document you have in your OneDrive storage, without them being in your computer. This can save a ton of precious storage on your hard drive. And if you need to edit one, it will be temporarily download so you can make your desired changes.

There are many other changes with the new update, like the ability to pin contacts and favorite sites on the taskbar and much more. The update will roll out slowly in the following weeks. If you cannot wait, you can also update it yourself with the Windows Assistant Tool here. Do you think we missed a feature from the Fall Creators Update that should be in this list? Share it in the comments!

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