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Apple is usually always behind on innovation or current trends in technology. The iPhone is a classic example of that, since it always got trendy features in the year after they were present on other competitors. But, that didn’t stop consumers to buy their products, as we all know. In the voice game, Apple was also late with Siri, their voice assistant. And now, we’re finally getting their first official smart speaker, the Apple HomePod. Already delayed for a few months, the device is finally available for review, so let’s see all of the details and features!


On the outside, you’re looking at a gorgeous speaker. The Apple HomePod currently comes in two colors, and both are great. True Apple fans will for sure go with the white one, but I’m more a fan of the space grey one. On the top, you will find the small screen that will show the controls and the Siri animation when you talk with her. The side is in a circular shape, where the speakers are placed. The sound coming out of them is excellent, but I’ll get to that in a second. The only downside of the design is the bottom, which is why you should avoid placing it on a wooden surface. The silicone material on the bottom can leave markings on wood, as we can see from early consumers that bought it. So, avoid placing it on a wooden surface. Or get a sleeve.


Going forward with the internals the Apple HomePod has, it is for sure one of the best sounding speakers available right now. Actually, the sound coming out is the best thing about this speaker, as reviewed by many audiophiles. The speaker fills a single room with sound easily, with a clear separation between all of the elements in a single music track. The bass is on the stronger side, but that isn’t a bad thing. It comes with a lot of clarity, and even on the max volume, it is still clear and without any distortions. This is a place where many other competitors struggle, such as the Google Home Max. Furthermore, it gets very loud – enough for a small party.

Unfortunately, this is where things go downwards for the HomePod. To clear this out of the way, setting it up is pretty simple – you just plug it in and the speaker will show up on your iPhone. But that’s the only way you’re able to use it – you cannot use it with any other device out of the Apple ecosystem. That is caused because of the lack of Bluetooth, which means that it won’t find the place in the homes of Android users. Furthermore, the speaker also lacks any input, such as the auxiliary one, which means that you cannot use it with anything other than your iPhone. The Siri integration is good, but the limitations are visible, as both Alexa and the Google Assistant can do a lot more.

Pricing and availability

The Apple HomePod is available right now for $350 from your local Apple store. Unless you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, we’d advise you to get some of the other competitors.

So, there you have it. What are your thoughts on the Apple HomePod? Share them in the comments below.


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