Nokia 9 (2018) rumors!


The Nokia brand is for sure resurrected, and HMD is trying their best to take it back to the top. Every user has an option to choose from depending on their budget, and they all offer great specs and stock Android. The premium offering was a bit falling behind the competition, but HMD could have an answer to that too. The Nokia 9 (2018) could be the improved successor to the previous flagship, and we have some details about it. Let’s take a look at them!


Unfortunately, there aren’t any images or renders available of the device, so we can’t see all the changes. But, we do have some details about it, namely in the screen department. The display will most likely be capped at 5.7”, with the famous 18:9 aspect ratio. Rumors suggest that Nokia will try and push for smaller bezels, which means that a notch might be present. There is no detail about how big it will be, but we’re betting on the same shape as the iPhone X, just a bit smaller. The rumors also suggest that there will be a fingerprint sensor under the screen, the same present in the recent Vivo phones. It could be spread across the bottom on the screen, as on the Vivo APEX concept phone.


Performance wise, we should get the best that is available right now. And that means a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6 or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. That puts it in the same ranks as the recently released Samsung Galaxy S9, which means that they’re aiming high. The battery should be around the 3500mAh range, which is pretty good. Again, take all of these details with a grain of salt, as with any rumors you find online.

Details about the camera specifications are non-existant for now, but we do have some details. Namely, Nokia will partner with Zeiss again for the camera setup. Zeiss is the company that makes camera lenses and enhances them with good features, such as optical zoom. The Nokia 9 (2018) will for sure feature this partnership, and we’re expecting a good dual camera setup. On the front, we’re expecting an 8 or 13MP camera that should be more than enough for all of your selfies. Previous devices such as the Nokia 8 proved that HMD is taking good care for the cameras on their Nokia devices, so we’re expecting nothing less with the Nokia 9 also.

On the software side, we can for sure tell that the device will feature a stock version of Android. Now, it remains to be seen if that will be Android Oreo or the upcoming Android P, which should be released by September. Nevertheless, even if it comes with Oreo, the device will for sure be upgraded to Android P and any other update to the OS in the next two years.

Pricing and availability

There is no precise information about the price yet, but it should be priced in the same range as the Galaxy S9. That means around $830. For the release date, the rumors suggest September.

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