The Nokia iPhone: something good in the world then we copy with pride

During the launch of the Nokia N81 and 8GB N95, Anssi Vanjoki (Nokia’s Executive VP) has been reported as saying “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride”.

This was apparently said during a question and answers time after not only the Launch of the above two new mobile phones, but also when Nokia showed the world its “iPhone Clone”.

You can view a video here on Product Reviews and once you have seen it you will know what we mean by “iPhone Clone”.

Nokia iPhone

The interface is very similar to the Apple iPhones but at a guess I would bet that Nokia will add a faster internet connection, a lower price and camera that’s 5 mega pixels plus.

These improved features and the same look and interface of the iPhone may make Nokia’s new 2008 phone a better choice, but can they do it legally?


3 thoughts on “The Nokia iPhone: something good in the world then we copy with pride”

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    marlo says:

    wow!!this iphone clone is really great!!,what else can i say?..nokia truly makes mymind blow..i wanna have a specs of this phone..pls send me..

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    Sameen says:

    Woah. This sounds so cool. I know many people will be thinking Nokia’s copying Apple, but if it’s allowed, then why not? Nokia’s willing to provide a phone just as good as the iPhone, with the same touchscreen, but improve it as well, with a better camera and price, then what’s wrong with that? That’s actually better!

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