Poll: Should Samsung bin Symbian for bada in 2010?

As previously reported, Samsung is launching their own new operating system called bada, which is probably great news for Samsung fans while being bad news for the Symbian Foundation as if Samsung have their own OS there will be no more need to use the Symbian OS.

According to an article over on the Mirror, a Samsung senior exec has stated that Samsung will drop the Symbian operating system sometime in 2010; so what does all this mean for the Samsung user?

Apparently word has come down from the Samsung camp via Samsung senior VP Don Joo Lee that although Samsung will still manufacture Android and Windows Mobile phones next year, they will no longer manufacture Symbian based handsets and will therefore replace Symbian with their bada operating system.

Samsung is still a leader when it comes to manufacturing mobile phones and shipped 200 million handsets in 2009 and Don Joo Lee has predicted that Samsung bada and Android mobile phones will raise that amount by a further 10 to 20 percent in 2010.

So our question is, Should Samsung bin Symbian for bada in 2010? Please vote in our poll below.

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