Zii Trinity mobile platform packs a punch

Are you ready for this? We all like to hear breaking news and we all like to drool over the thought of something nice and new and as we all love smartphones then this should really make your ears prick up.

If Creative had it’s way then we would all soon be well on our way to enjoying a full HD video on a 3.5 / 4G device, with built in Wi-Fi a 5 megapixel camera with accelerated 3D graphics and mini HDMI and Composite video outputs.

We are talking of course about the newly announced multitouch capable Zii Trinity which has a 3.1 inch screen and has been superbly designed by Creative subsidiary Ziilabs. It will soon be licensed to clients who will be able to actually customise a Zii optimized Android install and Plaszma interface.

This launch also launches the start of ZiiLife which apparently is aiming to be both a productivity and content suite. The handset seems to be heading in the direction of being able to perform many KIRF and grey market duties, and according to Gartner the grey market is in fact really booming right now.
Source – engadget.com

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