Video: Acer Liquid A1 Gets Unboxed and Previewed

Here in the UK the new Android sporting Acer Liquid A1 smartphone is now shipping and as usual once a handset starts shipping up pop the traditional unboxing videos, and we have one such video for your viewing pleasure today.

The Acer Liquid A1 unboxing and preview video, which can be viewed below courtesy of engadget, lasts some ten minutes give or take a second or two and takes us through all the usual stuff associated with a mobile phone unboxing.

Once cutting through the packaging the reviewer handles the Acer Liquid A1 with his first impression being that it is one very shiny device and looks very good with its curved edges, and then goes on to unpack all the gear in the box.

The reviewer goes on to note that the Acer Liquid A1 is very solid and does look cheap and that one can treat the handset a bit more rugged that it looks, and then list a few specs such as Android 1.6, 3.5 in WVGA display, and 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and even does a little size comparison against the iPhone 3GS. So without further ado hit up the video and enjoy.

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