100,000 iPhone handsets sold so far by China Unicom

After what appeared to be a somewhat slow start, the Apple iPhone has now sold in excess of 100,000 units in China from China Unicom since its official launch date reports an article over on CNN.

Having said that, that figure still places iPhone sales in the world’s largest wireless market quite a bit behind other major markets, for example over in the States Apple shifted 270,000 iPhone units in the first 30 hours back in 07.

However; it is seen as an improvement on China Unicom’s first day’s sales when on the 3rd of November China Unicom announced that roughly only 5,000 iPhone handsets had been sold since launch.

Apparently though analysts still reckon this number is under-whelming with Samsung Securities analyst, Paul Wluh saying that iPhone sales have been disappointing and that for China Unicom with 144 million subscribers, selling 100,000 iPhone units won’t do anything for their revenue.


2 thoughts on “100,000 iPhone handsets sold so far by China Unicom”

  1. Gordon Mann says:

    It would be a very welcome idea to have a removable battery, this would enable a second or spare battery to be carried in your pocket to use as and when the phone goes down, which does so frequently.
    I think it would then be a serious contender with the HTC Desire, which has a removable battery.

    1. Gordon Mann says:

      OK, if you do not use this message publicly, at least take my comments on board, I feel sure there will be more than me who would agree.

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