New York and Chicago Nokia Flagship Stores to Close

It wasn’t that long ago I reported on London’s Regent Street Nokia Flagship Store closing, and now Nokia has announced they are to close their flagship stores in both New York and Chicago as a result of aligning Nokia’s global marketing strategy according to a post on Nokia Experts.

The US Nokia Flagship Stores opened back in 2006 and were apparently created to educate customers on the Nokia brand. It isn’t known what impact the closer of the stores will mean or if the stores had any actual impact on customers purchasing Nokia mobile phones.

Nokia only has a fraction of the US market so the closures should really have much of an affect; it just means those customers who use the flagship stores to check out the latest Nokia handsets will have to resort to checking online.

The saddening thing is this is just another area that has been affected by the economic downturn, but Nokia is still committed to delivering potential customers with a retail experience via other retail outlets and of course carriers.


One thought on “New York and Chicago Nokia Flagship Stores to Close”

  1. Harvey says:

    This is just a shame..I like the experiance of going to the Flagship store in NY. The staff are great with helping with problems and questions about your device..They sent my Nokia n97 out 3 time for repair.(I got a lemon). I am on my way there now to buy the N900, from the flagship store beacuase I figure they can assist me with set up and any teqnical questions with out having to spend hrs upon hrs filterin throug web blogs..This saddens me.

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