European Google Nexus One Packs Multitouch?

As you are aware, the Google Nexus One superphone over in the US of A doesn’t support multitouch, same as the Motorola Droid. When the Motorola Droid came over to Europe as the Motorola Milestone it came with multitouch, and it appears the same thing is happening with the Nexus One.

According to a report over on engadget, Google is giving the Americans a bit of a slap in the face by enabling multitouch support for the European Nexus One when it comes to Vodafone, just like Motorola Milestone received.

Apparently this info comes via a Nexus One handset which has been handled by Germany’s Heise and the handset has pinch zooming, although according to a Google employee the European Nexus One will be no different to the US version.

Personally I can’t see just why multitouch would be enabled in Europe and not in the States, but it did happen with the Droid so could possible happen with the Nexus One.

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