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Apple iPhone 4G A4 Microprocessor Chip Revealed: Its chiptastic

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By:Mark | May 12th, 2010

All things bright and beautiful in the way of the new Apple iPhone 4G, because thanks to Taoviet and their teardown of the next generation iPhone it clearly shows an Apple logo and A4 Microprocessor Chip. writer Sharon has published an article not so long ago with a video of the new Apple iPhone 4G and it does look amazing, and as she said it does look very similar to the one Gizmodo had.

Anyway moving onto the bits inside because that is what we all want to learn about, the marking on the chip has the Apple logo and the it seems to be the “339S0084″ on that chip from today’s fourth-generation iPhone teardown according to Engadget.

Chipworks say that the Apple A4 microprocessor is fabricated by Samsung, and is the result of Apple’s design acquisitions of PA Semi and Intrinsity. It is fabricated at 45 nm. The Apple iPad has the same “APL0398″ text found on this new smartphone.

Engadget are delving a little more into this and we hope they find something really good, we will also look into this as well. We will let you know more as soon as we find out.

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