WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Are You Happy?

Well Apple has finally dished all the dirt on their latest iPhone which is now officially called the iPhone 4 at Steve Job’s keynote at WWDC 2010, and now that everything iPhone is all official has is it for you?

Did everything Steve Jobs mentioned during the keynote go down well with you; are you happy with the next generation iPhone? Pricing to your liking? Release day not too far off? I know most would have loved to gain the iPhone 4 as of today, but well that was just speculation wasn’t it.

I do have to say the “Face Time” video chat does sound rather awesome, but then doesn’t the HTC EVO 4G offer video chat as well and no doubt new smartphones from the Android camp will also offer video chat as well.

What about the iPhone 4 design, any grumbles about it or does it look a superb design with its black glass and stainless steed trim and being 34 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS? All sounds like good stuff doesn’t it.

However as they say, you can’t please everybody all of the time, so do you have any gripes about the iPhone 4 you feel like venting? If so feel free to have that vent in our comments area below.


4 thoughts on “WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Are You Happy?”

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    geekpuneet says:

    Good job iSteveJobs.. but
    i see the Microsoft Windows mobile 7 breaking this thing's "glasses".. I am gonna wait till December!

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    Azande Makund says:

    The iPhone 4 is not even available in White! It will be by the end of July. ‘Princess zainab zara noon’ is obviously a little turned on and very horny type of gal to even notice the colour of her mobile! Or she may be lying. Or she must have cum so many times, that when she wrote the comment above, she may have been seeing stars! Or she is a wannabeeee who is lying. Just MHO

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    Azande Makund says:

    Sorry about the previous comments. I was out of order I have emailed the website to delete these and hope they get deleted soon. The comments are childish and don’t mean anything.. I’m very very sorry zn. Plz forgive ms for chatting.

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