New iPhone Apps Previewed by Jimmy Fallon: Video

Fancy seeing some sneak peeks at new apps for the iPhone? If you do then you need to check out the video we have for your viewing pleasure below of Late Night host Jimmy Fallon checking out several new iPhone apps.

The Jimmy Fallon video comes to us courtesy of James Falconer of Intomobile, by way of Techcrunch, and although Mr Fallon skips neatly past the new iPhone 4, he hurries on to gives everyone several previews of new upcoming iPhone applications.

The video lasts just over the five minute mark and takes in such iPhone applications as Didgeri-don’t, Axel Rose Relaxation Tapes, Palnts vs. Reisers, and Bieber Yourself.

Hit up the iPhone apps preview video below to check them all out for yourselves, but my favourite on is the Didgeri-don’t app which does indeed make your spoken words sound like a didgeridoo…enjoy.

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