Nexus One Hacked to do 720p HD: Video Demo

Well it looks like the Google Nexus One superphone has now got a little more super as apparently the hackers have been at work and now the Android device has now been hacked to shoot 720p HD video.

According to a Vladislav Savov article over on Engadget, the coding guys over at XDA-developers have put out a download which enables 720p resolution onto the Nexus One.

Apparently you’ll require at the minimum CyanogenMod version 5.0.8test3 but apparently once you have that you will soon be enjoying the same 720p HD as shouted about on most of the latest smartphones. Furthermore work is also underway to improve frames per second rate and audio along with working to make the code compatible with Android 2.2.

Anyway just so you can see for yourselves there is a video demo for your viewing pleasure below, but you’ll need to not even blink as this Nexus One 720p demonstration is extremely short, like just eight seconds long.

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