Farmville for iPhone Hits App Store

Yes now all you Facebook faithful can don your farmer’s togs and tend your farms, milk your cows, harvest your crops all on the go anytime of the day via your trusty old iPhone.

According to Daily Mobile, the social networking game from Zynga, Farmville is now available to download from the iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Farmville for iPhone is a free application which enabled current Farmville players to access their Facebook farm and go about their daily farming business. Farmville is probably the most popular game currently on Facebook, I even play it occasionally myself.

Furthermore, if you have just got hold of the new iPhone 4, well Farmville for iPhone is also IOS 4 tested so you shouldn’t have any problems going about your Farmville business. Head on over to the App Store to grab your copy…you know you want to!


9 thoughts on “Farmville for iPhone Hits App Store”

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    Sye says:

    I love my new iPhone 4. No problems there. However, I have not been able to get the Farmville app to load even once! I try and the little gold bar gets maybe 70% there and then crashes.

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    greg says:

    Farmville still need to fix the bugs. The App keeps crashing and doesn't load even with the new update. I say, keep playing on a computer until Zynga get a proper update to fix all these bugs.

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    Ash says:

    I've had this app for a couple of days and tried numerous times to use it, only once has it actually worked, the rest of the time it almost immediately says theres a problem, try again but still wont load, ahhhh!! Hopefully they will fix it soon!!

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    Lynda says:

    I as well have problems with the farmville app. I played it a few times then deleted it cause it would never load. I think they will work it out. It just needs a strong Internet connection.

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    Susan says:

    I have the same problem, I have an iphone 3G and it won't load. One time I got it to load and harvested my crops, but now I wish I had used that time to get the iphone exclusive items. LOL

  6. I was getting iphone items for my friends and 3 farms could not load. 2 of them gave a message "There was an issue with your farm" and there was no way out of it, it tried again and again (no logout option). I had to reinstall.

    One farm loaded 75% and crashed, and always so.

    On ipod 3G, upgraded to iOS 4 and on iphone 2G and iOS 3.1 the error was exactly the same.

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    dryna says:

    I have the 4g iphone and I can not play the Farmville, priate to carry the application goes down, can you help me please

  8. I have an iPhone 3G for over a week now with the Farmville application, but I've only seen my farm twice on my phone and couldn't do a thing with it until the application stopped working.
    Come on zynga get it together! 😀

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    Anna DUbbah says:

    why all of us have same problem with farmville in iphone n no solution from zynga or iPhone itself…n our complaints goes with the wind…!!!!

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