iPhone 4, Will It Blend? Torture Video

Okay, iPhone 4 lovers, if you watch this video we have for your visual pleasure today, make sure you have a box of tissues handy for when you burst into tears as you see your favourite device mistreated beyond belief.

The “Will it Blend?” video below comes our way courtesy of Phat^Trance over at the Daily iPhone Blog, and well does exactly what the question asks, will the new iPhone 4 blend?

Tom Dickson of BlendTec drops the iPhone 4, which he says in the video was found in a bar (hints of the iPhone 4 prototype scandal there) and well you can imagine the results but you can see them for yourself by hitting the video below.

Of course iPhone 4 owners should attempt to blend their new iPhone 4 at home and besides I’m sure most aren’t mad enough to do so, even if you are experiencing some problems with the new device. So without further ado head on down to see if the new iPhone 4 blends…cry and cry again.

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