iPhone 4 Pricing on Canada’s Fido Revealed

Apart from the new iPhone 4 being available unlocked from Apple in Canada, you can check out that story (here), Rogers Wireless, Telus, and Bell will all offer the iPhone 4 on contract, and now apparently Rogers little brother, Fido had had its iPhone 4 pricing revealed.

According to an article over on Intomobile by James Falconer, by way of iPhone in Canada, Fido’s website source code has revealed just what Fido is charging for the new iPhone 4.

So here are those Fido iPhone 4 prices…the 16GB iPhone 4 based on a three year agreement will set you back $199…the 32GB iPhone 4 again based on a three year term will cost you $299.

And of course if you prefer to grab your iPhone 4 from Fido off contract the prices are…a 16GB iPhone 4 without contract will cost you $699 while the 32GB version will set you back $799

So do any of these Fido prices entice our Canadian readers to opt for Fido over the other carriers when they get their new iPhone 4?

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