HTC Desire Orange Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date: Really?

Now we would love to know if the HTC Desire Orange Android 2.2 Froyo release date is true or false, new information in says that the new update will release on August 27.

EuroDroid reports that an Orange customer has been in contact with an Orange rep and going on at them about the new over-the-air update for the HTC Desire black version, we will keep the message short of what was said.

The customer called Orange a number of times and was told that the HTC Desire Android 2.2 update would take up-to four weeks, well when the customer phoned again he was put on hold for around about a minute and then was told that they have on their system the release date is August 27.

Customers will receive an update text message when the download is ready for install, so at last a date that you can go on if all true that is. Do you reckon the Orange rep is telling the truth or just spinning a web to keep you all excited?


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    shammyboy says:

    Hopefully they should roll out Android Froyo 2.2 this Friday cause we had enough of the waiting.. just finger crossed otherwise back on the phone again to the orange call center…

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    Ali says:

    If not released by this weekend I'll root my Desire and first opportunity I'll move on from Orange. There are loads better deals on voice and data on other networks and data reliability on O2 and Vod much better anyway.

    Mr Orange, Get your act together or get out of the market.

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    chris says:

    Im sick of waiting for 2.2 now for my desire, got the phone the day it came out and it badly needs updating now. and orange better not issue the update with more branding rubbish or im finished with them, they have already got rid off gtalk, earth, and proberly more stuff.


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    shammyboy says:

    Just got confirmed today from orange that Android 2.2 out for orange. they saying it will take while cause there millions of handsets. they are going to do updates on 3.000 Htc desire handset then another 3.000 handset till your turn comes up. just matter of time. finger crossed

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    The Hammer says:

    Good to hear the confirmation shammyboy. Who's the source? Any tips to make sure I'm one of the first 3,000?!

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    jimmyjones says:

    Each 3,000 is schedueld to take 4 working days. Since there are 350,000 handsets, this means that some will be waiting for months

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      mike says:

      im not arguing with you hear tbh i dont know at all but just pointing out if we call 350k divided by 3k 120 roughly thats 480 days right and thats not including taking into account working days or not and thats over a year so that cant be right

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      Seesor says:

      Cant see that mate it would be like over a year to wait for some people and most contracts would have finished by then 🙂

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    David says:

    I want Froyo and although I am not happy about waiting I don't want it badly enough to debrand and root my phone and invalidate my warranty. My main objection is that Orange provide us a smart phone but leave no space on the phone to install more than a very few basic apps. At least when Froyo comes we may be able to save the apps to SD card unless Orange decide to veto this function. I have heard on some sites that quite a few features will be removed when Orange roll out the update. I hope Orange does the decent thing one day and lets us have the ROM as the developers intended it to be.

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    Simon says:

    just got off the phone with an unrelayed problem (no internet or mms again), after speaking to them for an hour, I asked him whether there was anything in the rumours about it being rolled out tomorrow. He said no. He said they had the update but it wasnt ready yet to be rolled out. That was about 15 minutes ago.

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    Anupheaus says:

    If what you say is correct Jimmy, the last 3000 would be scheduled to take place around mid June 2013 and by then, the Desire probably won't even have 3,000 people still using it!

    Anyways, I hope it is soon dammit!

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    asif says:

    Friday 27TH and guess what? no froyo!
    same old BS! nothing official from orange looks like customer loyalty means nothing to range.
    when my contract is up, its an iPhone with a different provider.

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    Mark says:

    Just another example of how customers are lied to……..

    "Yeah it will be out Friday………were all just having training on it……….Yeah you will get a text………"

    Let me translate this for you………"Just get off my phone line so i can carry on talking to my mates and update my status on facebook"

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    asif says:

    i have a branded desire, after hearing the news about the delay i decided to ruu my desire(thankfully!) i am now running 2.2 froyo on a de branded desire. best bet is orange wont have the update ready till xmas.

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    Anca says:

    just been on the phone with them and they have not got a specific date for when it will be rolled out on desire or a reason why it's not out yet.

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    Greek says:

    We need to try and get through to Orange that we didnt go with Orange to get all the bloatware crap they put on their phone but because we thought we were getting a top class service.

    In my opinion a 6 week late release of software just so we can put up with rubbish we dont want is a real let down at best and very aggravating at worst.

    Please if you read this join the Facebook group that has been setup to try and get our voices heard. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15451705456… If the link done work search for “Preloaded software on Orange(UK) Android Handsets
    ” group in facebook!

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    daniel says:

    not only UK I'm here a german boy who is in exchange in France ive baught the HTC desire 1 month ago with an orange branding i wont root my phone so I have to wait it's disgusting to wait more than a month for the update. I hobe that orange will confirm very soon the update for all countries ( uk , france spain….)
    Thanks for the group Hope it works !!
    Good luck for that orange will release the update soon

    sorry if i've i mde errors but i'm still in school to learn the language

  16. Hi friends!
    Here in Spain have the same situation. All the requests to Orange customer service have no release data.
    I think the best way to f*ck this losers is debrand the phone installing HTC rom and updating.

    Best greetings from Spain

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    Trev-O says:

    is ur phone really that crap that u cant wait to update it? mines is lol. i have a dext n its kinda slow so hopefully froyo will boost the performance. i miss my iphone, android would benefit with havin somethin similar to itunes wher u can update ur apps & OS or whatever on a computer

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    CJS says:

    spoke to Orange on 21/09 and they said it will be another 4 to 6 weeks before release. However have seen on another forum that some Orange users have been receiving the update today! I haven't.

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    Trev-O says:

    i emailed orange since my last comment n they rang me today n said some htc desire users have got it but they not sure if dext is gettin froyo…. load of balls! i thot the dext was a reasonably new phone so it shouldnt have a problem upgradin

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