Samsung Galaxy S Android Froyo 2.2 Update Problems?

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone are no doubt aware that at some point their device will gain the latest Android operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo, an update which will be delivered by the Samsung Kies program.

According to Daily2news, the roll out of Android 2.2 Froyo to the Samsung Galaxy S will initially begin with Norway after which the operating system update will be made available to other European countries and then followed by Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, North America and Africa.

Well I’m in the United Kingdom and as yet haven’t been able to grab the Android 2.2 Froyo update for my Samsung Galaxy S as I’m not too sure if it is available for the UK version yet.

However I have come across a problem in as much as when I try to connect to Samsung Kies it says it doesn’t recognise my device, which leaves me wonder if I will actually be able to update to Android 2.2 Froyo, am I the only one with this problem or are there others?

Personally I don’t really understand why Samsung can’t push out the update over the air like most updates to other smartphones, I mean isn’t that the easiest way to deliver an OS update?

So what we would like to know from our Samsung Galaxy S readers is if you have gained the Android 2.2 Froyo update and if so does it deliver results, and if you have had any difficulty with Samsung Keis? Feel free to drop us a comment below.


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    Richard Nottingham says:

    "However I have come across a problem in as much as when I try to connect to Samsung Kies it says it doesn’t recognise my device, which leaves me wonder if I will actually be able to update to Android 2.2 Froyo, am I the only one with this problem or are there others?" — Sadly this is a major issue which alot of people are having eventually I re-installed the galaxy s drivers using the Kies programme then it did connect. There is support out there but for such a massive company claiming to have the best technology they have done a KACK job of getting it right.

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    PoorKies says:

    I can't get my Kies installation to connect with my SGS at all. I have set the USB mode to Kies but while the connection process starts (a graphic appears in Kies), it never completes. It also sends my phone screwy by constantly switching between the home screen and another USB screen.

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      bivanbi says:

      i had this same issue. MTP application on the SGS is sensitive to filenames on the internal sdcard. look for long funky files.

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    Matt says:

    After hours & hours of searching on the internet and emailing Samsung – I fixed the Kies connection problem by connecting in mass storage mode and deleting the files from the internal memory card – previously it was stuck in a 'usb mtp connecting . home screen' loop but its sorted now. Will try to update to Froyo when I get home.

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    Paul says:

    After Samsung's announcement but before T-Mobile's, I tried to install Kies on Win XP and it kept blue screening – eventually borrowed a Win 7 PC and it worked only to find the upgrade wasn't available.

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    Andrew says:

    Thus far, I still don’t have an update available. Seems like ill be last hee in the us. I did have some issues connecting to keis as well. It took me quite a few times of connecting and installing the phone drivers through keis for it to finally work. Its frustrating to go through all that work just to find out it’s not available for me yet. Oh well, I keep reading that I’ll be getting it later this month, all I can do now is wait and continue spending hours with connection problems just to check.

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      Victor says:

      KIES's usb interface is not the best. Download the USB driver that comes with the ANDROID SDK. That should help. However, do not expect lightning speed in recognizing your device.

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    dan says:

    It looks like 2.2 will finally be available in november then, shame its over two months late. My mate with a HTC Desire has been showing off the new software since September. Come on Samsung, its a fab phone sort out the updates or i'm switching to HTC.

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    tom says:

    hi have got kies working on pc, can drag and drop files, but when i go to the samsung apps it still does not have S,G,S. when will they ever sort this as they have had our money, come on samsung your dragging your feet that much your backside will be dragging soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jay says:

    I had problems with Kies too but found if I unmounted my external sd card (through the settings menu) then it would connect to Kies. This however is intermitent as sometimes it will connect without me having to unmount the external sd card.

    I am computer literate but wonder, if your not computer literate, how the hell are you going to update your phone, and what about those with no pc, or a faulty pc, or a pc but no internet (as the kies software doesnt come with the phone)?

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    David says:

    I Spent hours and hours following forum guides etc… To fix the usb problem. When I got it fixed I connected to kies once and then the phone is unrecognised by the pc again. Nightmare.

    I would have expected this kind of fail from Nokia, not Samsung 🙁

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    Jay says:

    I also heard that the T-Mobile users will be able to roam between their own network and Orange after the update (but will not come to T-Mobile SGS till END OF NOVEMBER). Not sure if this is true or not so dont shoot the messenger!!!!

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    Gary Taylor says:

    i haven't had any problems getting kies to connect to my galaxy s. Just waiting for the update. I hope i dont get any problems with the update itself.

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    HZjr says:

    I installed the Kies v.1.5.3.and it seems to work well with my Galaxy S I9000 on a portable pc running XP SP3.

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    garry says:

    like most or the peopleusing samsung keis – for me it runs crshes and is unstable, I was sold the samsung phone with a promise of an upcate – stillwaiting anddon't know when or if this will happen. Samsung don't seem to care about their clients -n if my business had that choie !! (OTTO OPTICIANS LONDON – we try to do what we say. disappointed that Samsung have made no comment and we are kept in the dare|| perhaps when i tworks we will all be able to communicate with each other with ease…………

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    Dave Morton says:

    I have finally found a fix for the "KIES" problem that works for me….. Press and hold the on/off button, at the same time press and hold the home key. Keep holding these two keys while the phone switches off then on again. Let go of the keys when you see the large "S" as the phone boots up.. I can now connect to Kies in time for the 2.2 froyo update..My galaxy S is the U.K. version and is unlocked, I have the lag fix installed. My operating system is windows 7 64 bit. Hope this helps a lot more people.

    This fix works with the two versions of Kies I have tried including the latest.
    It also works with windows XP.

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    Dave Morton says:

    I have finally found a fix for the "KIES" problem that works on my SGS….. Press and hold the on/off button, at the same time press and hold the home key. Keep holding these two keys while the phone switches off then on again. Let go of the keys when you see the large "S" as the phone boots up.. I can now connect to Kies in time for the 2.2 froyo update..My galaxy S is the U.K. version and is unlocked, I have the lag fix installed. My operating system is windows 7 64 bit. Hope this helps a lot more people.

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    Jeroen says:

    i have a problem with the update:

    if i want to send a textmessage its in greek, not in dutch.
    and there are 2 options missing in the topscreen..

    can someone help me?

    i tryed to reinstall, but kies wont let me..



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    Jostian says:

    Kies is very poor and detracts from the overall experience with the Galaxy S, great phone (if they fix the lag) but the compuetr software is some of the worst (worse even than the old sony music software of old….and thats saying something) so Samsung should sort out Kies as a matter of urgency!!

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    Bob says:

    I have now updated to the 2.2 operating system and most seems to be working ok. The one exception is my WIFI connection which my Galaxy sees, talks to, but refuses to connect to. A search suggests this is a can be a problem with the update but I haven't yet found a definitive answer to it !

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      Jesbin says:

      Same problem here. After sticking with samsung for a while I'm starting o believe it is crap. Unable to connect while other devices can easily connect. No change in router since Eclair.

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    Roma says:

    I have had no problems with kies and did my update to 2.2 last night (i live in nottingham) the only problem i have had with 2.2 is that the 'apps running' on the main screen has disappeared and i want it back. help

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      Tom says:

      Go to your home screen, make sure there's some space on it, press the settings button, press the add button on the menu that pops up, press widgets, scroll down to program monitor, press that and it should appear on the screen as it was before the update. I hope this makes sense.

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    Frank says:

    I don’t feel the 2.2 update was a good idea. The keyboard has become less intuitive, and the arrows to navigate between symbol screens have disapeared. Also I’m having a lot of problems with apps freezing, and my phone being slower than with the previous version. Back to the drawingboard guys.

    1. same here. There are new additions which are welcome, but performance is worse. I hope they haven't spent much time with 2.2 because 2.3 is imminent. Crossing fingers

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    chandru says:

    Did you guys upgrade via kies? for some reason when I try it just says "no response from server. Check your internet connect and try again". my phone connects fine to kies. crazy

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    Neil says:

    The Samsung Froyo 2.2 update on build xxjpo has messed up my Galaxy S. Processing is slow, loads of apps now freeze resulting in force close even based apps like email, Facebook. The additional features are just cosmetic rubbish with little value.
    Something is wrong with Froyo as the Galaxy is now running at 25% processing speed.

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    Trialia says:

    Neil, I’m having exactly the same issues with my HTC Legend and the Froyo update. I HATE it! Anyone know if we can roll back to the previous version, and how? Being unable to type messages at even half my usual speed is driving me right up the wall, and killing my battery even faster.

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    simon says:


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    tina hewat says:

    Just received the froya 2.2 update for samsung galaxy s. the major problem is that i can't connect to wifi anymore. will need to phone samsung as see what to do about it. apart from this the new features are fine, really like adobe flash.

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    Lisa says:

    my samsung galaxy is now worse since the update, it freezes, all the applications force to close and its now even slower.

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    rockdog says:

    Updated to Froyo….eventually. Really wish I hadn't. Android market no longer works and I can't download any android app. Tried connecting to Kies to see if I could reload Froyo but alas Kies says NO!
    The phone works but that's all now so an expensive phone that promised a lot but delivers very little

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    Paul says:

    ok unmount any external cards, as kies does not like them, and delete and thumbnail files with long file extensions. kies will connect, then you can update to froyo.
    unfortunately froyo seems to have taken away the old usb settings option under about phone, and im still trying to work out how to connect a froyo galazy s in mass storage mode…

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      Richard says:

      I have also lost settings-about phone-USB settings with Froyo. It all seems to work automatically, except not how I want it to; all the iTunes sunchronisation software I can find seems to want to see a drive letter in Win7 explorer and I only get a portable device listed, no drive letter.

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    Dave W says:

    My phone connects to Kies without problem, detects the firmware update and will start to download the file. However, when it gets to the point to decript binary files the error message 'MSC.Thunder.FirmwareUpdate has stopped working' pops up and the only option is to close the program. Can anyone assist?

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    eli says:

    i am with bell canada and after uploading my sgs to 2.2 i had all kinds of problems loke flashing screens, no 3g network access , only ran on wifi , etc etc . finally yesterday i was told that Bell has sent out message to all vendors to advise their clients NOT TO UPGRADE TO 2.2 until end of next week when the new 2.2 version with all the kinks taken out will be available ….that's what i know so far .

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    stone_cold_iceman says:

    I bought my Galaxy S thursday,under Virgin(Bell umbrella) and in less than 12 hours,my cell was stuck on the boot screen when powered up.I returned it back to the store and they gave me a new one.Less than 4 hours later,that cell did the same thing on start up.I called samsung and they told me they have been having issues with their 2.2 firmware and they admitted it was a Beta ones installed.This 2.2 has been nothing but issues.I have never had 3 cell phones in 24 hours.Don't go for the firmware update.I read all over the internet about this major issues.Also been reading about the lagging of the phone.I am glad my dealer had a 2.1,not going to bother with anything else,works great!

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    Rob B says:

    for those having problems connecting to kies, are you running a different GUI? I have LauncherPro installed and disabling that using HomeSwitcher (available on the marketplace) As soon i did this Kies recognised my phone straight away.

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    Richard says:

    I spent ages trying to find out why the USB mass storage / Connect to Kies options had gone to after upgrading to 2.2, no answers! Everyone refers to them being in settings / About phone.
    Eventually found them in Settings / Wireless and Network.
    Hope this helps someone!

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    Soltan says:

    Took me about 3 hours to upgrade, had so many problems. In the end used a XP computer conected directly to my router with firewall and anti-virus disabled. Would not get past the decrypt bit, erroring straight away, until I turned off the anti-virus (Kaspersky). Once I did that it sailed through, apart from a minor issue with a task manager on reboot (which takes ages and looks like it's hung the first time).
    Hope that helps.

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    Todd says:

    2.2 is an EPIC FAIL! Ungodly slow, the lag is absolutely intolerable. My phone force closes and freezes constantly and sometimes turns itself off. Renders app market useless as lag and force close get worse with aftermarket apps. I wish u could sue for stupidity cuz whoever the developers of 2.2 are they must be graduates of unclebobs back yard computer engineering. Stick w/ 2.1 or go with HTC.

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    azim says:

    days and weeks trying to get kies to connect rather than "connecting "

    forget it – get xp 32 ( old kids computer first attempt )and 2.2 seems fine but scary the screen on big S stayed there for a long time

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    edmar says:

    Okay so I’ve been trying to update my samsung galaxy s to the official Optus Froyo 2.2 but I’ve had no luck!
    I believe its not working due to the fact that I was impatient and tried to update to 2.2 with the use of a registry hack. I don’t have much knowledge about doing so, but I still tried it and it upgraded me to 2.1-update.

    Could this be the case? If so how would I go about fixing it?

    I’ve read many threads about using Odin and flashing and what not but like I said I have very little knowledge about these sort of things and I am scared of bricking my phone.

    When I try to update via Kies this appears:

    “This device’s version cannot be update” and
    Current Version: PDA:JM8/PHONE:JV$/ CSC:JM1(XEC)

    I’ve been told on another forum that Optus never shipped with or offered an SGS with JM2. So that’s where my concept of the registry hack comes in. I don’t remember which website I used but is there a way of undoing it?

    Please help! Thankyouu

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    Bill187 says:

    Was happy with android 2.1. Curious bout 2.2 and decided to install it. Followed instructions to the t. After installation, the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S model sgh-i897 looked great. Many more apps available. YEAY. But there are extra apps that I don’t use or need. For some reason the 2.2 also takes up alot of space. Found that wierd. I have the task killer which would kill 2 or 3 apps running. Now after installing 2.2 there’s more apps running which I have to kill. 7 or 8 total. The battery life is drained faster. The vibration function when a button is pressed is less aggressive.  When I turn off the cell, after 12 seconds of it shutting off the cell will vibrate. Also wierd. Logging on to Internet is a lil bit faster. Downloading is slow still. This is my experience. I think I’ll downgrade to 2.1 again. was happy there anyway. But more happier with this cell than the HTC Fuze I had b4.

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