Samsung Galaxy S Battles Nokia N8 Comparison Videos

The other day I posted a video battle between the Android OS and the Symbian^3 OS showing the Nokia N8 against the Samsung captivate, which can be viewed (here). Today we bring you a battle of the smartphones between the Nokia N8 and The Samsung Galaxy S.

The comparison videos, 4 in all come our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of the guys over at My Nokia Blog, with the first video covering specs, navigation, maps and unofficial speed test on both devices.

The second video compares the user interfaces of the handsets while the third video covers the gallery and YouTube on the Samsung Galaxy S and Nokia N8 and the final video compares the browser of both smartphones.

So if you really wish to know which device wins this battle of the smartphones you’ll need to head on down and mash those play buttons but be prepares to set aside roughly half an hour to view all four videos, and once done feel free to drop us a comment on whether you agree with the outcome…enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Battles Nokia N8 Comparison Videos”

  1. Saran says:

    Great review!! Really helped. I am going for Samsung Galaxy S which is faster as i expected. My sister is going for N8 who is interested in photography!!

    Very useful.. Thanks!

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