T-Mobile New Cheap Phone Data Plan On Way?

If you own a smartphone on contract no doubt you don’t much like having to shell out cash for your data plan, but obviously carrier data plans are here to stay and aren’t likely to be removed, but we could see new lower data plans emerge for those that don’t access the net too often.

According to an article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner and by way of the guys over at Tmonews, there’s a rumour doing the rounds that T-Mobile just might ease the burden of the data plan with a cheaper option.

Word has it that T-Mobile might b introducing a new cheap data plan for their customers on their $30 a month unlimited plan whereby they can choose a data plan of 200MB for only $9.99 a month.

However if those opting for the 200MB data limit then find themselves going over the 200MB, T-Mobile will give them the opportunity to upgrade to the unlimited plan. The rumour is that T-Mobile will introduce the new 200MB data plan late in November.

So do you use a lot of data on your smartphone or are you a T-Mobile user who just might benefit from this new low data option? Fell free to let us know in our comments area below.

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