T-Mobile Germany iPhone Exclusivity Ending O2 and Vodafone to Offer?

Since way back when Apple first delivered the original iPhone in Germany exclusivity in that country has been held by T-Mobile, but apparently the word is that T-Mobile Germany may be losing their grip over the iPhone.

According to an article over on TiPb, and by way of iphone-ticker.de, it appears that T-Mobile Germany’s iPhone exclusivity may come to an end and O2 Germany and Vodafone Germany being able to offer the iconic smartphone.

Apparently O2 Germany have now posted a “keep me informed” page to their website which will give “the latest news and everything to know about the iPhone 4 on O2” while Vodafone Germany has done similar.

However both Vodafone Germany and O2 Germany have not yet made any official announcement of any potential iPhone prices and expected release date, but the source article does say that Vodafone Germany will offer the iPhone 4 starting at €729 up to €849 as of the 27th of this month.

So if true there will be multiple carriers offering the iPhone 4 in Germany, so any of our readers in Germany looking to grab the iPhone 4 on other than T-Mobile?

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