Verizon iPhone Coming as Big Red Upgrade Network For Extra Traffic?

Yep it’s that most wanted smartphone rumour time yet again, of course I’m speaking about the Verizon iPhone, which has never really been too far away from the net news, and now there is another rumour hitting the net waves concerning the Verizon iPhone.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, word has it the Big Red is upgrading their network, the reason is rumoured to be so it can handle the extra traffic a Verizon iPhone would bring.

Apparently Verizon Wireless wishes to avoid any “reliability issues” which were seen when the iPhone 4 hit rival AT&T, meaning they don’t want to chance all the complaints the Big Blue got over dropped calls and slow data speeds.

Word has it that Verizon is already in a good position to handle increased traffic the Verizon iPhone would bring due to upgrading their network to deal with the traffic Android has brought to the network, but the Big Red has also acknowledged they have plans to upgrade their network to support simultaneous data and voice usage.

So could this be another sign that the much talked about Verizon iPhone is indeed coming in the not too distant future?

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