AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date and Price

What we have here an official training document for AT&T and although this isn’t official confirmation it’s pretty close, and just happens to show some information about when AT&T will release the Samsung Galaxy Tab and for how much.

The AT&T training document comes our way courtesy of the Boy Genius Report and by way of Engadget revealed that the Samsung galaxy Tab should hit AT&T stores as of the 21st of November and the device will set you back some $649.99 off contract.

Apparently though the AT&T Samsung Galaxy tab will be getting the same data plans as their Apple iPad offering which are either 250MB at $14.99 a month or 2GB for $25 a month.

So if that 21st of the month is correct it shouldn’t be too long before AT&T make an official announcement. So are any of our readers looking to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab over the Apple iPad?