HTC Evo 3D Sprint update, NOT ICS 4.0

HTC originally released their Evo 3D smartphone running with Android last year impressing a fair few of you. Specifications include a 4.3-inch 3D qHD screen, 1.2 Snapdragon dual-core processor, two 5MP cameras and so on. On its release, this then paved the way for others to follow such as LG’s Optimus 3D device.

Today, the Evo 3D on US carrier Sprint, is enjoying a much longed for software update. Disappointingly the update will not be that of Android’s brand new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS, something of which is packed into Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus amongst others.

Whether you decide to manually access the software update yourself, or wait for a message to come through on your smartphone, according to unwiredview.com, the update will benefit your device in three ways, that being of better battery, social networking feature HTC Peep client along with a security patch.

On getting the update, the Evo 3D will run software 2.17.651.5, applying for it is easy, by heading to Settings > System updates > HTC software update.

If you decide on the other hand to wait for the update to come through on your phone, then notification will come direct to you, with the update commencing on Tuesday 17th January.

Have you got the HTC Evo 3D on Sprint? Will you be getting the update manually?


6 thoughts on “HTC Evo 3D Sprint update, NOT ICS 4.0”

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    EH says:

    The update was great! No more CIQ!!! And among other things, my battery life is way better without CIQ running all the time.

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        Anonymous says:

        yes, mine was also improved by removing the CIQ
        whats more go run a benchmark now, its amazing how much better score I get with out CIQ

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    Wef says:

    the sad part is that Sprint will more likely release the ICS update a couple of weeks before they come out with a new EVO.

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