Orange Samsung Galaxy S2 Android ICS 4.0 update today

For those of you that own the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Orange and have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to be rolled out to your handset, it appears that your long wait has finall come to an end, as Orange starts pushing out the update as of today.

According to the guys over at Uswitch, Orange used their Twitter account to let customers know that they would begin rolling out the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Orange Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday stating the update would start as of today the 20th of April.

Unfortunately, the Twitter announcement also confirmed that those that own the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Orange will have to grab the Android 4.0 update by using Samsung Keis, and doesn’t mention any over the air update possibility.

However, according to the guys, they suggest that perhaps an over the air update so customers don;t have to go through the rigmarole of using the dreaded Samsung Keis just might happen in the near future, the same way Vodafone delivered the update.

As of now this leaves just T-Mobile to beging rolling out the ICS update to their version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, but at least Orange customers should be grabbing it as of today, so feel free to let us know if you have updated your Galaxy S2 yet or if you experience any problems when doing so by way of our comments area below.


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    Anon says:

    They failed to mention that the ICS update isn’t available if you have the NFC version of their phone. Another example of p*** poor communication with their customer!

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    Pm says:

    Kies still says this is the latest firmware! over 24 hours since ICS has apparently been available. Any advice?

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      Jamie2109 says:

      its really shite i would say lol i think there need to upgrade samsung kies so that every 1 can have the update for there phones 🙂 ……

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    Jamie2109 says:

    ive tried every thing to get ice cream sanwhich to my phone im on orange on a contract fone buti dont think that matters ive unistalled  and installed it rebooted my phone and laptop and everything else but nowt working i think there need to upgrade samsung kies because there are alot of people complaining i wish i really had it i plug my phone into the usb part and an update comes up and when i confirm the upgrade it starts and half  way through the download my phone disconects and ive reconnected loads of times so looks like im sticking with gingerbread i would realy apprichiate it if there would tried something so that everyone can get it ……. 🙂 that all i can say  

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    Thedemonuk says:

    There was an Orange updtae via Kies just over a week ago, but it was only to 2.3.6??? Off to try Kies again just in case it is there

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    Thedemonuk says:

    Well its sat there in Kies, lets hope Orange have done it properly and it doesn’t brick my phone

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    Shatan1984 says:

    Well i updated mine to the latest Firmware just and its still Gingerbread, i think orange are a waste of time

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    Jojospok23 says:

    My update (ten minutes ago) also just brought in a newer version of Gingerbread. I’m getting incredibly fed up of waiting for an update that some people had a month ago.

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    Pm says:

    Orange have confirmed (after much promting) on their facebook page that ICS is not out yet for the GT-I9100P – ie the galaxy S2 with the ‘P’ meaning the one with NFC. Nice of them to let everyone know upfront, although it would appear that all the other networks have done the same to their customers too.

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    Jade Irving says:

    i updated my software on saturday, succesfully, it has some cool features like the face unlock and other pointless animations and transitions, but orange are only pushing out 4.0.3, not 4.0.4 which is what i’ve been waiting for! anyone know when 4.0.4 will be kicked out on orange?

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    Shatan1984 says:

    so basically Orange are a waste of our time? how can they say they have released it for a handset if they havent?? when will they more to th point? how come its taken so long?

  11. kesxxx you need to connect your phone to kies via usb, if it doesnt detect it in kies you will need to disable your wireless on the phone and the bluetooth and also if you have energy saving mode on turn that off, and make sure the screen isnt locked. but if you have the GT-I900P you will only get a Ginger bread update – sadly there isnt a definate date for the “P” S2’s yet which has annoyed me 

  12. Hi Chris, i agree with you whole heartly Kies is a complete shambles, i researched for a fix for my phone to connect to kies, and failed miserably, how ever with some it skills, i manged to have a fiddle, and eventually managed to get it connected as stated below, how ever to preform the update to gingerbread (false pretence to ICS) it asked me to remove all usb devices except the phone, far as i new my internal CD Drive was not a usb device but hey what do i know, i merely operate the machine, rebuild replace and blow it up occasionally, so yes i agree with kies not being the best piece of software brought out by the good people of samsung, but its there tool for updating,

  13. Hi kesxxx, if you dont get an automatic pop up stating that to upgrade your phone it might be one of three things, Kies hasnt detected your phone – your phone is already upto today – or you need to click on tools once the phone is connected and click on Firmware Upgrade and Intilisation.

  14. Hi nfc user. if your on Orange with the s2 i900p then i can say yes the update is ready. if your on O2 / 3 / Vodadphone the update should already be availiable, T-mobile customers might have to wair a few more days. unless Orange have pulled this out before the others?

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        nfc user says:

        The update is allright my only concern is that the interbet speed has been affected its just a little slower

        1. Hi Kez, can you advise your not already on the latest version? or you are definatly sure the phone is connected to kies? not kies air has to be via a usb cable

          1. Shane Martin says:

            connect your usb cable to the phone and laptop, disabled wireless, mobile data, gps, bluetooth on your phone, then wait, should state a new firmware is available then

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    Xwebsubs says:

    Got my SGS2 on Friday vs 2.3.2
    Just installed Keis
    Plugged in Phone Samsung_Android connecte.
    Told me upgrade available, did upgrade… Now have ICS… “Simples”

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    WirezFree says:

    Forgot to say, on “Orange” maybe because I’ve been with them 10+ yrars.
    I like my new 2nd phone for just 1p. 🙂 🙂

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    Kwacz2 says:

    I have phone on orange. I can’t still update to ICS 4. I have tried kies and via phone. please help me

    1. connect your usb cable to the phone and laptop, disabled wireless, mobile data, gps, bluetooth on your phone, then wait, should state a new firmware is available then

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    Kpritchard70 says:

    I am on T-Mobile and managed to check if an update was available and successfully upgraded via wi-fi last week.  The only problem I have found is that when I receive messaging alerts from facebook through the messaging system, all my replies are being received by the recipient in Chinese.  Is this an upgrade problem or one off, can anyone tell me if there is any way I can get rid of this bug?

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    Mustang80 says:

    I have no clue how to update my galaxy s2. i’m on orange – contrat n i can’t even find kies!!!!! I have kies air. Whats the difference??

    1. connect your usb cable to the phone and laptop, disabled wireless, mobile data, gps, bluetooth on your phone, then wait, should state a new firmware is available then

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    Bex1992 says:

    i have samsung galaxy s2 and Kies keeps saying theres no devices connected to my wi-fi network and im on my laptop just now so what do i do!?

    1. connect your usb cable to the phone and laptop, disabled wireless, mobile data, gps, bluetooth on your phone, then wait, should state a new firmware is available then

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    Eleazar_elomina says:

    my samsung galaxy s2 no update available what im going to do?to upgrade my gs2 to 4.0?

    1. connect your usb cable to the phone and laptop, disabled wireless, mobile data, gps, bluetooth on your phone, then wait, should state a new firmware is available then

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    N.A.M says:

    Shane Martin, I was struggling until I saw your comment about switching all wireless connections off. Thank you very much… It worked: I can now see the ICS update!

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    Indi-jade-chewie says:

    hi i have just updated to the new ice cream sandwich but my phone will not sync all my email accounts and it is also takeing a long time to connect the wifi any suggestions

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    Holly9004 says:

    Hi I tried disabled wireless etc and there is no new upgrade it is still gingerbread. Any idea?

        1. Hi Holly, sorry for the delay, can you advise what version you have on your phone (Build number) and Android version? should be under about phone, also phone network and pc operating system and if you can get it kies version. 

          1. Holly9004 says:

            Hi Shane, gingerbread.xxjw4 version 2.3.6. My phone network is Orange but it’s via Carphone Warehouse. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit. Kies is and if it helps the firware version is PDA:JW4/PHONE:JW4/CSC:JW5(CPW).

          2. Shane Martin says:

            Hi Holly,
            Can you also confirm that you disabled wifi, bluetooth,gps and mobile data, also can you advise if you had no other apps running under task manager? also are you in the uk?
            if so which part and what is your broadband provider? thanks

          3. Holly9004 says:

            Thanks for all your help Shane but nothing is working. I am going to upgrade my phone to the S3. 🙂

          4. Shane Martin says:

            Hi Holly. good choice, my colleague at work picked one up a few days ago, so if you have an issues regarding it i will happily try and advise 🙂

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    ibrahim says:

    hi i am trying to update my s2 through kies and it wont work, it goes to 100% then the screen goes blank , any help
    why cant i do this OTA
    i am on orange GT-I9100

    1. Reply
      Shane Martin says:

      Hi Ibrahim,
      are you updating it to jelly bean? or ICS?
      also OTA was disabled for orange, not quite sure why, but it is back in JB,
      what is the current rom on your GT-i9100

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